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Radio Player Pro Module

Our Radio Player for Joomla 1.7, 2.5 and 3.0 allows you to add a Shoutcast & Icecast radio player to your Joomla website - Let your visitors listen to your radio station!

In addition to the free version, the pro version displays the current track title and includes more skins!

The player includes the following features:
- Display current track title
- Reconnect on network errors
- Cache management to avoid huge memory consumption
- Intro file - A file that plays befor the stream starts
- Fallback file - A file that plays when the stream stops

If you need help, open a support ticket here:

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Reviews: 2
I'm a very happy customer. First, I am not a programmer or anything like that. I am a plug and play Joomla guy who can do a bit more than just the basics without messing things up. So if that sounds like you then I suggest these players. both the Free version and the Pro Version.

I used the free version and was very, very happy with how easy it was to use. I then bought the Pro-Version so song titles could be displayed in the player.

The Free Version installed and worked almost instantly. The Pro-Version needed a bit more adjusting to work properly. I was stumped. I tried everything I could possibly think of before I placed a service ticket and chat. i wish I had done that before messing around for days.

They replied and within minutes had pointed me to the issues. I'm talking quick, no overnight or week long wait. I was on their extension page and the service chat button was lite up and marked as available. So I hit chat. Boom, instant answers. They even replied to my email service ticket as a followup.

The two simple to fix issues were removing the http:// from the front of my shoutcast address in the admin panel for the mod and to ask my hosting provider to unblock my shoutcast port.

In retrospect, the player works and installs just as easy as the free version. I suggested to the developers that they include those Pro-Installation tips in future docs. I'm a happy customer.