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Read Less - Text Plugin

-- The last supported version for Joomla 1.x is v3.5 --

'read less text' will control the article text: it is a read more alternative, much more powerful while respecting existing settings.
• configure the automatic insertion of read more links (respect existing read more, or override),
• configure precisely the length of your intro text: in number of characters, words, sentences or phrases,
• customize the read more links to your liking,
• easily retain and adjust formatting of the shortened text,
• automatically create a linked image in the intro text,
• enforce login to read the whole article (block guests).
• Works on all output of all components; not just com_content.
• Fully supports multi-byte languages.

All this precisely on those pages you want. This plugin will ensure similar formatting on your site, even when different authors use different styles.

• For very site-specific configurations, you can use 'contexts' to precisely define when the plugin may be active: for which combination of components, views and articles. For a best understanding, it is advised to read the help text on the left side of the configuration page, and to use the Discover mode, which is a great aid for both setting up this plugin and checking its working.

Release 5.2:
• Updated contact email address
• When no suitable thumbnail can be found in the article, a thumbnail will be searched for in the directory referenced
by code given in the article that is intended for a gallery plugin. Supported gallery plugins are SIGE, sigplus, VSIG,
pGallery, CSS Gallery. Note that only the normal use of these galleries is supported. Read less text won't be able to
find thumbnails when using the advanced features of these plugins.
Also note that this is still an experimental feature: feedback is highly appreciated.
• Fixed and expanded removal of {tokens} used in other plugins (notably NoNumber's ArticleAnywhere and NoNumber's Sliders).
• Changed some code to cooperate better with other plugins (notably NoNumber's ArticleAnywhere and NoNumber's Sliders).
• Fixed display of Discover mode in some Joomla3 front-end templates.

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Reviews: 1
Just what other extension offer, only for free! All features work without a problem for new 1.7.3 Joomla installation.
Reviews: 3
I used and was satisfied... marvellous presentation, very useful. But I stumbled on an issue: conflict with a social bookmark plugin which puts in each article the button for sharing. Now, what happens is that after I enabled the other plugin (Social Bookmarkin Genius) also in my category view ... readless text gets messed. Indeed, readless text takes the image of the first social share link (say diggit) and does a thumbnail out of that and not of the original image of the article to be thumbnailed. I tried to push the social bookmarks at the bottom of the article to see it readlesstext was not deceived but it did not help. I've asked the provider of the other a potential solution.

Pity because yours is a very nice piece of code. I want to use this !! Suggestions
Reviews: 4
Thanks to upgrade this plugin to joomla 1.7 version. Now i'm not doubt to use joomla 1.7 to my new website.
Reviews: 106
The original beta version of read less text for joomla 1.7 had quite a few bugs in it which one by one the bugs were fixed. They were very quick to response to my messages for help and helped me with a customization of my blog display. Now the extension is working just fine as it should. If your like me and want a extension that makes article blog display only a limited amount of text and resize the first thumbnail of an article, then this is the right extension for you. Thanks for your hard efforts!
Reviews: 1
I found this extension really usefull. I use it to create blog pages showing just one image per article and no text.
However I found two not-so-little problems:
there's no way to choose the preview image; it takes the first one. So if you don't want to show the first one or the first is, for exemple, a 16x16px icon the only thing to do is pick an hack and put an hidden image (via css display:none) in the beginning of the article -not so good-.
Second problem is that it's impossible to disable radless for a certain category/menù item. The only way is to select the articles id by id, and it is a really not-so-good thing.
I sent a mail whith these two points to the developer and received no answer.

To sum it up this is a really helpful extension, that does something joomla should do by default; but has some flaws that could make you uninstall it, and reading previous reviews I thougt the developer would have been more responsive.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your just review.

Tempus fugit, but reasons don't make for an excuse. I'm sorry for not being more responsive.

On the bright side, the just released v3.0 addresses the two major annoyances you report, and more. I hope you can give it a try, and that you find the improvements useful.


Reviews: 6
This is the best ever plugin that I used. Thanks millions to the developer. I'm trying to upgrade to 1.6, but I can't upgrade without having this plugin. So, I'm waiting for the 1.6 version of Readless. Cheers! to Parvus!
Owner's reply

You make me blush!

This plugin will definitely be updated for J1.6 (work in progress...), but unfortunately bug #24340 of the Joomla! 1.6 core prevents a correct usage of a lot of functionality - all content plugins which allow customization based on id and section id of each article are affected.
J1.6 compliance will be announced soon after that bug has been resolved.

Thank you for using this small plugin,

Reviews: 1
Very good idea!
A "must have" in all my website since now on!
Reviews: 1
This one works for me! And it also show thumbnails in front page. Thank you very much.
Reviews: 2
I tried various extensions to help me layout the content on my homepage in a more compact and clean way. This was the only that really worked. It's helped me to:

1. Have a homepage image that is resized smaller so loads faster.
2. Have a homepage image that auto links to the article itself.
3. Allow the image to have borders/margins/padding, etc.
4. Define how much text to show on the homepage before a READ MORE button is shown.
5. Ability to style the READ MORE text (or what ever text/image you want to show.)

