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Masters Auto Read More Plugin

Stop manually inserting "Read More" links and save time!

-Automatically determines "Read More..." link location (after the first paragraph and/or a set number of characters).
-Optionally displays a linked image to the article. A thumbnail is generated that can be resized or cropped.
-You decide which pages to automate (categories, articles, menu item types and components.).
-3rd party support for K2, FJ Related and EasyBlog (beta).

Check out the demo to see the full functionality

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Reviews: 4
This is a great plugin. It works right a way.

I had an issue with a component/plugin (JComments) - which dissappeared from the frontpage, so the link to place a comment was not there. I emailed support, Chris answered very quick and suggested to place Masters Read more before the Jcomments plugin in the plugin manager. After I did this, the comments button reappeared and everything works like a charm.

Thank you Chris for creating a great plugin for not a lot of money :)

Kind regards, Natasja
Reviews: 4
This is exactly what our site needed, a way to condense down the massive articles into visually pleasing and digestible intro text with read more links and article images. Not only does it bring the exact functionality that we needed to the table, but it also makes it SUPER EASY to use CSS to style everything so that it matches our site. The outstanding performance doesn't end with the software. When we needed a plugin to add extra functionality to our site, Chris whipped it up for us in less than an hour for a very affordable fee. If there were a such thing as a six-star rating, I'd click it twice.
Reviews: 4
I used the component for multilingual site. Easy to set up and works excellent. The support is also great. Thank you.
Reviews: 9
Loved it! this extension has saved me a lot of time and labor. Easy to use and configure. I recommend.
Reviews: 3
With this plugin you can make your category item listings look really neat. I just recently upgraded a Joomla website with hundreds of articles. After installing this plugin and setting the thumbnail options and a few other parameters the category items looked really good. Simple, quick and easy. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent plugin, it does exactly what I wanted, which is display my artwork (articles) in a user friendly manner. I originally had one or two problems with the setup, not the plugins fault, mine, but I contacted Chris and he answered me very quickly with the solution I needed to get everything sorted out. A great plugin and excellent support.
Reviews: 2
I have mixed feelings about this plugin. On the one hand I helped the dev a lot when he was developing it sending him a ton of feedback having all my suggestions worked in really quickly. But when I purchased this extension several months later i found out it does not support crop to scale (set exact image dimensions, scale by one side and crop the other) and never got any support from the dev. He was just too busy (tried twice over about 5 months) to help. So if you are 100% sure this already does all you need than go for it, otherwise Read Less – Text or similar plugin might be a much better (and free) alternative. Cannot really recommend this one.
Owner's reply

As pethr has suggested, I do recommend you read the documentation and take a test run of the amazing demo I have setup prior to your purchase. If I have not provided enough information to ease your mind then you can always ask me a question and I will respond with an honest answer to help you decide whether this plugin is right for you.

It is true, pethr has requested various features since I first released this plugin and I have implemented most of these changes, I am very grateful for the suggestions pethr has provided. pethr has repeatedly complimented my progress with the plugin and even thanked me for a "nice" plugin after purchasing. pethr then requested a crop to scale feature that was not currently part of the plugin. pethr admitted "I should have tested it first". I'm not sure how this is my fault.

I simply have not had the time to complete the research and testing to implement this feature. My support does not include adding features on demand. I try my best to add new features in a timely manner but sometimes this is not possible. The terms and conditions on my website clearly state that support does not include custom modifications. Support includes answers to general questions, fixing bugs and helping a user setup the plugin when needed. I have provided friendly support to over 600 happy customers.

For the record, I have been researching the best way to enhance the current cropping feature. I will be adding it to the plugin when I believe it is ready for the general public. I hope you will reconsider your review when I have implemented the change.

