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S3Media Stream ComponentModulePlugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Display and protect your video and audio with Private RTMP Streaming using S3 Amazon/CloudFront combined with JW player.

Private streaming gives double protection against unauthorized use.
HTML5 compatible! Play video and audio on iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. Apart from private streaming, the extension has many ways to play rich media: Protect your progressive download video and audio from leeching(hotlinking) or simply display public media via CloudFront or other places.
The player also features: Closed Captions/Subtitles, HD switching, external playlists, Protected download links to any file type, display protected eLearning projects like Articulate, iSpring and Camtasia (not html5 compatible).

NEW: Dynamic private RTMP streaming playlists which you create inside the plugin using the Playlist wizard. This ensures that all items in your playlists are protected with signed URLs.

NEW: Improved default settings for the plugin.

Include watermark/logo in your video and audios, show poster images and brand your video player in a variety of ways.
Jump anywhere in the timeline of a streaming video or audio or create chapters from long videos without physically breaking it up.

We are an official reseller of JW player. This extension ships with the licensed version of JW player 5.11, you do not need to install it separately. Owners of a JW player license get a discount.
With the module, you can display video and audio wherever on the page. With the plugin, you can include audio and video directly into the article via an insert button at the bottom of the editor, or you can write shortcode directly in the article itself. Use default settings to minimize the workload.

The download link feature can be placed anywhere, whether in a module or an article, in between text, etc,... It generates an expiring URL so that the link cannot be used elsewhere. Very useful for PDFs, docs, rich media for download, any file residing on S3 amazon is supported!

Our experienced support team helps you out when you have problems configuring CloudFront! You get one-to-one support, online manuals and tutorials, a forum to interact with others, and we can give you advice on how to use S3 Amazon effectively.

This extension works with most membership systems and is excellent to create a video/audio portal or training/coaching series or portfolio sites.

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Reviews: 9
I was planning to hire a programmer to write a program that would stream my videos and make the links expire and then I discovered S3Media Stream. It does everything that I wanted and more.
Best of all is the support. Rudolf offers the gold standard in support. I had no experience with video streaming from Amazon cloud and he stepped me through everything that I needed to know. He responded quickly to every question that I asked and my videos are now streaming beautifully.
Thank you Rudolf, I could not have done it without you!
Reviews: 1
I bought this component to import streaming video on my website via aws s3, however I encountered some problems while setting due to my unfamiliarity of aws. But, S3MEDIA STREAM's support is pretty excellent! They guided me and helped me patiently until everything is done. If someone is finding something combined with jw player or aws, take my suggestion that S3MEDIA STREAM is the best!
Reviews: 1
This software was a life saver for me. I never would have gotten AWS & CloudFront to work for me without it. The only thing more amazing than the software is the people behind it. Rudolf is truly an amazing guy. You would have to go to Disney World to see this level of customer service. He acknowledge my concerns almost immediately and he went over and beyond the call of duty to help me with issues that had nothing to do with this software. The software was perfect straight out of the box. I was the only problem. Not only were my issues fixed, he also educated me so that I could fly this thing solo. It's worth five times the cost in avoided frustration and hopelessness. Thank you so much, S3 Media Stream... you have a fan for life!
Reviews: 1
I purchased this software to enable us to be able to broadcast sermons via audio and video streams. I was very impressed with the support that I received to make this possible. Thank you! Working with amazon web services can be a challenge, but with the support that I received I am now able to set it up properly to work with AWS and we will really enjoy using this product for multiple purposes. Thank you!!
Reviews: 5
just agreeing with the other reviews. this extension developers is awesome and responsive. well worth the price. helped get my s3 cloud streaming project going. thank you much.
Reviews: 4
I have been absolutely delighted with this extension, it works brilliantly and the support is second to none.

If you are not familiar with AWS, it can be frustrating as hell.

Fortunately the documentation and training doesn't just cover the extension,it goes a long way to getting you going with AWS too.

All it takes is for just one setting or process not to be done and it won't work.

Rudolf the designer is incredibility helpful, and very knowledgeable, his service is second to none.