The developer is also relatively responsive. You can submit bugs and such and he'll get to them eventually. There is an existing bug regarding how text is cut off in articles, and he's created a fix for it after the issue was raised.

Owner's reply

Thank you!
The bug you mentioned has been resolved in 2.5b

Reviews: 1
Great piece of software, and very kind developer. Being a noob, I've got some further information by email, now published under his acknowledgement for everyone's good:

I will try to explain some settings of "read less". You do know that all settings have a tooltip (hover over them) that should explain a bit?

- By default, "read less" will retain existing "read more" tags. You can control that behavior with the setting "Retain existing Read More Text" under "Advanced Parameters" while configuring "read less".
- If you set "Shortened Article Length" to 200, "read less" will - when allowed to run - shorten articles to 200 chars. That may become a bit longer, if you instruct "read less" to finish an ongoing word with the setting "Cut Off At Word Boundary".
- The setting "Minimum Article Length" determines when "read less" is allowed to change the content: only when the article is longer than that many characters. If you set it to 0, it will scan all articles. If you set it to 250, it will only shorten articles longer than 250 characters to 200 characters: when set this way, articles that are nearly finished will be shown in full length - a "read more" link only to reveal 30 extra characters can sometimes be a bit silly.
- The settings "Active On Front Page" and "Active On Blog Page" control the type of pages on which "read less" may check and shorten articles. Most like to shorten the articles on the homepage (a.k.a. frontpage), maybe you also want to have it shortened when showing multiple articles on a blog page.

There are a lot of options that change the way "read less" works, but hopefully you won't need to set them all! Usually, the default settings already give a reasonable effect.

I hope this make things a bit more clear.
If you have more questions or if things remain fuzzy, don't hesitate to ask.
Reviews: 1
This is the best plugin I have found to summarise the articles. Very easy to install an set up. I doesn't create any conflict with other plugins an extensions.I works very well with shadowboxes and animations with no problem at all. THANKS A LOT !!!!
Reviews: 2
This extensions name is misleading. I almost skipped this extension because of it's name. Read less is excellent piece of code. It made my site look beautiful. All sizes of titles, intro texts and images are the same, so every block is perfectly aligned. This is brilliant.
Owner's reply

And I thought I was being clever by picking that name. Well, there am I, standing corrected. ;-) Thank you for the kind review!

Reviews: 1
This is one of the most comprehensive extensions I have seen! You have accounted for situations I hadn't even considered until I saw the plugin configuration!

I have a probably unusual scenario. I am hoping I can always display the Read More link, regardless of whether the 'Shortened Article Length' is reached? My users will need to click a Read More link in order to view the comments.

Thanks :)
Owner's reply

Thank you for the kind review.
Your scenario indeed looks unusual to me. Contact me via email (my email is inside the xml file if you unzip the installer) or via the support form. Then I'll help you further.

Reviews: 6
This plugin is nearly perfect. It does more than what is written in its description. It does miracles with nasty classic blog layout.
Thank God, I found it! :)
Reviews: 97
This plugin works fine. I am glad to see the latest version added the feature to respect the existing Readmore link.

I met a problem when using this, and the author gave me instant and detailed instructions to solve that, which is my fault NOT a bug of this plugin.

Thanks to the author.
Reviews: 1
I needed to truncate my blog view intro text to tidy up the page layout. This does it brilliantly.

I did seek support regarding the way that section and category descriptions were getting cut off too, and received quick and helpful support (put "0" as a disallowed id to stop it happening).

I have also found the disallowed tags feature helpful to keep the blog view uniform and tidy.

Thanks very much!
Reviews: 1
this is one of the plugins that i was lloking for...thanks a lot ...for ur contribute
Reviews: 6
This is very promising but. . .

After installing I get a php error on a category blogview:

Notice: Undefined variable: string in /home/xxx/public_html/plugins/content/readless.php on line 114

The thumbnails are also not resizing but most likely due to the error above.


Owner's reply

Thank you for your remarks.
- The php warnings will be fixed in v2.1
- It is best if you post a ticket in the forum about your thumbnail problem.

Reviews: 17
Thank you for providing your work to the community. You have done a great job enhancing a dormant project.

I think you could improve the effect of your plugin by adding an append to end option. It would be nice if there was "..." added to the end of the output text. It would also be nice if it was a user defined field in the parameters so that a user could link to a custom graphic or just add ">>>" "..." for example.

The only other thing that is a pain with this method of formating is the image handling. It would be great if there were some method of cropping images in order to create a uniform blog intro image. This is probably not in the scope of your project but it would be the icing on the cake to find a solution.

I use a combination of two plugins to do what your plugin is doing, I will be using yours as part of my standard deployment build from now on.

Thank you
Owner's reply

> an append to end option
You can already do just that. Just fill in the html code you want to have appended in the field "Registered Read More Text"

> some method of cropping images
In the advanced section you can set options to a.o. resize the image. Cropping however, is not possible.

If you feel features are lacking, don't hesitate to ask what you want in the forum. Just click on the support button above. It may or may not get included.

Reviews: 1
This extension is awesome.
Saving a lot of time.
Thanks for this extension,i think joomla need this by default.
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