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Tabs - make content tabs.

With Tabs you can make content tabs anywhere in Joomla!

The syntax simply looks like:
{tab Tab Title 1}
Your text...
{tab Tab Title 2}
Your text...

To make links to certain tabs in your page, you can use Tab Links, like:
{tablink Tab Title 2}Link text{/tablink}

And many more cool features :)

Also take a look at Sliders to make content sliders:

More information:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

For support use the forum:
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Reviews: 9
You can work with this tabs with closed eyes. Simple and huge extension!
Reviews: 2
A very simple to use component some some powerful features. It just works.

The only time it didn't work was when I was using an old (2 years old) version of Tabber, and loaded another component which installed the latest version of the nonumber framework. The the same version works across multiple Joomla major versions though, so thumbs up for overall compatibility. It's done pretty good for 2 years. I have not installed the NoNumber extention manager, so those problems should be a thing of the past.
Reviews: 3
Most simple Plugin for showing contents in TABs. Quick and easy to install. And immediately running without any problem.
Hats off !!
Reviews: 8
Simple, easy to use and effective. For a free extension, you couldn't ask for more. Worth considering the commercial version, which expands the great free extension for a small price.
Reviews: 1
It's a very versatile tool, yet simple to use in articles, modules, forms, etc.

The responsive layout works great and the support is excellent!
Reviews: 4
I use this product everywhere (articles, forms, components). Easy to install (particularly with the NoNumber extension manager) and great support.
Reviews: 8
This makes Tabbing content within an article or module incredibly simple. Changing the CSS is also a breeze.

Nothing more to say, it's just awesome.
Reviews: 2
Works fine, i had aproblem getting the plug-in to work, and received support within 30 minutes. Well done
Reviews: 2
I had issues using this extension in a template that worked on WARP Framework. I submitted my issue to the developer and he came up with an instant solution, and the extension worked like it should. Love the extensions and the amazing support and quick response from the developer.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for tab support in virtuemart and bumped on this gem. Props for having a free version. The pro doesn't cost much and will buy it in the future to show support for the developer. Thanks again!
Reviews: 7
Did the job superbly, and easy too.
I will be using tabs and the slider more !!
Reviews: 15
I tried a couple of other tab extensions, with strange results. This was quick, easy, and awesome results. Thanks for the great work & public service.
Reviews: 1
Great extension. Does it job very well. HIghly configurable. Allows to compact informamation and make it easy to understand for end users. Fast and excellent support. Must have!
Reviews: 31
A very easy extension to use, but gives professional results!

I had a problem with '>' appearing above the tabs, but a quick post in the 'forum' and Peter had it solved within a few hours. Excellent!
Reviews: 4
There is no better plugin for the same functions! Awesome!
Reviews: 10
Very very very easy to set up and to use. The dev team has had a bright idea to choose a streamlined and universal design. Bravo !
Reviews: 2
Excellent product. Easy to install and has great customization capability. The support from Peter is exceptional. NoNumber extensions and support are among the best in Joomla community.
Reviews: 13
Easy to install and good documentation on web site. Used to setup book review page, with different sections for cover, details, contents, description. Makes look very professional without having to go to other web page to see different content. Also tab content changes are extremely responsive.
Reviews: 3
"Tabs" work very nicely. Simple user interface. I am using them inside Virtuemart product descriptions. The new release (Version 3.2.5) fixes an issue I had with the earlier release, and provides backward compatibility. I had one remaining concern about the behaviour of "tablinks" (linking to an existing tab from elsewhere in your content), but Peter (the owner) produced a fix and emailed it to me within 24 hours of drawing his attention to the problem! Superb support, and that was for the free version!
Reviews: 10
I use tabss (and also sliders) on all of my websites. It's so simple to use that it is a joy to work with. Also the support dedicated.
Sliders is a must have (like all of the extensions from Peter).

Thank you :-).
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