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Tabs & Sliders [for articles] Popular Plugin

Tabs & Sliders [for articles] makes adding tabs or sliders (accordions) inside your content a piece of cake. Using a simple syntax you can easily organize your content in tabs or sliders making it better stand out and easier to navigate: for example, organizing your long product descriptions in tabs improves the readability of your product pages, which means more happy customers!

The plugin already comes with 2 pre-built template layouts and using MVC overrides you can create your own by simply copying one of the pre-built and modifying the HTML and/or CSS.

You can use the plugin's tags in any component, module or plugin that supports 'content plugin' parsing. Aside the default Joomla! article system, you can use for example the plugin in the popular K2 content extension, in Virtuemart, inside the 'Custom HTML' module etc.

See screenshots of the 2 pre-built template layouts here in the plugin's description page:

The plugin has been tested on all modern browsers, including IE7 or higher. It should degrade gracefully in IE6.

It's compatible with Joomla! version 1.5 to 2.5.

Joomla!'s Mootools is required as it's used by the plugin's extremely lightweight sliders script.

The plugin adds only a few KBs overall to your site.

It also uses the Joomla! API to attach 1 JS and 1 CSS file to the document . This means the plugin will have no problem being used in combination with other "performance" plugins which compress JS and/or CSS files on your site.

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Reviews: 7
Nice program with plenty of applications that works flawlessly in Internet Explorer. Strangely, Firefox refuses to recognize this bot when run in a substantive number of templates, especially those with javascript includes. The moving "moshowhead" tip works for some, not for others. Remember to check yours in Firefox as part of your testing process.
Reviews: 1
If this plugin does not work for you, check that your register glbals are set to off.

Great plugin, as are all of his addons, thnx for sharing
Reviews: 23
I realy thought this was it, and sure on the demo site it looks awesome.
But if you have a fully packed website with over 20/30 components the chances are it won't work.

The tab is completely dead and doesnt show anything. The slider shows (the image STAR) but doesn't open and naturaly then the text doesn't show.

I did reported this to the author,he replied with the suggestion to put the mosShowHead() just before the closing head tag, just in case, but that didnt help.

So i can only say that if you have a lot installed/used on your site then forget about using it. It will conflict with other included scripts.
Owner's reply

Most of the times, the problem is actually caused by the template. Most template providers prefer nowadays to flood their creations with js scripts that display some nice effects. But these effects can often interfere with other js scripts, like the ones used in this specific plugin.

So yes, moving the mosShowHead code lower than every js include in the template, usually does the job. But not always as it seems in your case, when as you say you have 20-30 extensions (!) loaded. I guess that maximizes possibilities of js conflict! ;)

Reviews: 4
so far I'm loving these tabs. I'm on a mac and work perfectly fine in safari and firefox. Haven't checked on IE yet or a PC for that matter.

So for now...excellent
Reviews: 1
Hi, as you can see at the demo site ( ) the plugin works really fine with IE, FF and Opera!
When I am working a plugin, i do it first with FireFox!!!
Please provide a link to see your problem!
Are you sure that is not a problem of your template?
With the default template you have the same problem?

Thanx for using it! ;-)
Reviews: 1
The new version looks great ! Unfortunately can only get it to work on IE - won't work on Firefox (dunno about other browsers such as Opera)

Hope you'll solve this problem as this is something I really want with my site (using 1.0 at the moment)

Great work on the slides by the way, top notch !
Reviews: 1
When i use this and follow the instructions to the letter, all that shows up is the

{tab=first tab}

line between each group of content.

Its as if it is just not recognizing those commands.

The mambot is on and everything. I spent 45 min double checking everything which isnt much to check on. All you need is the Mambot on and to use the tags in the right spots.

Could it be my Editor? I am using the XHTML Suite

There is no tech support at all that i have found. I looked for a forums but their site is terrible and has no avenues to get help that i have found. I know its free but its easy to just put up a forum so at least other people can help out.

