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The official solution featured by Longtail Video to embed JW Player 6.10, The best Responsive HTML5 Player, in Joomla 3.x, 2.5 and 1.5.
JoomlaRuleZ is an official reseller of JW.
Subscription for Commercial website (License/unbranded Player) and non-commercial website (No License/Branded Player)

JW Player Advanced Features
* All parameters can be set by default using the backend settings or can be override by a specific trigger in a article
* All parameters of JW Player, even not yet implement in our plugin, can be used

New features: JW Player 6.10, Google Chromecast Upgrade, Schedule ads per playlist, Waterfalling between ad tags, Update Googima IMA API...

Device Support >>
* iOS, Android 2.x to 4.x
* Support for Flash/HTML5 on desktops (auto-detected), HTML5 on devices

Playlists >>
* RSS Link (RSS-Media,SMIL,Youtube SD-HD)
* Support Video/Audio Files (MP4,WEBM,FLV,MP3,AAC,OGG,Youtube HTML5 SD-HD)
* Multiple Playlist
* Playlist Editor, up to 50 items; description, Title, Captions, HD Quality, Thumbnails in slider, Chapter markers points
* AutoGenerate Playlist, Scan files in a directory and generate a playlist
* JSON Playlist (Field/File)
* Multiple Player with different Playlist on same page

JavaScript API >>
Inline Javascript Functions

Layout >>
Listbar, Controls, Size, Height, Width, Aspectratio (Responsive Player), Displaytitle, Stretching, Logo (Link,position,margin,hide), about(text,link)

Behaviours >>
AutoStart, Repeat, Mute, Fallback, Primary, Stagevideo, Android HLS, Debug

Streaming >>
Apple HLS (iOS, Android, Flash), HLS AES Encryption, RTMP, Flash pseudo-streaming, HLS DVR, Live Streaming
Several Server and CDN support (Amazon Cloudfront, Wowza, Adobe Media Server, Akamai, FMS, Microsoft Azure)

Player >>
Cloud-Hosted (CDN) or Self-Hosted Player

Plugins >>
* Social Sharing: Video link/embed code, Shortcuts for posting video link to Facebook, Twitter, Email
* Google Chromecast: Cast mp4 content to a JW Player Chromecast Receiver application with a seamless integration
* Related Videos: List of related videos (RSS feed), Displayed on complete and/or button click
* HD: Display Multiple qualities sources 720p,1080p
* Captions: Support for multiple caption tracks (file/label) per playlist item (WebVTT,SRT,DFXP),FCC
* Google Analytics: Tracking plays and completes per video
* Adobe SiteCatalyst: Advanced video analytics
* JW Player Analytics: Tracking plays per day across all embeds
* Ads Plugin (ads in your player): VAST/VPAID/VMAP, Google IMA
* Extra Plugin (Add plugins not yet implement)

Skin >>
XML Skinning

Extra >>
Add parameters not yet implement, Module Class Suffix, Cache Parameters, Keyboard shortcuts

Pop-Up Player >>
height,width; Override (or not) Player with image, Text or both link; Highslide, Lightbox, Windows

Need Storage? We propose also our Online Streaming Video Platform based on "JWPlatform" server

Current Version:
Plugin 2.10.0,Module 3.10.0

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Reviews: 1
Very good support of the developer, lot of features, a fair price, I am very satisfy by this product.
Reviews: 2
I can't tell you how much I love this program. It is by far the best media management extension available that I have used. I manage sites that deal with entertainment management, where I have to work with audio and video files from several sources, and this keeps it all nice and neat, with no confusing coding, just basic strings which are defined very logically.

The only improvement needed, but not important enough to not give them an EXCELLENT, would to be able to combine an autoplaylist with external sources on a single player. I am sure that will come at some point. Keep up the great development!
Reviews: 1
This is a great and quality module that works. I have so far used the free version with a playlist and am impressed. A question on getting preview images to work was promptly responded on their forum, due to my lack of familiarity with playlist xml files. Great product and good support. I highly suggest it
Reviews: 1
Works without problems. Great and fast response from developer on my questions :)
Reviews: 1
I use the JW player extensively and had been looking for a way to embed that was easy and flexible. Along came the JW Player Advanced plugin and I knew I had hit upon the perfect solution. I can quickly embed the player with one small string of code and fine tune the player on individual pages to suit my needs.

Tech support is great. Any concerns I had were immediately addressed by the administrator.

Want an quick and efficient way to embed the JW player in your articles? This is the plugin for you!
Reviews: 3
This module is great! The developers also are excellent at support. I highly recommend this module if you are looking for a video player solution.
Reviews: 1
this module filled our expectations and i sure recommend it. The support is very efficient and fast to help you solve your problems. We particularly were interested in the google analytics plug in. Waiting now for the plug-in release to embed the player and its features in content. Go on with the good work!!!
Reviews: 1
and great support - the webmaster chased *me* down after I had erroneously overpaid!
Reviews: 5
Good module, great support, nice skins and fair price. What else to say?
Reviews: 1
This module has all the features one could ask for and also is frequently updated.
I asked the developers for some help but they were always ready to answer.
Recommended +++
Reviews: 2
This module is good. Now if only it had a plugin that made it function like allvideos!
Reviews: 11
Fully featured and very flexible. I had a couple of minor issues but the developer was very responsive and helpful and any issues were promptly fixed.

I happily recommend this module, DM.
Reviews: 1
This module was needed long ago, current modules by other developers using JW Player are incompatible with some of the super interesting features as the viral and adsolution plugins....but only one thing more, please develop a Joomla plugin for this.
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