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Read Less - Text Plugin

-- The last supported version for Joomla 1.x is v3.5 --

'read less text' will control the article text: it is a read more alternative, much more powerful while respecting existing settings.
• configure the automatic insertion of read more links (respect existing read more, or override),
• configure precisely the length of your intro text: in number of characters, words, sentences or phrases,
• customize the read more links to your liking,
• easily retain and adjust formatting of the shortened text,
• automatically create a linked image in the intro text,
• enforce login to read the whole article (block guests).
• Works on all output of all components; not just com_content.
• Fully supports multi-byte languages.

All this precisely on those pages you want. This plugin will ensure similar formatting on your site, even when different authors use different styles.

• For very site-specific configurations, you can use 'contexts' to precisely define when the plugin may be active: for which combination of components, views and articles. For a best understanding, it is advised to read the help text on the left side of the configuration page, and to use the Discover mode, which is a great aid for both setting up this plugin and checking its working.

Release 5.1c:
• Now also caching the default thumbnail, so that the article doesn't need to be rescanned every time.
• The option 'Respect Position Existing Read More' rejected the 'No' option. Fixed.
• Small performance optimization for J2.5.5+ (correctly this time).
Release 5.1b:
• Regression: thumbnail cache was incorrectly checked and therefore always considered invalid, causing a performance drop. Fixed. _Huge_ kudos to gabs087!
• Small performance optimization for J2.5.5+. Kudos to gabs087 again!
Release 5.1:
• Fixed a warning when CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION was set while safe_mode or open_basedir was set.
• Word count was not always available. Fixed.
• Removing all tags could sometimes eat an extra space. Fixed (bis).
• Now respecting the option show_intro from com_content: if set, the full text is not considered when shortening.
• The suffix is split in two: an inline version glued to the last part, before closing all tags; and a post-version, after all is closed.
• Added a wrapper tag with class options, encapsulating each shortened article, allowing for further formatting.
• More flexibility regarding what to do within component or module scopes.

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Reviews: 10
Works perfectly in J! 3.3 and saves a lot of time. Thanks!!!
Reviews: 1
This will automatically insert "Read More" to your category blog. With some advanced options to make it work great.
Reviews: 2
I needed to insert "Read more" links in my articles and this plugin is exactly what I needed, and more.
Reviews: 3
Read more wasn't working correctly on my template so I looked up a plugin to replace it.
Found this one and not only made it work for me without me having to modify the template, but it also introduced the automatic read me for the articles.
Nice! Thanks!
Reviews: 3
I use this one for about a year now, highly recommended! I've had a few glitches here and there, but, once reported, the developer really did his best to fix them.
Parvus, many thanks to you, you're doing some righteous job!
Reviews: 5
Works very fine and has a lot of configuration settings to tweak to your individual needs. I had a problem with eaten extra space. Support & fixing by Parvus was very kind and quick. I can recommend readlesstitle too!
Reviews: 9
I really enjoy this tool, very helpful. It saves a lot of html-hassle for my writing people and keeps the unique article style throughout the team.

Thank you.
Reviews: 9
This helped me a lot. After spending many hours to create a auto link from intro image I found this extension. I just give a try and found very much useful. This plugin give us options to configure Category blog intro-section similar to same in K2 CCK
Reviews: 1
I love it. I just wonder if you are planning on adding support to joomla article images as thumbnails.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your kind review!

I'm confused by your request. read less text already can create thumbnails from images in the article, and provides the field 'Default Thumbnail' which can be used to provide a fallback image.
Can you contact me directly, so it can be discussed?

Reviews: 9
Extremely configurable extension, works like a charm. Support for this is truly heart warming:) I cannot thank enough, but thanks so much anyway!:P
Reviews: 1
Been looking for this kind of plugin for a while. Used some crappy ones, but this one is the dogs *cough*. Does exactly what it says it does and should do.

Mucho respecto to developer. Great work.
Reviews: 2
It's really a amazing works just like magic.thanks to developer.
It's my personal opinion if you give a option to user which image he/she will select for thumbnail then it will be more great.
Reviews: 8
First, I am still giving full STAR because I think the problem is me and not the plugin. I have installed it but having problem configuring the plugin. Not sure where to start. I was hoping for instructions on how to enable it, configure it, etc.... I have disabled Joomla default 'Read more' and I am not sure whether I was supposed to do that or not. Again, I am looking for instructions, steps, on how to make this plugin work. Thank you
Owner's reply


The plugin provides some information on the left hand side when you configure the plugin, and the tooltips should provide you with a lot of information about each single option.

Apart from that, you can contact me trough the forum (click support above), but you may also email me directly (my email address can be found in the Extension Manager, tab Manage: hover over my name in the row where read less text is listed).

Hope this helps a bit,

Reviews: 1
I love Joomla, i love plugin.I was looking for seeting for read more, i checked eveywhere in Joomla. until i searched auto read more. and there are few plugin for auto read more, only this one is in English(I can read) and free.
Thanks you guys.
Reviews: 3
It worked perfectly.
Will greatly facilitate my life!
Congratulations and thank you.
Reviews: 2
I've been working all day trying to remove the Read More Button from a Rocket Theme template with no success. All I wanted was the Read More text but I got no help over at RT.

After installing and configuring your plugin it was a done deal and I can't believe that I never have to insert a Read More link again cause it does it all for me just where I want...

Thank you so so so so much... I'm a happy guy now...
Reviews: 1
It seems to be what I need, but it bites out accented letters like á é ã ê and so on (in my case, in Portuguese). It replaces them with a blank space and the underlying letter...
Owner's reply

That looks like a very nasty (and unintended!) bug. Can you contact me (via email or via the forum), so this can get fixed?

Reviews: 1
This is one of the plugins that belongs to my special collection. I use it on Joomla 1.5. It gives what it says. If you a dealing with large sets of articles to be presented as blog category, you can rely on Read less text to handle intros for you. Whenever you need to change yur layout, you can adjust your intros in one single place using powerfull configuration and without need to open single articles and adjust your read more tags. I was having some light missunderstandng with the config interface, but nothing to be depressed. My fault. Kudos to author.
Reviews: 14
It has ALL what it should. The most powerful features: (I)configurable appearance (you can easily set in what parts of your site this plug-in can or can't work), (II) very powerful intro text configuration (words, sentences, paragraphs, letters...) + more (I didn't discovered them yet:) + very good documentation embedded in the plugin's back-end
Thank you for this plug-in. Best Regards!
Reviews: 5
This plugin is really nice, although the config confused me at first, for any new comers, remember to set the suffix for registered and suffix for guests then it should work fine, I think something like this should be in the core of joomla.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

v3.3 now sets a default suffix in a fresh installation. Hopefully this will reduce the initial confusion somewhat.

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