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Fitvids Plugin

Fitvids is a simple Joomla plugin that implements Chris Coyler's and Paravel's responsive video solution.

The Fitvids plugin automatically installs the javascript and css required to turn any video on your website into a fluid resizing video object.

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Reviews: 4
Almost can't believe it - I just installed this extension and my youtube video was responsive straight away. Magic...!
Reviews: 1
Thanks very much for this. It sounded perfect. It works flawlessly in Firefox and Chrome on my desktop PC. However it either didn't show the video but gave an embed error (Dolphin browser) or displayed wrongly so only the corner of the video could be seen in the iframe (Opera). On the stock Android browser (2.1) it works well.

I am guessing the problem is with the mobile browsers and not the component. Sadly it was for mobile browsers that i really wanted it. Maybe someone has some ideas on how to resolve this?