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V-Tube Video Module

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The JoomlaXTC V-Tube Video Player Module is the most powerful and customizable videoplayer for Joomla. It plays any kind of video file that Flash Player supports ( FLV / H.264 encoded video including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V), YouTube and Stream Videos. The code is very clean and it's easy to customize the player's design via the modules admin panel. The playlist is generated via the JOOMLA XTC XPS playlist or via your own custom XML.

For an even more advanced multi playlist version check out the Pro component + module V-Tube Video Gallery!


* H.264 video
Supports MPEG-4 standard container files that contain video and audio H.264 / AAC encoded including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V, FLV.

* Playlist
XPS Playlist in the Module Admin or You can insert in the XML file unlimited number of videos.

* AutoResize
You don't need to worry to reposition the controls, the VideoPlayer movieclip and the components will reposition automatically.

* FullScreen
FullScreen button; you can show/hide FullScreen button from the admin.

* AutoHide controls bar
You can set the player to autohide the controls bar after a number of seconds of inactivity.

* AutoHide mouse cursor
You can set the player to autohide the mouse cursor after a number of seconds of inactivity.

* Preview Image
You can set an image for video that will be displayed when the video is stopped.

* Big play button in the middle of the video
If you want to display a big play button in the middle on the video, when the video is paussed or stopped, you need to set showMiddlePlayButton = "true"

* Share
Link to this video - you can provide a link to the page where you put the video player; Embed this video - it will generate code lines that visitors can use to embed the player on other sites; Send To A Friend (STAF) - the visitors may send an email to a provided email address; the email can be html and you can edit the template used for this email

* Watermark
Sometimes, when you play a video from another site, it's a good idea to display a watermark.

* Space key listener
You can use Space key to play/pause the video.

* Click listener
You can click on the video to play/pause the video.

* Double Click listener
You can click on the video to go in FullScreen mode or come back to Normal mode.

* and too much more to list here!

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Reviews: 2
Can't say how well this product has worked out for me and my client. Client was looking for a way to display YouTube video and add stylish title and description. V-Tube worked out perfect. The styling features are very well done. This product is well worth the price.
Reviews: 3
Let me be the first...

I was looking for something that specifically worked with flv and f4v videos using H.264 formats for HD videos and I found this product.

I purchased the Pro version and able to use the playlist within the module. Very useful to show my video projects on the site in an easy and effective way.

The configuration variables in the module set-up are very wide-ranging, giving excellent opportunity to blend this baby into any site.

In addition, options exist to include your own thumbnails and default images.

As a bonus it W3C validates too!

Had a small issue (which was my fault in my Joomla global config backend). Submitted a ticket, and within minutes had a response.

On a small downside, I did find the JoomlaXLC website not too friendly to navigate, but I'm just an old fart(ess) anyway :)

Thanks Jason - good luck with your site.