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*** New version 4.6 out now, fully compatible with Joomla! 1.5, 2.5 & 3.x & fully responsive! ***

AllVideos (by JoomlaWorks) is truly THE all-in-one media management solution for Joomla! and a classic must-have extension for any Joomla! based website.

You can use the plugin to easily embed media hosted on popular services like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud (and many more) inside your Joomla! articles (or K2, redShop, Virtuemart etc).

Additionally, it allows you to playback almost any video/audio file format hosted on your server or even a remote server, providing great flexibility when it comes to media content embedding. Fun videos, product presentations, audio podcasts, you name it!

- You don't have to copy/paste huge blocks of HTML code, just to get a video from YouTube to playback on your Joomla! website! Your WYSIWYG editor loves it and so will you and your clients!
- You use simple and descriptive plugin tags like {youtube}heu37ej3qs{/youtube}, {flv}batman_darknight{/flv} or {mp3}pixies_bonemachine{/mp3}.
- Allows for mobile/tablet compatible media embedding where supported.

AllVideos means dead-simple & inexpensive media streaming for anyone. You can use, for example, YouTube to upload your videos and then embed them inside your site without consuming your server's bandwidth or having to spend money on expensive video conversion software!

--- FEATURES ---
1. Dozens of media providers supported like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, MySpace, Flickr Video,, TwitVid, yFrog, SoundCloud & more.
2. Stream your own media content, using the 20+ web compatible video and audio formats like flv, swf, mov, mp4, wmv, wma, mp3, 3gp, webm, ogv, ogg, divx and more.
3. Easily embed your media content either directly from your server or a remote server!
4. Simple controls inside the plugin's parameters page provide layout consistency on all the videos shown in your Joomla! website. Set your preferences in seconds, publish the plugin and you're ready to start streaming content!
5. Easy, descriptive syntax for media embedding - {format/provider}filename{/format/provider}. You can also use syntax like {format/provider}filename|width|height|autoplay{/format/provider} (e.g. an "autoplaying" {youtube}he73js82|600|450|1{/youtube}) to display videos at different dimensions!
6. Uses MVC templating. Just copy the /tmpl folder included in the plugin, move it to your template's /html folder and rename it to "jw_allvideos", then style the output as you wish
7. Mobile/tablet friendly: if you use MP4 for uploaded videos or if you use services like YouTube, Vimeo & Dailymotion, your videos are mobile ready
8. Includes 3 templates: Classic, Framed and Responsive
9. Fully responsive players when using the "Responsive" template
10. Uses the core Joomla! updater
11. Includes the new JW Player v6

--- LEARN MORE ---
Visit the AllVideos product page at:

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Reviews: 13
It works great but what i dont like is the code shows in some of my articles. Which is weird, because it doesnt all of the time.

Example:2005 House of Charity - Bishops Annual Appeal Video Watch the 2005 House of Charity - Bishops Annual Appeal Video -4369978946334751695

But it works fine, It just looks stupid. Any suggestions on how to make it not show up. Exact code on all pages, just some show up and some dont.
Reviews: 19
This plugin is a MUST if you want to include a lot of videos in your contents: from YouTube, Google Video, or streaming for your own web server.

I tried it also for including SWF (Flash) files, but the problem is that you can't set the size for each object; for videos it's not a problem (they are almost always 4:3), while SWF file can have different size. So, not good for SWF (but it's not the plugin's goal).

Inserting a video in a content it's very easy; the use of {xxx} tags can to seem strange, for users that never used content mambots, but after a few times it will be very easy to remember and insert.

IMPORTANT: you can see the instruction in ANY moment, simply going to MAMBOTS > SITE MAMBOTS (in admin panel), and switching tabs, very complete and clear guide!
Reviews: 1
What an awesome plugin. Used this so much with previous versions of joomla. Unfortunately cannot use with Joomla 1.5

ANybody out there with the know how on getting this working natively within 1.5 would be a great help. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 2
Really great plugin, it works well for music and video streaming with a nice simple interface.

My only regret is the lacks of support for MIDI format...! It would be great... and complete the plugin.

