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NEW: I just update compatibility information. Jplayer 1.6.x is compatible with Joomla! 2.5

NEW: Added option to play video with srt subtitles and more features... For activate subtitles use 4. parameter in tag. Subtitles support styling. Example: {flv}your-flv-video|640|480|0|1{/flv}

JPlayer is simple flash player plugin for Joomla! based on flash player "JW Player".
Plugin is a fork of AllVideos plugin (by JoomlaWorks). JPlayer have simplified code without unnecessary functions but enhanced with lots of usefull features.

Supporter file formats: flv, mp4, mp3, xml playlist, youtube video, srt subtitles.

- stream local file or remote file
- play video with subtitles (with styling)
- play files from xml playlist
- play Youtube video
- display a preview image
- your website logo in player window
- skinable player
- can switch to older player version without JW Player logo
- enable or disable fullscreen, autoplay, shuffle and more options
- debug mode for help solving problems

- easy to use
- lots of tunable parameters
- play video with subtitles
- simple and fast without unnecessary functions
- support Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 1.6

After installing and enabling plugin, in WYSIWYG editor use plugin tags {format}filename|width|height|autoplay|subtitles{/format} or simple {format}filename{/format} with default settings.
With local media use filename without file extension, with remote media use filename with file extension.
If you want use preview for video file (instead of black background), place png image (name like video file) to directory with video file. If you want use jpg image rename file extension jpg to png, player can use it ;)
In remote video must have subtitle file or preview image file video extension in name too (example: your-remote-flv.flv.png).

All supported tags:
{flv} {flvremote} {mp3} {mp3playlist} {mp3remote} {mp4} {mp4remote} {videoplaylist} {youtube}


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Reviews: 2
This plug in is very easy to use.
I really liked integrator skin.
I did not get to experiment with mediagallery much. My mp3s did not work well.
Reviews: 1
I used this on an archiving site which had audio and a gallery on the same page. I used this plugin for the mp3 audio. It worked really well and was quick to setup on a reasonable number of pages. Great work
Reviews: 6
It would be great if the plugin flash is not installaed/activated in the browser to get a paragraph explaining that Flash must be installed/activated and a button to get it from Adobe...just like SWFObject 2.

Please consider this. Thanks.
Owner's reply

Thank for rewiev. In future i want rewrite plugin with SWFObjects.

Reviews: 18
Wonderful tool.
However... buttons, rather than codes, would be more useful for a layman, like me.
Reviews: 3
This was one of the easiest extensions that I've set up.

Much more straightforward than the ones I've used previously.
Reviews: 9
I like it, works great and it's easy to setup. Dropped a star just because I'd like to see a bit more options in future versions:

- Option to remove "Click to download in FLV format"
- Justification instead of default center. I'd like the player right justified.
Owner's reply

Thanks for review but:

- you can disable link in "Administrator -> Extensions -> Plugin Manager -> Content - JPlayer -> Display download link"

- you can change css in "plugins/content/jplayer/tmpl/ to templates/yourtemplate/html/plg_jplayer/css/style.css"

Reviews: 9
I needed an easy way to allow article writers to embed youtube videos in articles in Joomla! 1.6 and Jplayer allows to do that very easily and works like a charm!

The only thing to do is to drop a line such as the following one in the article and that's it!

Installation is a one click story and configuration is a breeze.

Thanks a lot for having this released for free to the community!!
Reviews: 3
A very good extension for my Joomla-site,
it installs quickly and it works great!!
Reviews: 20
Excellent work again, thank you for this wonderful tool!
Reviews: 1
I went through about 10 players before I found this one. All the others had problems (perhaps because of my experience), but this one worked right out of the box. Great job. Just what I needed.
Reviews: 1
Skin option works only for videos located on own FTP-server, it does not work for YouTube videos.
Owner's reply

Because JPlayer used default Youtube player, you can use only Youtube allowed changes for player (colors, border, related videos).

Reviews: 2
Setup and startup take 5 minutes, very usefull becouse support joomla 1.6
Reviews: 1
I love it! Just one thing wasn't clear for me (and take me a few hours to figure it out). You have to create the audio and video folders by yourself (using FTP).
I am using the skin option too, very cool!
Thanks a lot guys!
Reviews: 2
I installed it, added {youtube}AB_Abcdefg{/youtube} to an article, enabled plug-in and it work great! A simple review as payment is more than fair. Thanks!
Reviews: 17
... but please, put in very bold letters the fact that YOU SHOULDN'T TYPE THE FILE EXTENSION, e.g. .flv, for locally stored video files. It cost me about an hour of frustration before I found out this was the only problem preventing my video from being played. I already checked the MIME types of my server and everything. Please!
Reviews: 3
After 4 hours of fighting with other players to try and get a preview image to show up, I found this and was good to go. I did have to use a .png instead of a .jpg to get it to show up, but what a relief! I think someone already mentioned the documentation.

"Don't go to media manager to try and upload files".
The default folder is media in your root or /public_html/media, then make your video and audio folders there. Documentation=3 but the player still gets a "5".
Reviews: 1
I needed a simple video player with total control over..well, the controls, namely the ability to eliminate them entirely for a kiosk system.

I Installed, tested, altered configuration to meet my needs through super-simple and logical interface and it is working absolutely perfectly.

I also created an article that's only available when logged in so I could always call on the parameters. Had to change all { to (, but that's helpful to quickly refresh memory.

Thanks Jplayer!
Reviews: 7
With the examples it was also easy to create a playlist. What i miss is to change the height of the Lines inside the Playlist. For example when i add only titles or title and one line of description. Also the font in the playlist looks a bit ugly on a mac. But so far i know you can adjust the font smoothing in flash. For dynamic fonts too?

Thanks from Argentina, Michael
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent addition to my Joomla web page. The only thing more I could ask for would be for the first frame of my flv video to show rather than a black screen so my visitors don't worry about what they are clicking on.
Reviews: 2
I needed a simple player plugin that is able to display subtitles. This one's it, it works great!

I believe it's worth mentioning that subtitles should be in UTF-8 format to properly display non-latin characters (like cyrillic subtitles in my case).

A few wishes:
1. A subtitles won't hide until the next subtitle appears. This should be fixed.
2. Some options on subtitles font, size, color, effects, border, shadow and background would be nice, although the default ones are okay.
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