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Tabs & Sliders [for articles] Popular Plugin

Tabs & Sliders [for articles] makes adding tabs or sliders (accordions) inside your content a piece of cake. Using a simple syntax you can easily organize your content in tabs or sliders making it better stand out and easier to navigate: for example, organizing your long product descriptions in tabs improves the readability of your product pages, which means more happy customers!

The plugin already comes with 2 pre-built template layouts and using MVC overrides you can create your own by simply copying one of the pre-built and modifying the HTML and/or CSS.

You can use the plugin's tags in any component, module or plugin that supports 'content plugin' parsing. Aside the default Joomla! article system, you can use for example the plugin in the popular K2 content extension, in Virtuemart, inside the 'Custom HTML' module etc.

See screenshots of the 2 pre-built template layouts here in the plugin's description page:

The plugin has been tested on all modern browsers, including IE7 or higher. It should degrade gracefully in IE6.

It's compatible with Joomla! version 1.5 to 2.5.

Joomla!'s Mootools is required as it's used by the plugin's extremely lightweight sliders script.

The plugin adds only a few KBs overall to your site.

It also uses the Joomla! API to attach 1 JS and 1 CSS file to the document . This means the plugin will have no problem being used in combination with other "performance" plugins which compress JS and/or CSS files on your site.

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Reviews: 2
I really don't know how much more support this extension needs. Tabs or Sliders both work well in J1.7 and 2.5 (tested in both).

Under K2 can even use Articles Anywhere to include articles with tabs inside slides on a 'parent article'. Tested in J1.7.

If you cannot get this to work..... hmnnn honestly (click the tabs sliders buttons on the bottom of your editor - really it is that easy).
Reviews: 4
Fabulous extension!! The only thing you should do is to give information on how to make it work directly on your website, on the same page we can download this fabulous extension.

For the moment you need to install it and then search for the plugin in your plugins on your joomla site and instructions are there... almost missed it.
Reviews: 4
This is one of the default extensions I install for every new Joomla project I start. It's so simple to use and always works, with no hassle. You get functional tabs and/or slides in your articles with a simple tag... brilliant.
Reviews: 1
Tried a couple of others and they just didn't work. Either didn't show up with correct CSS, or just didn't work. This one installed, enabled and made TABS right away! I can use this in all my Joomla installations! Thanks.
Reviews: 1
Great, it woks good! I was looking for this working tabs and at least I found it.
Reviews: 7
I haven't seen even one demo of this product. It's like the Tabs & Slides module and plugin is the red-headed step-child of JoomlaWorks. Their site has no documentation or examples of either product that I could find. It installed flawlessly, but that's the only thing I can actually say about it! The directions were poorly written (or perhaps just poorly translated into English) and make little-to-no sense. I've seen comments here about poor support - well good news! They've hidden the support section entirely and you can't view it at all anymore. So I can't say if anyone else has my problem, or could help me if they had, since I can't contact any other users. All in all, I will never recommend this product to anyone, and given the issues I'm having, I will probably avoid any JoomlaWorks products in the future.

Sad. From the description here it would have been perfect... if I could just see it... or use it....
Owner's reply

This plugin will soon be part of a broader suite of extensions improving a site's user interface. It's really simple to use, but currently does not support J1.7. Instructions for J1.5 are written in plain English. And I think our English is just fine...

Reviews: 15
This is the plugin which is very simple to use and very effective way to increase the user interface. Divide your long articles into tabs or slides easily. The effect of sliding is also good.

Suggestions to Joomlaworks: In slides the "start" icons is by default, if they can provide more options for icons that will be great. I know it can be done from css, but not everyone out there knows css much.

Amit Patekar
Reviews: 1
I have used this plugin for years and it works great. It is an easy way to add functionality that would otherwise take much more time to hand code custom tabs and sliders.
Reviews: 4
This extension gets no stars and 5 stars at the same time. What an amazing extension, it is exactly what I needed and what a bonus it was free because I would have paid money for it.

