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VideoWhisper Live Video Streaming Integration ComponentModule

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This video streaming software is designed for web based 1 to many video broadcasting. There is a special interface for broadcaster to send video and see all channel viewers and their reactions and also special interfaces for viewers. They can see the video and chat real time about it.

* Easy install as Joomla Component and Modules
* Live Video Channel for Each Joomla User
* Broadcast Live Video from Browser
* Share Channels Link/Embed Code
* Configure Settings from Joomla Backend
* List Live Channels Module
* Show Live Snapshots Module
* Full PHP source code
* HLS transcoding for iPhone / iPad playback
* iPhone / iPad detection on channel page

This software was designed for 1 to many video streaming so there are 3 different interfaces:
1. Live Broadcast (for publisher)
2. Live Video Watch (for active viewers, discuss online)
3. Live Video Streaming (for passive viewers, simple live video)

Joomla integration for this video streaming software is based on a joomla component and 2 joomla modules that can be used as needed.

The joomla Streaming module lists active broadcaster channels & show names and a link to broadcast. If user is not logged a clickable message is shown to return to the website and login.
The joomla Streams module shows live show previews and information like duration, current status.

Component provides interfaces to broadcast, watch and discuss video, embed video, browse live channel lists with image preview.

The component is developed using MVC (model view controller) for Joomla and same extensions work on Joomla 1.5.x - 2.5.x and another on 3.x

We are developing this for all of you that want to build sites with features like on justin tv, ustream tv, mogulus, stickam, blog tv or their clones and just need the right plugin to provide this video broadcasting functionality.

All PHP integration source code is provided under GPL.

Full details about the integration component and installation here:

This advanced software requires 2 types of hosting: a regular php&mysql web hosting plan for the regular website features (you probably have that if you have joomla installed) and a special plan (usually on a different special server) for video streaming and other instant communication required between chat clients.

You need 1 of these to run the interactive and streaming part of the software: Red5, Wowza or Adobe Flash Media Server. See the software requirements page on our site for more details. Red5 is free and open source but you need a VPS or Dedicated Server with root access to install it.

If you're not into these technical details you can also find this type of hosting with management services on our site or from other providers.

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Reviews: 21
I really wanted to like this extension. We bought the software and also purchased the recommended WOWZA live streaming hosting which the company provides to ensure as little headache as possible in getting the software working.

It is now almost 1 month, about 10 support tickets and STILL, no live video streaming working on my end whatsoever. When you send a support request, expect to wait anywhere from 24 - 48 hours for a response and when they do respond, it's a complete disregard for any of the specific questionss which you ask.

I've sent my Joomla admin details but still the live video streaming is not working for me. I offered to share my desktop with them via Skype/Teamviewer and they've completely ignored this request. I'm not liable for $100 web hosting for a media streaming system that is simply NOT WORKING.

The WOWZA hosting that they provide includdes a dizzying amount of settings, URL's paths, etc...with almost no documentation to guide you on what to put where and why.

I am EXTREMELY frustrated with this as I've been playing back-and-forth tag with support trying to get the software working, but to no avail. I'm on the verge of scrapping this entirely and using a service like or similar. I'm a reasonable person who spends a large sum of money every month on Joomla extensions, services and support, I'm afraid the support provided by this company has failed to impress and is harming what is otheriwse a potentially very powerful and solid software solution.
Reviews: 3
Is about 8 mounths that i follow these stand alone application, and i never try it because it need a Adobe FMS server for run and later a red5 server.

Red5 is an open source solution so i installed it on my server to found that is a good streaming server with a lot of application that run "out of box".

With the free version for joomla of these product, the test MUST be done.

It's very simply to instal, few option for configurate (realy just one preferences setting) and one module for display the application.

Red5 configuration also is simple.

The graphic style is poor but customizable (but editing php code) and an interface for setting the player color or for use an external player is a need for not expert joomla user.

Waiting for the next step, i thing that is one of the few "live broadcasting" component for joomla at moment.