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HD FLV Player supports FLV & H.264 encoded video including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4v along with Youtube videos, stream from Amazon S3 bucket

High Quality / High Definition Flash Video Player exclusively tailor made for Joomla Community with highly flexible options to meet the requirement of your websites needs.

Available as Component with the ability to control the player features and options through the Joomla Admin.

Feel free to contact us at or Chat with us at

=> AS3 player
=> It supports FLV & H.264 encoded video including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V.
=> Three methods to show videos on HD FLV Player. Direct YouTube video url, External video url, Direct video upload.
=> Show Google adsense / Adbrite / other script ads on the Video for Monetizing the traffic.
=> Google analytics Tracking Enabled.
=> Supports Ads from VAST compliance network. (Scanscout)
=> Show custom ads / videos through Preroll and Postroll options.
=> RTMP & Lighttpd Live streaming support.
=> Flexible player size to support your website design.
=> You can change Tool tips on Player to any language you want
=> Link / Embed code button to allows users to get embed code or code video link.
=> Send to friend features within flash player.
=> Social Media Bookmark option (diggit, myspace, facebook,, spurl, furl, google).
=> Preview image (for first frame of video).
=> Ability to turn on/off, share, volume and embed functions.
=> Full Screen feature.
=> 1X, 2X and 3X zoom capabilities.
=> Capable of downloading any uploaded videos, that plays on our HD FLV Player, You can disable this option as well.
=> Can disable or enable FFMPEG.
=> Ajax sorting of videos for easy management.

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Reviews: 1
it supports all the formats i needed, and installation was a piece of cake.

nothing much to comment about their support, as I got all the info I needed from their documentation for getting this up and running in my site...
Reviews: 1
My message was ignored and deleted on the forum, so I have to post it here.
There are many security sites noticed vulnerability in this component.
For example -

Best wishes!
Owner's reply

None of our customer is affected by SQL injection. Moreover we have checked it completely and released 1.3.2 version which is the latest and stable.

Reviews: 1
Hi. I recomend this player. I have it on my paintball site and is the best player I hae used, is not just the player is the support thay gave me is more than 5stars...

HD FLV Player The best Player for your videos.

Exellent support, HD FLV Player!!!
Reviews: 1
I feel Best product in the pool.If you get a problem no worry just contact support!!! mygod they respond at the right time .... I give max. stars for the support team.
Reviews: 1
This is the best product I've used for videos on my Joomla sites. I've been using the Professional Version for a couple of months now. Before I bought, I had need for their support and found them quick to resolve my issues. The same great support has been seamless after the sale. These people really stand behind their product and work hard to keep you up and operating at peek performance. They Rock!
Reviews: 1
This is a very good to excellent video player.

It's rare to find Joomla developers who provide consistent support and upgrades for their extensions.

These folks seem to be developers who defy this categorization. They seem worth supporting. I strongly recommend this extension. If you value this company, as we do, consider a commercial purchase. The product is worth it.

Reviews: 4
We have purchased a license and have tried to use this on two sites. We are using local FLV files and they won't play correctly. They act like they are trying to load before starting. Sometimes one video plays for a few seconds, then another video starts playing. It plays for a few seconds, then it stops.

Support says it's not the player, it has something to do with the video, which is not true. The same videos play perfectly in All Videos Reloaded.

I see now that this was a big mistake purchasing this component. I suggest to stay away from it.
Owner's reply

Apologize for any inconvenience.

Please find the solution for the issue in the link given below

There are several demo and licensed version working perfectly fine with all the file formats. .FLV files shouldn't be a problem at all. We are providing fully featured player for free in DEMO version. Am not sure what made you to purchase two licenses when you had problem with the demo version. We do provide support even for people using the demo version.

You have stated that, player has to buffer completely before it start playing videos. This will happen only if the video has metadata binded at the end of the video.

Metadata is nothing but the video info which contains duration of the video, video format etc. When this is binded at the end of the video player could not recognize the file, thats the reason player wait till it found the metadata on the video.

Also you can see here that we provide prompt support for all our customers. We would still glad to help you if you could raise a ticket from

Thanks. Looking forward to working with you.

Reviews: 2
This is a very good to excellent video player.

We purchased the commercial option that removes copyright upon right click. Afterwards we had an issue with the "send an email" function — it failed to function.

I was expecting a big disappointment but after emailing support — in the middle of the night, I might add — I received an immediate response and correction!

But it gets even better: their initial correction failed to work; so they email another, and then another and even a fourth—their last correction worked perfectly.

It's rare to find Joomla developers who provide consistent support and upgrades for their extensions.

These folks seem to be developers who defy this categorization. They seem worth supporting. I strongly recommend this extension. If you value this company, as we do, consider a commercial purchase. The product is worth it.
Reviews: 1
After launching the demo, I had several questions about why things weren't working the way they should. Their customer support was amazingly quick and efficient in solving my problem, which was just a user error.

The best video player and component out there right now.
Reviews: 1
Undoubtedly, this player is the best in the lot and only one with great looks, stable and easy to work with.. cheers.
Reviews: 3
I downloaded the demo because this player had the look and functionality I was looking for. Overall this is a 5-star application....Great interface, easy to use, beautiful layout. However, on my site it does some really weird stuff, perhaps as a result of my rockettheme template? I noticed that on every page-load the video player decided to make my side-navigation menu visible or invisible. It also randomly decides which videos it wants to display as a part of the gallery. It also randomly changes whether or not the gallery thumbnails are in-line or slightly misaligned. Not sure if this is a developer-side issue or something to do with our template, but I have never had issues in the past with any other modules or components.

Again, maybe just my case. Overall this is a terrific component. I would recommend reducing your price at a staggering $99! That is the price of an iPhone 3G!!!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your detailed review. It's weird that it doesn't work on template that you installed. It's like a regular component and it should work any templates.

We are very interested in fixing it for you to make this work on your website. Please create a ticket at and provide us all the details. We will fix it.

Reviews: 1
This is the best FLV player I have ever seen. Compared to its quality and features, the cost is very less. I am recommending this HD FLV player to my friends.
Reviews: 1
i have downloaded & tested your player.. very much impressed and became great fan of your flv player thanks for making such wonderful player.
Reviews: 1
I have been looking for a one which is easy to install,manage and extend.My long search ended with this product.

I appreciate excellent the support provided by the team.
Reviews: 1
i have been searching for such a high quality online flv player gizmo and found contus HD flv the perfect one.

purchased it online and become a regular user of the flv player.

The quality of the flv's being played is unmatchable with any player.I like the movie scanning in all directions vertically and horizontally is one of the exciting features.
Reviews: 1
have been looking for such a player for a long time.. simple, light and neat features..

Cant see lot live support like this in these days.. I like their support more than the player... Need more easy options to enable the features..

Thanks lot..keep up the good job
Reviews: 1
I really love this player. The Very interesting thing in your player is easily Managing Videos. I got the exact thing that i required in my site. Thanks to your team.

I expect that you will release plugin soon.
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