BUT... I have one minor problem in that it is conflicting with my front page slideshow (from Joomla Bamboo)and there appears to be ZERO support for it. Someone else on their forum had the same problem in April 2009 and they're still waiting for an answer!!

Unbelievably disappointed because now I agree with the other reviews about lack of support, I was hoping I wouldn't have the same issues...
Reviews: 4
This is exactly what I was looking for. Worked first time - especially when following the directions!
Reviews: 1
The plugin does not work in all browsers, there are many topics about this problem in the "support" forum being there for years and not solved yet, the support is...missing! So I'd say this plugin sucks very bad. Try it yourself
Reviews: 5
Tabs & Slides is a quick way to take very long content and make it much more presentable. The way Tabs & Slides are implemented with tags in the content allows you focus on the content and then split it accordingly.
Reviews: 2
I have no qualms about this particular extension. I use it on a number of my sites and will still recommend it to anyone requiring a simple to use extension to help manage their content presentation.

My problem is that this plugin has been failing to work when I upgraded my site to 1.15.17 from an earlier version. The articles in which it is called simply do not load you only see the heading but the body of the article is gone. I am not sure if this is a problem with the plugin or with the joomla core.

I trust this will not be taken in bad light, but any help would do.

Thanks joomlaworks for a great extension
Reviews: 8
I'm still relatively new to joomla. That being said, I just couldn't get any response from support on the forums. Had an issue with css. Template left column keeps dropping down below the content section. I know it's probably an experience user would knock out in a minute or less. Don't count on support.
Reviews: 1
I wanted some flash for my frontpage and tried a few different extensions both paid and free. This one worked the best for me.

Between the way the extension handled the pictures, dropboxes for the links and easy sizing of the box it was a breeze to throw up on the frontpage. Best of all, it all comes together so easily, a new set of featured stories can be changed in minutes.

If I were to have a wishlist for the next upgrade; picking the fonts and rollover colors for the headlines through the interface would be perfect. Also an autosizing feature for the boxes hieght would be a great next time.

But this extension makes my website look as flashy as the expensive news sites for little cost!
Reviews: 1
I like how easy the interface works and in the most basic sense this plugin WORKS, and works well. That said, I had some issues:
1. It's not possible to nest tabs (bad I know, but the design called for it)
2. This does NOT degrade well, turn off CSS and/or JS and everything's crazy. This is due to the fact that the markup isn't done like most tab systems (ul link list, divs below with anchors), but with the tab "links" and content interspersed. This isn't a problem with a simple layout, but with my layout, everything breaks with styles off. In any case if it had been done correctly it wouldn't be an issue.
3.The style/js issues plus the fact that there are links with NO targets makes it an accessibility nightmare. Used it on a project only to find out too late that it's not adequate.

Thanks for the plugin, frustrating that it has these flaws however
Reviews: 2
It works and it looks nice but if you have error reporting on you probably won't like this since one has to turn error reporting off for this plugin to cover some sloppy code (use of sometimes undefined indexes & vars).

Error reporting is advised to be off by Joomla installation but some of us find it useful to be on.

So if you have error reporting off don't mind this comment, but to the authors of the plugin, it would be nice if you fixed this.
Reviews: 1
It is great!
But I still want to make the first slide to be allways expanded,but I don't know how to make it.
If it can do this,it will be better!

Sorry for my poor English~!~
Reviews: 8
It took me a bit to figure it out at first, but once I did it was so terrific!

Thanks for the great extension. It is exactly what I needed.
Reviews: 3
While I don't want to diss a free extension this has some notable quirks. If you use it simply it is fine or if you are advanced and don't mind trouble shooting and modifying the code it too is fine but in between you may find yourself a little frustrated. For example you have to have at least one blank char/line before any of the controls. You also need to turn php error reporting off otherwise you get a string of php NOTICE errors. All manageable but not for the faint of heart.
However I will say that the support forum is good so eventually I got things figured out.
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