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*** New version 4.6 out now, fully compatible with Joomla! 1.5, 2.5 & 3.x & fully responsive! ***

AllVideos (by JoomlaWorks) is truly THE all-in-one media management solution for Joomla! and a classic must-have extension for any Joomla! based website.

You can use the plugin to easily embed media hosted on popular services like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud (and many more) inside your Joomla! articles (or K2, redShop, Virtuemart etc).

Additionally, it allows you to playback almost any video/audio file format hosted on your server or even a remote server, providing great flexibility when it comes to media content embedding. Fun videos, product presentations, audio podcasts, you name it!

- You don't have to copy/paste huge blocks of HTML code, just to get a video from YouTube to playback on your Joomla! website! Your WYSIWYG editor loves it and so will you and your clients!
- You use simple and descriptive plugin tags like {youtube}heu37ej3qs{/youtube}, {flv}batman_darknight{/flv} or {mp3}pixies_bonemachine{/mp3}.
- Allows for mobile/tablet compatible media embedding where supported.

AllVideos means dead-simple & inexpensive media streaming for anyone. You can use, for example, YouTube to upload your videos and then embed them inside your site without consuming your server's bandwidth or having to spend money on expensive video conversion software!

--- FEATURES ---
1. Dozens of media providers supported like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, MySpace, Flickr Video,, TwitVid, yFrog, SoundCloud & more.
2. Stream your own media content, using the 20+ web compatible video and audio formats like flv, swf, mov, mp4, wmv, wma, mp3, 3gp, webm, ogv, ogg, divx and more.
3. Easily embed your media content either directly from your server or a remote server!
4. Simple controls inside the plugin's parameters page provide layout consistency on all the videos shown in your Joomla! website. Set your preferences in seconds, publish the plugin and you're ready to start streaming content!
5. Easy, descriptive syntax for media embedding - {format/provider}filename{/format/provider}. You can also use syntax like {format/provider}filename|width|height|autoplay{/format/provider} (e.g. an "autoplaying" {youtube}he73js82|600|450|1{/youtube}) to display videos at different dimensions!
6. Uses MVC templating. Just copy the /tmpl folder included in the plugin, move it to your template's /html folder and rename it to "jw_allvideos", then style the output as you wish
7. Mobile/tablet friendly: if you use MP4 for uploaded videos or if you use services like YouTube, Vimeo & Dailymotion, your videos are mobile ready
8. Includes 3 templates: Classic, Framed and Responsive
9. Fully responsive players when using the "Responsive" template
10. Uses the core Joomla! updater
11. Includes the new JW Player v6

--- LEARN MORE ---
Visit the AllVideos product page at:

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Reviews: 2
It's a great extension and thanks for creating it but i cannot get it to play m4v video format
Owner's reply

Try other formats as well.

For example, download one of our demo videos located here:

..and then use {mp4}...{/mp4} tags to display the video. If this video plays back nicely, than the problem lies on the m4v video codec used. It may not be supported by your browser or the codec used may not be web friendly (=not using H.264 for encoding).

Reviews: 1
very excellent. thanks to the developer. keep spirit create another project
Reviews: 1
I installed this plugin in 2.5 Joomla, but it seems not to be working with Mp3! I trying to play it from my server, the player shows but I push the play button and does not do nothig!
Greetings I hope you guys respond!
Thank you!
Owner's reply

Unless you used a wrong path for your MP3 file, then prefer to use MP3 files with CBR (constant bit rate) conversion. If the path to your MP3 file is correct and there was no playback, then this MP3 file must have used VBR (variable bit rate) conversion which all flash players hate unfortunately...

Reviews: 1
I had a problem uploading this with J2.5 - it kept giving me a 404 forbidden error. I then extracted the zip file to a folder and uploaded it to my tmp folder and it installed perfectly and worked first time. Thanks for a great extension.
Reviews: 5
There are so many providers covered by this plugin.

Thank you for taking the time to create it.
Reviews: 6
Installed on Joomla 2.5 site.

Excellent plugin for adding YouTube or just about any other video into articles!

Very simple to use.
Reviews: 1
great, works excellent. However, I'm having problems resizing the video - this is the code I'm using: {mp4}contact|300|200|autoplay{/mp4} and it will not show the video when I add this resizing and autoplay - perhaps I'm doing something wrong - I did try to get some help with this from the site but I haven't had any luck.
Reviews: 3
I have been using the AllVideo pluguin on my Joomla 1.5 site for a few months now and I love how easy it makes it to show a video on my site. The plugin installs easily, the documentation is great and even I can adjust the settings :) If you need to have video on your Joomla site, it doesn't get any easier than AllVideo. I highly recommend this plug-in.
Reviews: 2
Thank you so much, works perfectly joomla 1.7
Reviews: 6
I had to embed a vimeo video on a Joomla1.5 site Feb 2012 and didnt really know how as this was the first time I had been asked to do such a thing.

I came to Joomla Extensions and did a general search and found All Videos, read the docs and then downloaded it and installed it on the client's site. All I did was put and then the reference to the video at vimeo in here and adjust the default size of the video as it displays on the site and that was it.

Minutes afterwards, work done and bill soon to be on the way to the client.

You cant ask for better than a product as easy as this.

Thanks Joomlaworks! Score!

Reviews: 1
Great plugin.
How I can set up video or audio local playlist?
Reviews: 1
The plugin is extremely simple and easy to use, but unfortunately doesn't works in chrome browser, especially the video plugin. Any solution to this?
Reviews: 7
Does what it says, easy to use, lots of features. To conclude: Your best choice to embed a video.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for this smart plugin.
I use it in 3 websites.
Reviews: 2
Many thanks to the developer , I tried many video player extensions , but this plugin is the best media player . this was much better than the commercial ones
Reviews: 8
Great, easy-to-use plugin! Does everything I need.
Reviews: 1
Hi, this work is very good! thanks!
Now I design a web site based on K2 and allvideos.The video player work well. But the mp3 player can work in IE browser, It don't work in chrome browser. Does anyone can help me? some error message in chrome browser: The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported:
Reviews: 2

Excellent plugin. It worked right out of the box, the only thing I can't figure out is why I can't see thumbnail of the video if I shared the article containing it on facebook?

Is there something I should setup first?
Owner's reply

That's because Facebook scans the entire Joomla! page where you've placed the video. Facebook cannot extract an image from the Flash based player used in AllVideos. Even if you use a video from YouTube or other third-party video service, this is still not possible.

Reviews: 2
Excellent Non-Commercial non-problematic non-crippled plugin.

Ufortunally I do not develop in Joomla. So because it's allmost christmas, I wish a simple video gallery function for AllVideos *
Reviews: 6
For me this version 4.1 was a upgrade. I was able to download the zip, install on my Joomla site, and I was done! I am mostly using AllVideos to replay mp3 audio. This is drop-dead simple with supported plugin "tags" {mp3}myaudio{/mp3}.
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