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shoutcast mini radio Module

Icecast and Shoutcast stream now work on Iphone and Android.

The Shoutcast Flash Player allows you to embed a shoutcast server into your website.
Play internet radio straight from the web.
support only one of shoutcast source.
Works with Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Works with ANY SHOUTcast and ICEcast.

version 2.0 (02 Jan 2013)
multi stream youtube,mp3 and mp4 playable
mp3, mp4, youtube playable
add whotube skins
add Revolt plugin

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Reviews: 1
This is a awesome mod for a joomla site. I was so impressed that I even bought the paid mod at only $1.50. Great value too.
Reviews: 2
This is the right solution that I have been looking for! Very simple but powerful and nice module!
Reviews: 2
hello, your module works perfectly in firefox and internet explorer but NOT in google chrome... I simply can't see the module at it's position. can somebody plz help
Reviews: 3
Hello from Russia! Thank you for the best radio module! Highly recommended to install. Works great! Waiting for version 1.4...
Reviews: 9
I was searching a good player, and finally I found one beautiful, and works properly on Firefox, Chrome and IE. Thank you very much, you're the best.
Reviews: 1
This module is very simple but does the job very well.

It does have some features I am missing in it:
-Option in the admin panel to hide the link under the player. As I can see, it uses GPL license so I can freely remove it adapting it to my needs but and option would be better, I think. And more developer-supportive.
-Song playing title. This one is very important. Hopefully we'll get it soon.

Another thing to notice is that I tested it on Joomla 2.5 and it works (currently it's not marked in the module description that it does).
Reviews: 8
Its the great module that worked in single click for me, Nice job!
Reviews: 1
I think is the only one that actualy worked in my case. A simple task: play a stream based on IP. Simple, efective, and most important it's working like a dream. Thank you developer.
Reviews: 1
this is by far the best plugin for shoutcast, free and it does the work. i cant wait for the player to show whats currently playing
Reviews: 1
I also would like to have multiple streams, is it possible to have a different miniplayer on each page which streams a different station??
Reviews: 1
Love this module. Kudos to the developer!

The only thing i would ask is how do we add more than one radio station and then give the user a drop list for example to select the radio station they want to list too.

Reviews: 6
Module Works out of the box as they say and when I had some trouble working out source, the developer got back to me rapidly to help me out.

For anyone else having trouble finding source:
If you download the pls file from shoutcast and open it with a text editor it displays the source (url and port)
Reviews: 1
This is a good player, took nothing to install, but im getting a freeze when the song changes on winamp (im using shotucast dsp plugin for winamp)
Anyone having this same issue?
Thanks in advance...
Reviews: 1
Works great after a quick and easy install. Both shoutcast and icecast worked good for me.

Would like to see a volume adjustment.

Don't touch the location slider. If you do and slide it, it locks up the player and you have to refresh the page.
Reviews: 1
Great job - nice and clean design.
Work fine with Icecast+Ices.
Reviews: 1
I am looking for one flash to support shoutcast radio .

I tried many flash player which can support shoutcast, I cannot make them work

then I checked his demo ,it immediately work,so I downloaded ,and change radio url,then working

all done in 5 minutes
very good
Owner's reply

Thanks for your reviews