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Tabs & Sliders [for articles] makes adding tabs or sliders (accordions) inside your content a piece of cake. Using a simple syntax you can easily organize your content in tabs or sliders making it better stand out and easier to navigate: for example, organizing your long product descriptions in tabs improves the readability of your product pages, which means more happy customers!

The plugin already comes with 2 pre-built template layouts and using MVC overrides you can create your own by simply copying one of the pre-built and modifying the HTML and/or CSS.

You can use the plugin's tags in any component, module or plugin that supports 'content plugin' parsing. Aside the default Joomla! article system, you can use for example the plugin in the popular K2 content extension, in Virtuemart, inside the 'Custom HTML' module etc.

See screenshots of the 2 pre-built template layouts here in the plugin's description page:

The plugin has been tested on all modern browsers, including IE7 or higher. It should degrade gracefully in IE6.

It's compatible with Joomla! version 1.5 to 2.5.

Joomla!'s Mootools is required as it's used by the plugin's extremely lightweight sliders script.

The plugin adds only a few KBs overall to your site.

It also uses the Joomla! API to attach 1 JS and 1 CSS file to the document . This means the plugin will have no problem being used in combination with other "performance" plugins which compress JS and/or CSS files on your site.

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Reviews: 52
This is another one of those "should be included" in Joomla products. Thanks guys!
Reviews: 1
Fantastic his plugins and modules!!
I have started to apply it on the web page of the high school
ÿTabs In Content Items: Very good to organize the information of secretary's office towards the students.
Reviews: 2
I'm not all that "savvy" with a lot of Joomla! stuff, but this little extension was a breeze to work out! Kudos to the developers!
Reviews: 4
Your plugins and modules are good examples of quality oriented programming for Joomla! and we all have to learn from you.

Keep up the good work.

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