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Tabs - make content tabs.

With Tabs you can make content tabs anywhere in Joomla!

The syntax simply looks like:
{tab Tab Title 1}
Your text...
{tab Tab Title 2}
Your text...

To make links to certain tabs in your page, you can use Tab Links, like:
{tablink Tab Title 2}Link text{/tablink}

And many more cool features :)

Also take a look at Sliders to make content sliders:

More information:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

For support use the forum:
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Reviews: 17
This plugin work perfectly, you can even place any code inside!
Reviews: 2
It really does the job professionally & at the same time simply ... Just pay attention to strip any markups for the {tab=} code to avoid error in displaying in explorers as IE.
Reviews: 2
When i saw what this could do i almost came out of my seat. This is brilliant. It's easy to use and lets you make articles go sideways instead of down, down, down.

Thank you for making this.

(the Modules Anywhere widget is also fantastic)
Reviews: 1
this extension is so nice and useful and the most important works with virtuemart 2 very very easy.... thank you guys.
Reviews: 8
What a great extension!

Creating tabs is very simple.
After 10min. or so you know everything you need.

Some color schemes are built-in, you can easily create additional ones via CSS.

Tab titles can also be hyperlinks.

You can define which tab has the focus, when the page is first loaded. You can override that via the URL and define in the URL the tab to be in focus.

Have a look at the "Slider" extension by NoNumber which goes really well with this one.

Also have a look at the NoNumber extension manager, which will make your life even easier!
Reviews: 1
Very little, simple and fast but powerful plugin.
I am recommending this.
Reviews: 6
- Does what it says
- Enough options to customize
- Decent mootools effect settings (not too slow), though I tweaked it a bit. :-)
- Style happens to be very neutral and immediatly useable for my site!
- Has tablinks!!! Could've only hoped for that!
(=to be able to link direcly to a tab in a page).
- This is my choice for BETTER followup for a 1.7 Tabs & Sliders!
Reviews: 5
especially when it is so easy to use them.
I install Tabber to client who is totally new in using Joomla, and they use tabs without problems.
Wait for url for nested tabs.
Reviews: 4
I have some problems with my editor and version PHP. Problem fixed with a new version within a day. Thank you for your great work.
Reviews: 4
I installed this shortly after setting up my newest personal project site.... and then didn't use it for the longest, until I decided to put in a somewhat interactive feeling image gallery. At this point it occurred to me that tabs might make what I was seeing in my head possible.... and it worked! It took me a little bit to learn the syntax (and the documentation is fantastic as well.... much better than some extensions I have used) but once I figured that out, the extension did exactly what it was supposed to do, which rather pleased me. To see what I've done with it, you can see it at
Reviews: 1
The NoNumber! Tabber works as expected and the support is excellent. Got a problem fixed with a new version within a day.
Reviews: 6
Excellent extension! Very easy to use and I am making it a point to use it on all my extension. The best part of the feature is that all the tabs can be linked individually, which is lacking in some other extensions. However, the URL for the individual linking is not pretty. Wish the author will take note and do something :)

Thank you very much..
Owner's reply

Please contact me via my forum to explain what you mean...

Reviews: 101
The maintainer of this extension does well supporting it's users. I wanted a feature where the url changes when a user clicks a different tab, and sure enough they send me a custom version that suites my needs. The tabs look beautiful and allow for a few other different colors if needed. This is definitely a good tabbing system! Thanks for your support and good extension.
Reviews: 3
Not without reason extensions from Peter van Westen are one of the top-rated extension here.

Tabber works really fine - it is well thought and has a very "understandable" Documentation (for me). Perfect Support via eMail and simple Updates via NoNumer Extension manager.

But what i REALLY appreciate is, that you can try ALL NoNmber extensions FREE OF CHARGE without any limitations. And if you are satisfied just buy a license to support his great work ! Keep It on!
Reviews: 6
Thanks again for another wonderful extension. Convinient, well-thought, extremely useful. Easy to customize, easy to use. Comes with editor button. Excellent website - very simple, easy-to-understand and navigate. All at your fingertips, no searching for half an hour about 'how to use that thing'....

I'm extension developer as well, and NoNumber products are always an example for me...)
Reviews: 9
Installed, tab style selected and tabs were up and running in articles in 5 minutes. No problems whatsoever. An excellent piece of work from NoNumbers.
Reviews: 1
What Tabs & Slides, Tabs & Slides (in content items) and Xpert Tabs couldn't do, Tabber was! Excellent plugin that has no problems displaying content on my site (unlike the other plugins mentioned above, which failed to display some content... especially sigplus galleries). NoNumbers is quickly becoming my favorite provider of Joomla content!
Reviews: 1
I used this tool for a site with rather complex structure of information. All are happy with it and update of this tool is much appreciated. Nice design and easy access to information - great.
Reviews: 8
I love it. Very cool and weel done.
The only thing I'd like to have is to have the size font of the title smaller.
Owner's reply

You can. Just use CSS.

Reviews: 8
I thought I knew all of Peter's best extensions... how did I miss this one till now.
I've now used it many times and I just love the fact that it's basically a simple list. Why is that good? Because I can style it any way I like. Also, it fails gracefully to a simple layout with h2 tags.
Peter thinks of everything and executes it perfectly.
Oh... and can you all please do me a favour? Please, please, please purchase a full licence from Peter, so he can continue to create these awesome extensions. I can't imagine trying to build high quality sites without his extensions.
Don't think... just but an subscription and download.
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