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Responsive Background Video Gallery Module

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This module is truly unique - on the whole JED, you won't find anything comparable.

It's name describes best what it does: it plays a video in the page background.
It's also a video gallery. By clicking the trigger, you will be taken to a page overlay that displays a control panel for the videos that have been defined in the backend.
In this control panel, you can select other videos, pause or play the video and toggle the sound. The currently selected video plays of course in this overlay also.

Video sources can be HTML5 (mp4) , either hosted on the same or on any other server, Youtube videos or videos from vimeo.
Please note, vimeo and youtube users can disable embedding their videos on other websites.

But that's not all - the Responsive Background video gallery module can also be displayed as a 'normal' module. In this mode, the video will be displayed in a normal module position and acts as a video player.
Of course, the overlay to switch videos can be displayed here also, for this, use the Video menu link below the video player.

Best results can be achieved if you use a template with partially transparent main content, or if you use a template that allows to fade out/in the main content so the background video is fully visible.

Please take a look at our demo site and check out this fantastic module!

Background Video V1.0.0 to V1.0.4:
This release improves compatibility with some templates, plus uses newer script version. Adds greek, croatian and polish translations and lets you control the initial volume of the video. It now also uses the Joomla Updater to notify of updates!

***** NEW Background Video V1.0.5 *****
This release adds dutch language files plus add some new features:
- Set the trigger position
- Define a own (custom) trigger image
- Set the background color for the control panel

***** NEW Background Video V1.1.0 *****
This new release adds a new display mode option if you want to have your background always filled (BR mode). It is now also overridable and improves compatibility with PHP 5.4.

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Reviews: 2
After the background slideshow the Responsive background video gallery is a logical step. My clients love this extension. The background video is easy to configure, nice job. You should mention that a video with a resolution 16:9 gives the best result.