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Podcast Manager is a suite of extensions for Joomla! designed to allow you to manage and broadcast a podcast feed directly from your site. Features include:

- Simple management: The administrator component is simple and descriptive, making it simple to properly input podcast metadata
- Easy file management: Manage your podcast files from the Joomla! administrator interface via a customized version of the core Media Manager designed to specifically process the files allowed by iTunes as podcast episodes
- Host multiple feeds: With the 1.7 release, the ability to host multiple feeds was added by popular user request, a perfect solution for producers with feeds in multiple languages
- iTunes parsable: The RSS feed produced is a valid RSS feed and is designed around the requirements to be broadcasted in iTunes, allowing users to share their broadcast with the world
- Play files directly from your site: Through the content plugin, playing files is as simple as adding a {podcast Title} in an article, a process made simple through the button plugin which displays all the podcasts in the component
- New to 2.1, statistic tracking using popular services such as Blubrry and Podtrac.

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Reviews: 2
This is a great extension, the best in its kind. It does everything you need.

The only issue I had was more with the little knowledge about podcasting. This extension does not provides you with enough information so you need to get your skills and knowledge as is not simple to get the podcast feed out there. I ended up using Feed Burner... and there are still things I cannot figure it out, but the modules and the podcast are working perfectly in my site and iTunes has index my podcast!

recommend a good tutorial for beginners and the extension will be even better.
Reviews: 71
I've used Podcast Manager for several clients who have radio shows. It's a great tool to organize and play MP3 files on Joomla sites. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
The player used on this extension has some issues on IE8, but other than that the extension is pretty neat. Need more features though.
Owner's reply

Would love to know what types of issues you're having and what features you think are missing. Aside from the last few months where my day job has been very taxing on my time, I respond fairly quickly to messages sent to me via my website or GitHub. So, feel free to get in touch and let me know what's up.

Reviews: 1
Podcast Manager works! I initially had some issues getting iTunes to accept the feed but Michael worked tirelessly with the folks at iTunes to solve the problem. I am extremely pleased with the rapid response, professionalism and expertise that Michael brings to the table. He is very open to suggestions and eager to make this extension the best of class.
Reviews: 2
Podcastmanager works great as long as you dont expect anyone to access it via their browser. When I access the feed using any browser I'v tried the feed does not show the items feed discription. I see that it is missing the tags all together which iTunes egnores all together.
Owner's reply

The component is indeed geared towards supporting iTunes, and when I made the decision to remove those tags from the latest version, I did it based on the fact that when I tested locally with Google Chrome with RSS Subscription Extension (the only browser I had available to me due to being deployed with the US military), the description was still populated.

I have provided numerous methods to contact me via my website (linked from this listing) to report bugs, as well as linking to my website from the Podcast Manager Control Panel on your website, and cannot fix bugs unless I am aware of them. This review is the first I've heard of this problem, and now that I am aware of it, I will fix it.

Reviews: 1
Having just converted multiple podcasts from Wordpress to Joomla I found this extension very easy to install and straight forward to get a podcast published.

The lack of ability to add a redirect url is a little frustrating however, as I have now lost the ability to use the statistic tracking service I was using under Wordpress.

Overall though, it is a great extension with alot of potential.
Reviews: 1
I am impressed with how easily everything installed and that it was so easy to set up! I am no Jooma guru and even I could figure it out!

The only thing that I don't understand (would like to change) is I would like the feed subscription page (and the others that show the various podcasts in a list) to use my template. I use j51_oxygen and all I see is an unformatted page with the files listed...

How can I get the display to be congruent with the rest of my pages?

Thank you!
Owner's reply

If you'll contact me through my website, I should be able to help you. The page should not be unformatted since it is designed to follow Joomla! template standards, so it seems something isn't happening correctly. I'm currently on the move, so I may not be able to dedicate time to support for another week or so.

Reviews: 1
Nice component/module package. Easy and intuitive to install and set up. I especially like the ability to upload from front end.

However I am unable to get my feed to validate and so cannot use it with iTunes, nor Feedburner. This is a drawback for me.
Reviews: 1
This component is so easy to install and use. Everything worked perfectly. Very intuitive and the info on the website solved any doubts I hasd immediately.
Reviews: 1
Very easy install and use. I am using this on 1.7 and it works great! Thank you for your contribution to the community.
Reviews: 1
This was very easy to install and get up and running. Your website was also very helpful to get the program the way I wanted.

Was having trouble finding a good module for 1.6 and higher that will provide easy Itunes capabilities. As someone new to Joomla and web design I would like to see the RSS feed easily accessible so I can tell Itunes or feedburner what my RSS feed is. If I am missing this Sorry, but would be great to see it so that it can be copied and pasted.
Owner's reply


There are two ways to link to your site's RSS feed. The simplest way is to copy the link in the Podcast Manager module once you've configured it. The second is to create your own menu item pointing to a RSS Feed, as it's listed when you create menu items. If you need any additional help, just let me know.

Reviews: 1
Thanks for this great extension working perfectly and about easy to use. Just waiting, like hjc5040, for an inversion of the order of the items in the field : having the most recent at the top would be much better, especially when you have a lot of episodes.

Second thing, which has been a real difficulty for me : the file manager. I no longer use it and send my files using ftp client. When you use it to upload your files or to create a folder for a new feed, the file manager is changing folder permissions and then refusing tu upload (on my host at least)... Everything gets ok when you do without it. Good to know...

Last thing : another player or customizable code would be a great option (I wrote you about this a few time ago...)

Anyway, thanks for this great job !
Reviews: 1
I am new both to Joomla and Podcasting. Managed to install the latest version of the extension (1.7 beta) and get some sample files working. Beta version offers multiple feeds, useful if you have more than one 'publication'. Will be using it for a Talking Newspaper site, we produce weekly news and monthly magazines so multiple feeds needed.

Straightforwad to assign the feeds (e.g.News, Magazine) to a menu item, then each new edition appears in the appropriate section as it is added.

Would like to be able to have the list show the most recent edition at the top. But I may need to look deeper to find how. I would also be good to have (say) the past two or three editions listed then the rest move to an archive. But I do know that there are other extensions to do this kind of thing so maybe one of theose combined would do this for me.

Looking forward to the stable release, but the beta has not had any problems so far for me.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the constructive feedback and the suggestions. As I mentioned in your e-mail through my site, I will work to improve the extensions and add these features. User feedback really helps to improve my work, so I greatly appreciate it.

Reviews: 5
Please note Extension does not function upon install-just got-Error! Could not find a Joomla! XML setup file in the package
Also,there is no actual link to this componate-when you click on the download link-available via directory-its shows,this page doesnt exist error.Developer should provide direct contact for him on page,along with possible screenshots or demo of his product.
Owner's reply

Hi there,

To answer each of your concerns:

- Does not install: I personally test all the functionality against a local installation of the Joomla! 1.6 trunk, to include install and uninstall. If it isn't installing for you, there could be a few different issues, and I'm willing to work with you to resolve them via a comment on the release notification on my site, a ticket via my Assembla space (linked from my site), or an e-mail (via the "Contact Me" link at the top of my site). I do my best to respond to all issues fairly quickly, however, I am currently deployed so internet availability isn't always the greatest.

- Link to site: I finished all the documentation on my site on April 3 and published that evening. It's possible you may have requested the link prior to it being published, in which case, I apologize.

- Extension demo: I am in the process of building a demo site for this and my other extension. I'm actually looking to have this complete within the next week or two as it's taken some time to build a fresh site from scratch.