Maybe ill write better review if i get it working
Reviews: 12
Outstanding work. This type of capability ought to be in the core Joomla. Though, where is the support forum? My MP3 file is playing super sonic speed, and I can't figure out how to slow it down to normal speed.
Reviews: 2
I wish this mambot had been around about 2 years ago! I will for sure be using this in my next round of publishing archaeology field schools on my site . When I first tried to advertise my first round of field schools I wanted a tabbed layout just like this bot offers. I tried to use the tabs in Community Builder, but it was to labor intensive for what I wanted to accomplish. This bot though is a perfect visualization of what I was looking for.

Be sue to use the example content code the author includes which you see after you have installed the bot. It made the entire concept perfectly clear.


R. Joe
Reviews: 5
I said to myself, "I need a tab component that works inside Joomla content items". So I did a quick search and 5 minutes later had this component downloaded, installed, and working perfectly. Couldn't be simpler!

I work primarily in Firefox and have not noticed any issues as a previous reviewer did. So there may be a bug or two but I'm guessing most people won't have any problem at all.

I love it when I have a functionality need and somebody already has posted an extension that does just what I need. This one definitely fits the bill. (5 stars!)
Reviews: 1
After looking for a photo gallery I settled on this mod (also using dynamicImage) .... simple and yes it works without bugs .... none that i know of anyway. All my images are actually in one item, but I can have different categories .... Wished they were all as simple as this.
Reviews: 6
The Idea is great, and it looks like there is something that could get part of Joomla. But the Quality and the look, as well as the handling have to be developed a little more.
Reviews: 1
I'm building large site for a client who sells many industrial products. My menu structure was slowly becoming nastier with every new product group and item added. This little plugin instantly solved the issue of how to present product sub categories on a single page. I love it. Simple to use and with a very professional look!
Reviews: 2
I have been struggling to get tabbed information on my site and have invested time and money into the Showcase component that $99 and doesn't really work properly. Don't bother - this is great - free - simple. Love it.
Reviews: 1
The extension is IE. When i try it in firefox i have some weird bug with the width of the content inside tab-table.

The entire tab-table is much tinner then in IE. But not always, it does that not on all tabs. Page 2 in the Welcometab for example is normal like it should be...When i switch to page 1 the width is 50%. I also have this with articles.

And i heard from a friend that when you switch from an tabbed article to the frontpage with tabbed content you need to press a tablink first before it shows the content.

Hope you'll fix this soon because i realy, realy like the system...
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a way to make my products page fit and look mor organized. The split in the contents once the page had three items on it made it difficult to read. Not only did this solve my problem but it allowed me to add the product specifications in an easy to access format. Keep up the good work. Simple, clean, and elegant extensions such as this are a fantastic benefit to any serious business based website.
Reviews: 5
As for now the plugin is great but not mature yet.

For me the plugin conflicts with CB 1.0 destroying the tabs in the user profile using the WebFX Skin for the user profile.

I would really love to see that great plugin mature!
Until then I would wait with install;)

Keep up the great work!!
Owner's reply

JS scripts conflict all the time. To create something "universal" is most of the times nearly impossible. The bottom line is, does it work? Does it create tabs and slides easily? And the answer is yes.

Reviews: 1
Great addition to the site - works perfectly and couldn't be easier to use!

One request though - would it be possible to have an option to have the tabs centered on the page??

Cheers for a genuinly useful addition.
Reviews: 2
Thank you very much. Much 'smarter' appearance of articles. When editing existing articles that use {mospagebreak} don't forget that the tab replaces mospagebreak rather than in addition. I like the border round the articles too.

Reviews: 1
Great plugin! What I would really like to see, however, is tabbed articles (i.e. instead of tabs within a single article have each article on it's own tab). I'm going take at look at your plugin and see what I can figure out from there. Thank you for this plugin, it'll really help a lot!
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