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Tabs & Sliders [for articles] Popular Plugin

Tabs & Sliders [for articles] makes adding tabs or sliders (accordions) inside your content a piece of cake. Using a simple syntax you can easily organize your content in tabs or sliders making it better stand out and easier to navigate: for example, organizing your long product descriptions in tabs improves the readability of your product pages, which means more happy customers!

The plugin already comes with 2 pre-built template layouts and using MVC overrides you can create your own by simply copying one of the pre-built and modifying the HTML and/or CSS.

You can use the plugin's tags in any component, module or plugin that supports 'content plugin' parsing. Aside the default Joomla! article system, you can use for example the plugin in the popular K2 content extension, in Virtuemart, inside the 'Custom HTML' module etc.

See screenshots of the 2 pre-built template layouts here in the plugin's description page:

The plugin has been tested on all modern browsers, including IE7 or higher. It should degrade gracefully in IE6.

It's compatible with Joomla! version 1.5 to 2.5.

Joomla!'s Mootools is required as it's used by the plugin's extremely lightweight sliders script.

The plugin adds only a few KBs overall to your site.

It also uses the Joomla! API to attach 1 JS and 1 CSS file to the document . This means the plugin will have no problem being used in combination with other "performance" plugins which compress JS and/or CSS files on your site.

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Reviews: 3
I think it's a great job you did with this extension, it loads quickly and it does what is sais it does.

I worked a little on .css, making the titles align center (on slides) and content align left. I would also get rid of the yellow star in the left, doesn't look very proffessional.

All the best (pardon my bad English)!
Reviews: 4
installs smoothly..reduces the overhead of arranging the content in the articles..faced some problems while adding from the WYSIWUG editor.took the content from the notepad and pasted in the worked like charm!!thanks for the extension
Reviews: 4
Easy to use tab & slide solution to enrich your articles...strongly recommended for those looking for a tab&slide solution...
thanks to developers too...
Reviews: 1
It's a very good done plugin, but I encountered one problem. It doesn't see divs and imgs. I mean I want to put in a tab a div with text on the left and another one with an image that is taller than a text on the right. So, plugin sets his lower line just after the text, and an image (either in div or not) is partually outside the tab.
But using tables helps.
Reviews: 2
Works smooth. Just install, activate, set the content required to be on tabs, adjust CSS for tab titles and you're done!
Thanks for this time-saving stuff.
Reviews: 7
This plugin is seriously easy, cross compatible, well, works fine in FF3 and IE7, is there other browsers on the market? :)

Good job JoomlaWorks
Reviews: 106
Don't listen to them! There's a thing called testing before using it for long term use, anyways this is a wonderful extension! Very Well thought up of! Congrats! And Thanks for creating this! Cheers Josh Lewis.
Reviews: 2
Reading all the comments below please understand that most of them are writen by the company themselves. The only good one I've found is from emphyrio and he is completely right.

This plugin looks ok but it gives many troubles. It changes on different browsers and indeed does funny things you don't want it to do.

The support is also crap! They do anwser questions on their forum but only the simple ones. Others are left for dead.

If you design stable company websites don't use this plugin. Maybe when you... Naahhh just look for something better and skip this one!

Positive: I like their rotating banners they are nice!

Reviews: 1
Really this component saves hours of work split the large articles or content. To my unfortunate I lately identified this component. Still I use this in my future requirements. Excellent job for tabs functionality. May be adding an option of setting the width of tab could be more useful. Actually I tried to split a huge list of words . When did each tab was appeared in half of the content area available and the remaining was showing empty after the ab border. If possible developer can look into this.

Anyway thanks for the great extension!. Five Stars!!!.
Reviews: 1
I've found it a nice extension due to its simplicity and easy of use. Although I would say it lacks some documentation to make it simpler to adapt css the way we want.
Keep up with the good work.
Reviews: 2
This was a great addition to my site. I felt like I should offer praise for this addon because I use it so much. With simple syntax in the article, you can easily add slides and tabs. My boss loves that I can hide alot of the boring tables and specs on our site and focus on the cool stuff. Very professional looking. Keep up the great work, I wish I could give more than 5 stars.
Reviews: 1
So easy!!, this extension is great. Easy to use and fast. I've tested in my website with Firefox, IE7 and..... it worked also in IE6!!!!. The best is that it comes with an .css file so, so easy to change. So in half an hour I changed all the style, colors, images. Great!!! Congratulations to the developers.
I only have one problem: after publising the plugin, it was written an error in the upper part of the content area (but the plugin worked good!). I solved this by including the following code in line 15 in file jwts.php
Code: error_reporting(0);

(cheers and sorry for my bad english)
Reviews: 6
I found this plugin to be a good addition to my site. It works well once you have figured out it's quirks.

Only use plain text when pasting into your editor when using it, and don't try to use the headings etc hat are pre formated for your template, if you want to dress up text just use the paragraph text option and then use bold, colours etc.
This should save you a bit of hassle with browser compatibility, and display errors.

Otherwise works great,thanks for an elegant way to display content.
Reviews: 1
Simply fantastic, easy and works great.
Thanks a lot guys.
Reviews: 2
I've had experience with this plugin for over a year now on one of my sites. At first look it's okay, but this plugin is very picky on how the HTML is constructed. Since support on the Joomlaworks forums is non-existent, it's hard to find a solution for any problem you encounter. Some problems I encountered:

- Proper display of tabs and slides differs between browsers and browser versions.
- And depends also on the particular template you're using.
- Some of the slides open only half way for some users: I'm not sure why.
- I still haven't found the right way to make all tabs the same 100% width.

Basically my advice would be: try it, it's free! Make sure you test it in all different browsers. Don't hope for any support if you want to customize.
Reviews: 6
I spent ages trying to work out how another module/plugin combination was coded into the page. It is very sophisticated and totally fantastic but it was completely beyond me and I am no novice. I gave up with it.

This was to replace another extension that was easy to code but IE7 would not work with - another "IE cannot open this website - operation aborted".

I come back to Joomlaworks again and again! - I have used lots of their extensions both paid for and free. I
I have never ever been let down. That is a lot to say but it is true with me.
The coding for this plugin is so so easy and it just works - God Bless Joomlaworks - it works
Reviews: 5
This is just what i have been looking for, thank you so much!
So easy to use, and very clear instructions writen in the plugin itself, i like that.
Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
This plugin help us so much to put a lot of information in a few space. Very easy to install and customize. Congratulations!
Reviews: 6
Just implemented this on a site for the purpose of making for a cleaner look on a very long content page. This was exactly what I needed. Tried both tabs and slides and both worked great. Ended up using the slides. Made some CSS changes and was ready to go! Thanks!
Reviews: 11
I was looking for an easy-to-implement 'tab' system; tried another but couldn't get past first base. Figured that I would try 'Tabs & Slides' and it is EXACTLY what I needed! And the Slides were a bonus! Now I can nest Slides inside of Tabs or vise versa or any combination of the two. Makes for tremendous flexibility of any content. A snap to install and to use! Too cool! Too easy! And works just fine in IE 6! :) Highly recommended!
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