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PlayJoom gives you the possibility to play your audio files whereever you want! It´s a multi media streamer Server basics on Joomla!

You can play the files on all clients in your local network or with over a web server on the internet.

The clients could be a usualy web browser or a streamer client device.

And you can to manage your music files with additional informations about the artists, the albums, the tracks. It´s shows the covers of the albums and more informations about a audio track, like the length of of track or the kind of codec.

Also you can create your own playlists with you favorite songs of your music collection.

But beware! This is a just beta version only for those interested people that want to test it.

System - Requirements

* Joomla CMS
Version 3.x.x
* Webserver
- php framework, Version 5.3.1
- XML Support
- JSON Support
- GD Library
- Zlib Support
* MySQL Datenbank Server, Version 5.0.x


* PlayJoom component
* New content Module
* Popular content Module
* Alphabeticalbar Module
* Last Played Module
* Statistics Module
* PlayButton Plugin
* 360Player Plugin
* Trackcontrol Plugin
* Track Time Info Plugin
* Trackvote Plugin
* Template Toogle Plugin
* Track Search Plugin
* Track Artist Plugin
* Track Album Plugin
* Teglo Admin Template
* Teglo Found Template


* english
* german

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Reviews: 6
I'm looking forward to trying it but unfortunately the install routine didn't seem to create the necessary mysql table - specifically the audiotracks table. Without knowing the record structure it's a bit tricky. I suppose I can hack it by looking at the php, but I thought you might want the feedback
Reviews: 2
This component does what the author says it does and you have to remember it is still in beta.
I had been looking for a music component that worked somewhat like zina. All the others failed to give you the choice to hold different individual artist music in separate sub-directories and not one big mess of a directory.
So adopting several directories full of music was easy.
One thing I would like to see added is if you adopt one song at a time you have a choice of choosing and artists like drop down menu for that particular song.
Keep up the good work it looks like it's going to be a fantastic component.
Reviews: 6
Bugs may happen, ease of use is missing from a few places and there's almost no styling... but it will do for a beta. :)
The component is functional and it's a nice idea with great potential, so i'm looking forward to the updates, fixes and new features.

Keep up the good work! ;)