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Bits on the Run Advanced Plugin

★Self-Serve Video Publishing - Manage your content with ease

★ / Bits on the Run manages the complete video workflow: upload, transcode, stream, and analyze. We handle the complexities so that you don't have to. With just a few clicks you can design your own video player, encode to multiple bitrates, deliver to the iPad, and more.

★Manage Your Video Content
Upload your videos, create playlists, design players, whitelabel the dashboard and track analytics within our easy to use online dashboard.

★Upload & Encode From Any Source
Upload your video (and audio) files from your desktop, FTP client, mobile phone or API integration. Create custom encodes, embed watermarks or bypass our encoders alltogether.

★Deliver Your Videos in Stunning HD
Deliver stunning HD quality video using our Adaptive Streaming technology & our built-in Content Delivery Network.

★Design Your Video Experience
Take advantage of our built in tools and design the perfect video viewing experience for your audience.
Bits on the Run offers a built-in version of the JW Player, access to the JW Player plugins and skins, and direct integrations with the most popular social networks.

★Distribute Across the Cloud
Publish your videos to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with a single click. Use RSS Feeds to publish videos to Boxee, iTunes and Google.

Analyze Performance with Detailed Analytics
Rich analytics are as important for video as for any other online content. Bits on the Run offers a full set of built-in video analytics.

★Earn Ad Revenue
Make money by inserting your own ads or leverage our AdSolution network. Run video pre and postrolls, interactive overlays or campaigns from any adserver that supports the IAB VAST standard.

This plugin allows you to embed Bits on the Run videos in your Joomla posts.
You can do so by using video quicktags that look like this: [bitsontherun CzOKBiEk].
When the page containing a quicktag is rendered, the latter will be replaced with the javascript embed code of the corresponding video in your Bits on the Run account.

This plugin as been also dev for existing Bits On The Run customer who use the soon "deprecated" J1.5 BotR Joomla extension, we have add a lot of new features and the main one is the support of last version of Joomla.

★ Plugin Keys Features

* AND Bits On The Run support.
* Joomla 1.5 to 3.0 ready.
* Curly bracket is support : {bitsontherun CzOKBiEk}.
* Editor Plugin button also available.
* Have a partner who knows perfecly Longtail video Product, Botr product AND Joomla CMS.
* Always have your Joomla extension up to date.

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