Reviews: 2
This is a sweet plugin. You can get some global control over the "Read More" function in very tasty ways. Lots for little tweaks you can do for customization. Chris Master has been great with helping with some tweaks I need. Totally recommended.
Reviews: 10
After migrating a blog from Wordpress to Joomla, throught k2 content, I wanted a plugin able to get all my first image in every single article and make it a thumbnail in category view. It took Chris 15 minutes to answer one last question by mail, 2 minutes to download the plugin and 10 to make it work as I wanted. Half an hour to make my blog look good instead of days if I had to do it one article at a time.
Very powerful plugin, easy to install and configure (just be careful to enter parameters compatible with your k2 parameters) ans very nice support. Thanks Chris !
Plugin strongly recommended, I think I'll use it on all my k2 blog now !
Reviews: 11
I have to admit that this is another great plugin and even better support.

Masters is fast in responding and very friendly! I am impressed. Ran into a conflict, and though I got it worked out, he was FAST and FRIENDLY to respond and wanted to help figure out what was going on.

This is a MUST for any site that wants to control the size of the intro text. I recommend this plugin 100%. You can see an example of it working here: It works perfect!
Reviews: 1
I purchased this plugin and installed it on my site and it worked great pretty much instantly after i configured it the way i wanted. Initially for some reason it wasn't displaying the blog layout the way i wanted it and I couldn't figure it out. I emailed Masters Web Solutions and they promptly responded and gave me all the assistance i needed. Apparently, my template had an inbuilt override that was causing the problem. They even went further to solve some bugs on my site that i didn't know of. They also gave me some tips on optimizing my website.

This company and product is worth supporting. Do purchase this plugin it, will be a great addition to your web project.
Reviews: 1
The plug in functionality is excellent. My sites relies on the FJ related component for linking articles via keywords in a blog layout and this plug in cracked it now I have auto read-more everywhere! All thanks to the EXCELLENT support I would need to ask joomla to add an extra star to the ratings (perhaps 2) because this one deserves them.
Reviews: 2
If you are looking for a Auto Readmore function, this is it!

All the functions you need are right there. The new Crop function is awesome!

I needed some help after moving a site to another domain and Chris were there to guide me all the way through.

It feels really safe to use this plugin when you know the developer is right there if you need help with something.

Reviews: 3
Great plugin and excellent technical support.
Recently I've reported on the forum a problem that was solved quickly.
I recommend it to everyone.
Reviews: 2
Excellent support with perfect pluginn.

Joomla must be add like a core pluginn to j2.5
Reviews: 1
Installed on joomla 1.7 and it's working great. Easy to install and configure. The plug-in has helpful configuration choices so I could get it working just as I wanted it to. And the couple of questions I had were answered within an hour by the developer. A+ Rating on this one!!
Reviews: 3
The only one "auto read more" plug in on J 1.7.

Why not putting a box to input thumbs size instead of a CSS ?

Some problems to display intro text when the first image is between .

Need a bit of work. But thanx U
Owner's reply

If you were having trouble displaying intro text, I have a support forum where you can post your concerns which is a more appropriate place. I also have an email address on my website where you can contact me directly. I am more than willing to help if your article's are not displaying properly.

The display problems you are referring to have been corrected in the newest version 4.2.0. If you are having another problem, I can't fix it if I don't know what your problem is. There are also many settings that must be set properly and there is no way for me to know if you have your menu/article options setup properly. Please report this problem in the support forum or email me directly.

The reason why I added a CSS class for the image is because it is the proper way to style an image. You want to separate content from style whenever possible. That is the whole purpose behind having a separate CSS file. By adding "inline styling", which is what you're asking for, you can increase the size of your webpage. Especially if you have multiple articles on one page.

I can easily add an option to add style elements directly as you suggest. Again, I have a support forum that contains a section for feature requests which would be a more appropriate place for this suggestion. The next release will have this as an option.

Reviews: 4
Excellent plugin. Something that is really needed. Allows you to shorten the intro text (set character length) in all (or specified) categories and resize images too. Great support as well. Had a tiny issue which the developer fixed rapidly.
Reviews: 3
This very good workflow for readmore plugins.
However it's not in Joomla 1.5 ! :-(
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review... I haven't worked with 1.5 in a while but I'll see if I can create a version that works with 1.5 for you. The 1.6 and 1.7 versions are getting better by the day!