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Morfeo Video Module

Download free test module. Create a gallery of videos on youtube and flv videos. Extremely easy to use, enter the url of the videos and that's it. Works on mobiles as Android or Apple.


* Load easily Youtube videos and flv files (videos hosted in your server).

* Morfeo Video Gallery include a converter software video files (avi, mpeg, …) to FLV format, to convert your videos to this format and they can be used with morfeo. It is very easy to use and you allow you edit your videos (duration, sound, …) too.

* New!!! Support for mobile devices like android or apple. The gallery displays a gallery in jquery for mobile devices that allows you to view YouTube videos with the mobile application.

* Customize all information about your videos. You can add a thumbnail, title, description, size, colours, fonts for your own configuration.

* Very easy to manage your list of videos.

* Different design configurations of thumbnails that allow you create different layouts for different pages galleries.

* Configure number of rows and columns of thumbnails for your gallery.

* Automatic pagination for thumbnails.

* Manage the % of the total space for the thumbnails and for loaded video.

* All parametres of desing are configurables. You can change module background colors, buttons, titles, descriptions and shades.

* Fonts and text sizes are configurable.

* Youtube videos are always loaded in maximum quality and we reduced the size of logo and advertising for a better view.

*** NEW VERSION 3.2¡¡¡

*New!!! Support for mobile devices like android or apple. The gallery displays a gallery in jquery for mobile devices that allows you to view YouTube videos with the mobile application.

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Reviews: 2
Bought this module because it looked great compared to others when i bought it it worked as advertised but they keep updating the module and there isn't even an email notification about or a place for clients to download updated versions, i just found out that the latest version works on mobile but unfortunately can't
review it since i send several emails to support including my purchase id info and my emails go unanswered for weeks, disappointed again.
Reviews: 13
Purchased this as it looked quite good.
But it turned out to have a couple of bugs which I needed support for.

After contacting them several times and receiving no response I have had to remove the extension.

If they supported this extension it wouldn't be such a waste of money.
Reviews: 1
I was excited about including this module on my site. However, when I couldn't get
it to work, I sent a message to the support e-mail on their site - over and over again. When I didn't get a response, I decided to check out their support forums - which as it turns out are absolutely filled with spam. I spent hours trying to resolve the issue only to find that the owners of this project
have abandoned any semblance of support for the produce.
Owner's reply

Hi eprom,

Thank you for your review.

We had on holidays and this was the reason that our support could't respond you inmediately.

I think that our team responsed you but if you have any doubt, send us an email please!!

Of course we continue developing Morfeo Video Gallery and improving it!

Thanks for all!

Reviews: 1
I just bought this product today. Pretty good product, but when I saw zoom controls do not appear as: Sound Button, Full Screen ..., how it appears right.
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension to make a video gallery, especially if you use youtube videos. In future updates I would recommend adding vimeo videos.
Reviews: 12
As a beginner to Joomla!, I was experiencing frustrations and a lack of success with two other video gallery extensions (one commercial). Morfeo was the solution to my difficulties. Creating a gallery is as simple as cutting and pasting urls from Youtube into the module. Morfeo didn't conflict with Videobox or any other media extension I am running.
It is a very clean extension on both the front and back end. I don't think you can go wrong with this one as it is idiot proof for people like me. It looks great too!
Reviews: 1
Really good video gallery. I had serious doubts with this module because I don't like flash in web and because flash it is not visible in mobile devices, but if you want a video gallery is imposible to find one that does't make it with flash.

What sorprise that I found this module really works in mobile!! Really good solution for this problem. Congratulations.

Module is very easy to configure, and very easy to add in my site, and I am not a joomla expert. I am using in my personal portfolio and works very well.
Reviews: 1
This is my first paid module in Joomla and I am very satisfied with this product.

It is just I am searching. Is very easy to configure and use and works well.

In few minutes I could understand how module works and how it uses.

I think is a good option for a video gallery.

Only had a question and support person helps me (maybe could be a little faster), but finally I am using in my web.
Reviews: 16
The module works perfect but I tried inserting two modules in one article but it crashes my site. It looks like it has a conflict if you put two modules in the same place but than again it may be my template but I've done the same thing with other players and it works. I like your module is easy to configure, nice looking and well layout but no go for me, is a good thing I downloaded the test version first.
Reviews: 1
Easy to use and very powerful. good job
Reviews: 1
I bought this several days ago. No response from owner and emails are coming back by systems administrator. The product works but do not have a link to download the new version. I would think twice again before going this way.
Owner's reply

You can download the update from the original link or e-mail to send it to you. Greetings.

Reviews: 5
Very good video gallery, easy installation. thank you.

Reviews: 19
love the extension. great look, very clean, easy to configure. i like how the thumbs are displayed.
Reviews: 2
This kind of extensions make joomla really usefull to users.

In only 5 minutes you can install and working perfectly in your site.

Works with joomla 1.6 version and its desing is very good.

Really is the best extension that I have used.
Good work
Reviews: 1
I installed the module and had it elegantly displaying 8 YouTubes videos on a new page in my site in less than half an hour. Very simple, but just what I needed. No support required. (I am a Joomla intermediate level user.)
Reviews: 3
Fantastic app. Works straight out of the box in no time at all and looks great.

2 things I'd like to see are:

The ability to categorise videos


An RSS feature

Other than than, fantastic mod.
Reviews: 1
Support is appauling, no help whatsoever. complete waste of money as i have had no reply from them in over a month
Owner's reply

We have written the e-mail several times. Got a problem on your web server that you can not upload directly from the administrator(see permissions).
You must manually install the module and decompressing module
uploading to your folder in your joomla modules, write to

Reviews: 1
Low price for an excellent extension. it is very simple to use and configure.
Reviews: 1
phillypro ..
I agree .. recently purchased the module via PayPal .. it does install ok but is completely broken.

Even wrote an email to their support email last week .. no response.

Enabled and did everything in directions.

Having a great deal of frustration. Not obvious how to implement. I even upgraded Joomla.

What is the syntax to embed the gallery player within an article content?

When creating a menu item there is no Menu Item Type to select as well.
Owner's reply

To insert a module inside an article you use the {loadposition position_name} command, as follows:

1. Create a module and set its position to any value that doesn’t conflict with an existing template position. You can type in the position value instead of selecting it from the drop-down list, example: debug.
2. Assign the module to the Menu Items that contain the articles that you want the module to show in. You can also just assign the module to “All” Menu Items.
3. Edit the articles where you want this module to show and insert the text {loadposition position_name} in the article, example: {loadposition debug}, at the place where you want the module to show.

ATTENTION That this only works when the plugin ‘Content – Load Module’ is enabled.

You can write your queries to

Reviews: 1
i bought this module 7 days ago

after testing the "old version" which worked quite well....oh how i wish i didnt overwrite the old versionj....

right out of the box the so-called 2.2 morfeo video
has a broken autoplay...crashes like crazy in firefox

and if you even DREAM about getting in touch with the developer FUHGETTABOUTIT

just look at the support forum...he glances at that thing twice a year....emails dont work either

doesnt even respond to ya...just leaves you hangin ...i really like the module and its a shame i spent money on it and cant use it

i feel used and abused right now...never met a dev company like this in my life smh

ill let you guys in the Joomla World know if the guy ever shows up to help his customers...maybe this story can have a happy ending one day

Owner's reply

We have corrected the autoplay function, you can download the corrected version from the direction of purchase or send an e-mail to Queries we serve our customers in this e-mail address. Thank you very much for your purchase.

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