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Video Gallery Module

Add a flv/youtube video gallery in your joomla site easily and quickly with this extension. You only have to install the module and upload your videos. Thats is all!!


Video FLV/Youtube Gallery have a lot of params that you can configurate to have your best gallery in your site: Autoplay, titles, colors, gallery size, images item options, and a lot more.
In this gallery you can add several videos at time and you can switch from one video to another without refreshing the page.

Requisites: joomla 3.x/2.5.x/1.6.x/1.7.x, joomla 1.5.x or joomla 1.0

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Reviews: 1
Great module for youtube videos. Easy to install, configure and use
Reviews: 3
I like the module, but the support has been lacking. I emailed their support address a week ago, simply asking how to change the size of the font for the video titles, and have received no reply. Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish that?
Reviews: 8
If you planning to buy this module and if you need support to customize it, FORGET IT!!! The support seems to be dead, because I send several - I told several - emails and the support of this module - - simply ignore you. If I know that the support of this guys are so terrible, I had contracted another person to develop a similar module. Buy it at your own risk. Terrible support!!!
Reviews: 1
The trial version is a waste of time to download and install since it uses the same file directories as the paid version so this makes you uninstall it and install the paid version.

It has the look and feel we need as a player but it seems that the hourglass just keeps on spinning with FLV files over just 2 megabytes. It doesn't truly stream the videos like the other players on here do, it just lags and lags. Too many visitors on my site have complained about the videos taking WAY too long to play and they are on high speed connections! I sent a couple of emails (NO RESPONSE) on there developer page which is in Spanish only and mostly for quotes on development fees and the main download page for this extension doesn't have a forum, support or FAQ's on the problems you might run into or the issues with the player playing the videos so slow.

It would have been great to not receive so many complaints about the videos loading so slowly and taking a long time to play especially when they have high speed access!
Owner's reply

This module uses the options file playback flv flash. The loading speed of video depends on the web server. The module is ready to upload video files of large size, but the loading speed depends only on the server. We have an e-mail support, We also have a free test version of the module so you can test the speed of loading the videos.

Reviews: 1
I tried several of the video player extensions available and I found "Flash Video Gallery" fit my needs the best. It's very easy to install, configure and use. I really like the playlist and the ability to use your own still image as a thumbnail. It can be easily copied so you can have mulitple players each with their own unique playlists.

My feature suggestions would be:
1. If only one item is in the playlist, have the option to collapse the playlist so only the video player is displayed.
2. Add option to play video full screen.
Reviews: 1
I like the look and feel of this module, the nice thumbnails of other video's is just what I was needing. Had a few hiccups installing and the developers were very quick to respond and fixed it, excellent service! Well done.
Reviews: 1
This would be a good little bit of software if it worked (for joomla 1.5 - haven't tried version 1.0). Don't download the trial version, its a waste of time and will ultimately need you to reinstall the proper version.

I Paid for the software and was given access to the main product but when installed, the skin of the player which contains the controls doesn't work (like volume, stop, play skip etc). I have sent emails but still no response since the original one which give me access to the main version. If you can code well you maybe able to change this.

Shame really - it would have been handy!!!
Owner's reply

The problem of the skin is already fixed, please send an email to and send you the extension. We have a trial version so that our customers try before you buy the module, in case of purchase and if the module does not work always refund the purchase.

Reviews: 2
This module is a great idea... Only problem I have is that the playlist at the right of the video doesn't show up in Internet Explorer.
Reviews: 1
Is easy install and use. Great module