I have no hesitation in recommending this extension.
Reviews: 3
For me the mark of a good extension is when you get great support to go with it.
Setting up streaming from Amazon S3/Cloudfront isn't the easiest task in the world,
Rudolph the developer went beyond his remit in helping me with issues on S3 that weren't strictly to do with his Extension at all but more to do with me doing things wrong on S3. The extension isn't perfect, there are a few minor bugs but nothing too problematic and I have faith they will be fixed given the quality of the rest of the support I received.
If you need to stream or download content from S3 via protected links on your Joomla site then this is the extension for you.
Reviews: 2
It's a cliche, but I never leave reviews of extensions. However, in this case, I've had extraordinary service, and an extension that does exactly what it's supposed to do, and does it well.

I've never used video streaming before, so took time to read and review the documentation, and set up the system correctly. When it still didn't work, I had a private Skype call outside of working hours to help make it work.

Once fixed, we were up and running in no time! I cannot recommend these guys too highly!
Reviews: 2
Component is good. It has really good potential!
However, it doesn't work on some joomlart templates for Joomla 1.5.
Somebody should fix it.
Owner's reply

Hi Joseph. I'm sorry you have issues with a template, but if you do not tell us, we cannot fix it. So, if you want this resolved, please contact us via email.

Reviews: 2
I had been looking for a solution to set up CloudFront private streaming videos on a membership site for some time when I came across S3 MediaStream. I decided to give it a try and it proved to be a good decision! This plugin really does the trick. I had my first private streaming video playing in 10 minutes after solving the issues with CloudFront Streaming distribution first. And I got good customer service from Rudolf, he was willing to assist me over GoToMeeting when I was struggling with AWS. The result: I am now moving all videos + pdf documents to AWS and offer them with this plugin to customers for viewing and downloading.
Reviews: 5
I've been using this extension for over a year and serving more than 300 videos in different resolutions ( The extension is working flawlessly from day 1 and is being tested everyday again and again by thousands of users. Support is above what anyone would expect. I'm glad it's in the JED, so I can recommend it to the community.
Reviews: 7
I was looking for a good solution to stream my videos with AWS S3 and to keep the security of my content to a high level.

After testing a lot of tools and after several days to study the very complex Amazon AWS system. I found S3 Media Stream. It simply work great! the support is excellent. All my questions was answered rapidly. Thank you very much for your work that help me to save a lot of time and effort.
Reviews: 1
What I can say.. This is the best component I could find for streaming amazon videos on my site. I stream over 8000 videos with S3 Media Stream component and dont have any problems at all. They have a great support and helped me with the setup and gave me many advices regarding usage of this component. I am very happy. Thank you and waiting for new features :)
Reviews: 2
If you are working with media content which you wish to provide from Amazon S3/Couldfront this component is the best pick available this day. I bought it long time ago before it was listed on JED and have used for over a year. A huge amount of improvements have been completed since that time. My first project with this component was a big portal with literally thousands videos, which were streamed through Amazon S3/Cloudfront and this component still functions to this day wonderfully. Though Apple constantly updates it's systems, the Video streaming for portable devices like iPod, iPhone and iPad was available through this component since many months ago. They were made available on my project when viewing directly inside Safari browser (which is excellent for paying customer to be able to view their media on the fly). Though "ripping" media has been a standing practice for a long time, true-streaming videos from Cloudfront makes this operation more difficult though new software is being developed for that every day. From all commercial components that i have used this one gave me almost no problems once i figured out how to operate S3/Cloudfront service itself. It takes a small bit of time to learn to encode videos properly to make them available on iOS devices as well as in regular browsers, but for that there is a great amount of support and learning materials on the developer's site. Highly recommend this component if the purpose of it is clear to you and that is what you are looking for.
Reviews: 1
Since a while I work with S3 Cloudfront to stream my videos, but could not do private streaming.
I stumbled by accident on this extension in the JED.
With this extension I have now a seemless integration of private streaming in my joomla websites.
And I can do in a fraction of the time it usually takes to integrate my videos.
I had a support question and they reacted fast. The guy who runs it really went out of his way to help me.
If you're working with S3 cloudfront and want to protect your videos, this is the extension you need.