Hope they will add it!
Reviews: 2
after looking at several options, this is the only way that i could get video to play on my website. it's great, as are your other plugins (like slides in content).

my only request is that you make some sort of video library or index plugin or module to go along with this so i can have a page dedicated to my videos!

thanks :)
Reviews: 2
THIS IS GREAT, easy as a butter, i was looking 1 year ago for flv plugin, nowhere to be found.


only w2c valid is a minus from me, everything else ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!
Reviews: 2
The install is very easy and fast. It worked without any problem. But RTFM during installation! Then you know how it works and won't have any problem. It is very easy to embed multimedia content into my pages. I upload my video and audio files to my master folders, embed the tags into my text like {mp3}Title of Song without extension{/mp3} and save my page!! Every visitor can view and listen to my streaming media now. Thanks for that great tool!!
Reviews: 4
I am very pleased with this mambot. It's easy to install and use. Suggestion: include the little mambots in a .txt file for easy reference and printing for the newbies! The main display configurations are in the mambot editor and they are defined well. Anyone can use this and it works, every time just as it says it will!
Reviews: 7
This is the easiest component to use but with very excellent features.
Reviews: 1
It's easy to use just add code like {flv}videofilename{/flv} in to content (no need format). Your video or audio will come with player/controller automaticly (slider, play/pause and Volume Control are included.) and it works very well. And for the player design (did the author made it by himself?) is look clean and simple. This design seem fit on all website. AllVideos Plugin v2.4 (to date) This is great extension as far as I know. Congrats! ^_^
Reviews: 4
Certainly solved my cross-browser problems with a swf file. I tried embedding with JCE media plugin but got the 'click to activate' problem with IE7, then tried mgmedia2 bot but that produced problems with Firefox. Then I hit on this and darn! it worked. Job done in 5 minutes. The only drawback is that you can only set one 'master size' for your player but I believe that's going to be rectified in the next release.
Reviews: 1
I really appreciated how simple/easy to use this bot is, my videos- from home to steamed-in-from youtube etc. look great!
Initially I thought that they would not show up in Firefox- but I just had to uninstall/reinstall my Firefox (something was messed up, I guess) and voila!! So if any noob has the same issue, well Allvideos is great, and maybe just fix the Firefox! Big thanks for this player.
Reviews: 1
Great extension. Extremely easy to use compared to some other methods I used to use on a previous website (Wordpress)!! Nice job!
Reviews: 5
If you wanna snag videos, this is THE bot to get. Super easy!
Reviews: 4
Very good plugin but you cannot display flv movies hosted on other servers unless is the one in their list.
If you have multiples sites and want to display the same VIDEO (not mp3) you cannot add a remote option to display the video.

If you have your own content, it's a good choice.
Reviews: 2
This plugin is the best solution for videos and audio files i've ever seen (ok, i'm only 21 years and didn't experience all evolutions in creating webpages;). The documentation after installing the plugin is clear, simple and solves every problem i had, when the player doesn't work the first time.

I'm very happy with that. Thanks a lot!!:)

Reviews: 1
I concur with others about the per page (or better, per video) "play immediately" parameter.

Some other ideas:

* specify a black border (size in pixels) around the videos

* allow use of a picture (jpg) which gets replaced by the video when clicked on--this might be a frame in the video, or the frame with some text on it, or another image altogether, say, the DVD box of a movie

* specify frame from which to take the "clickable image" that starts the video

* specify a starting audio volume for the video...i'm always startled by these things, not sure how my browsers get their idea of a volume level

I'm new to Joomla, so dunno if this makes sense, but these parameters could be set as follows:

{flv}My_First_Birthday; border=40; autoplay=off; viewframe=322; repeat=no; volume=50}

Thanks a million for making this.
Reviews: 1
I use Joomla 1.0.12 and All Video 2.4!

All works fine and it's easy otherwise I couldn't start it because on a Computer I am a lefty!! :-)

Very thanks for this Mambot!!!
Reviews: 2
Installation was easy, I like the "how to" right in the bot settings (I wish more worked that way). I tested it with MOV, MPG, DIVX-avi and FLV; but I don't think I'll use it for anything but the FLV since that seems to be the best for internet use.

I had one problem with using this with a free template made by with FLV files. While it worked for MOV and AVI, the buttons would not work on FireFox for FLV (clicking would not play or pause). I could auto play, but then all would auto play and none would play again. I changed the template and it works on IE and FireFox now.

Great all-in-one solution!
Reviews: 1
This plugin is the greatest thanks alot for sharing
but how long will it be before BRIGHT COVE
is added to that list of video sources ?
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