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Sliders - make content sliders.

With Sliders you can make content sliders anywhere in Joomla!
Sliders are also known as 'collapses' or 'accordions'.

The syntax simply looks like:
{slider Slide Title 1}
Your text...
{slider Slide Title 2}
Your text...

To make links to certain slides in your page, you can use Slider Links, like:
{sliderlink Slider Title 2}Link text{/sliderlink}

And many more cool features :)

Also take a look at Tabs to make content tabs:

More information:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

For support use the forum:
Do NOT use below reviews to post support requests or issues.

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Reviews: 2
Tabs (another great nonumber product) works really well at organizing content in sensible bites that your visitor can manage.

Sliders really stands out if you need Long Titles and/or lots and lots of content!

As easy to work with and customize as Tabs and has the same awesome support.

Another Well Done!
Reviews: 12
This is not the first review NoNumber, but I come back to this manufacturer again and again. What makes NoNumber, namely active Slider is absolutely incredible and convenient! Truly facilitates work and helps to make a very beautiful and functional sliders.

Separately want to see the highest level of support. Response speed is impressive, and I was not left alone with the question as long as I fully got what he wanted. Thanks for the great work to expand and for the excellent support !!!
Reviews: 7
I am using Sliders in a blog list setup where I show the readmore details within a slider. I could use the slider tags also in my template code, not only in my Joomla articles.

Peter is great in giving support in his forum - of course in the Pro Forum, but also in the free one!

I love to use his extensions - they just work easily and without bugs!!!
Reviews: 1
The Sliders is a great extension, like all extensions of nonumber, and the support in the forum are very good. With Sliders and 2 tags you can to create a good sliders for order your content ;)
Reviews: 1
I really don’t know how Peter does it.

How one guy can churn out such great products, over and over again; while offering incredible customer support – even for the free versions of his stuff – just amazes me.

If you haven’t tried Sliders (and frankly all of the NoNumber products) you are really in for a treat. It all works perfectly, does things you’ve been dying to find, and you don’t have to be an expert to use them. Add to that when you get stuck that Peter, in my experience with him over several years and products, is there to help. Don’t know what more you could ask for.

Run, do not walk to the NoNumber site. I’m betting you’re not only thrilled, but will upgrade to the pro versions when you see how so many already great products can be even better at an unbelievably affordable price.
Reviews: 2
I wanted to create a FAQ page with sliders without going for a big seperate component. Joomla core gives you the option to use sliders on one page by using pagebreaks but you can't abviously have different sections with slider groups then.

Installed the plugin, created the sliders, new header for new section, new slider group... Everything worked well.
The output code is well structured so with css you can customise with no limits.

Thanks to the developers for a fantastic free extension
Reviews: 4
This extension is one of my favorite extensions. I use it on almost every website I ever designed and maintained. It works out of the box and its free.

I use free version for long amount of time, before I decide to check on commercial version.

Commercial version is for acceptable amount of money and have just few (but great) differences in comparing with free version. Like Scrolling Page to active slider, very effective and great.

For both version of extension:
1)Works like charm :) on joomla 2.5 and 3.0
2)Good looking(neutral grey design with nice effects) but can be overridden, so it is very adaptive to concrete design
3)So far, no problems with other extensions, jquery, templates, etc
4)It could be managed by NoNumber Extension manager which is great help and bust for effectiveness (especially in joomla 2.5)
5)Support is on time and efficient
6)User guide very informative and with huge amount of concrete examples, very detailed.
7)It looks good and works on all platforms, from desktop to mobile

Thank you Peter on this great extension, keep up with good work!
Reviews: 3
Very easy to use! works great and it's highly customizable (the FAQ covers a lot of doubs)
Reviews: 2
Very good extension, very good support.
Thanks to Peter
Reviews: 2
my site is loaded with nonumber extensions and they work as they are advertised. So far i didn't have any issue.
Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Worked just as presented with no problems. Up and running in minutes. I found it a little unusual to be adding extension specific code inline but it worked as expected. Thanks
Reviews: 4
As always nonumber extention works perfect and is as flexible as any one may need!
Reviews: 3
I wanted my new J!3.2 site to have a certain something that made it a stand-out improvement from the old (1.5) version.

The combination of Sliders (Pro) and Tabs from NoNumber have provided that new magic I was after.

Peter has been incredibly patient (and so quick) with helping my faltering steps along the way.

His forum is a source of inspiration and some of the other (free) tools on his site are saving me so much time during the research and build phase of my new site.
Reviews: 13
This sliders just work. Unlike other extensions, you can put everything in the slider title, including complex html. That gives you total control and the ability to do everything what you want! The customization via CSS is also very simple and of course nonumber offers the fast and reliable support like you know it. I bought the pro version and it did not disappoint me!
Reviews: 8
There are a lot of great uses for this one. It's not just for sectioning content, you can also use it to hide boring content below everything else (like legal info you may be required to place).

It's handy, simple, easy to customize and very reliable.
Reviews: 10
I have been using NoNumber's extensions for more than a year now: all of them are great, as well as the support from Peter even for the free versions. This slider plugin works perfectly, it has tons of feature and extensive documentation if you want to personalize the look via css.

Thanks NoNumber for another great (and free) extension!
Reviews: 10
Happy New Year Peter

I just want to say that you are an huge asset for joomla community,i loved all your work and I hope you still developing a more great add on for joomla in future.

May god bless you and family :)
Reviews: 9
Peter writes some excellent extensions for joomla.
These are very well coded extensions, very well supported and things that you can rely upon and forget :-)
this just works..
Moreover I must say that he spent one hour helping us on a css design unrelated to the extension and was of really good advice and know-how.
Reviews: 1
I have some pages with articles containing several parts with different titles. Each piece is quite long. I therefore looked for a smart way to divide each part into a preamble and a hidden full text. What I found was Sliders from NoNumber. It was just the perfectly thing for me and was so easy to adapt to how I wanted it to look and function.

Because each piece had a title, preamble and a main text part, I could not make a coherent accordion. In addition, every text part was so long that you have to scroll up to close it. I therefore wanted a closing function at the bottom of each text component. Late one evening, I asked the NoNumbers forum if and how I could do this. Early the next morning I had a response from Peter with a suggestion on how to do it. Top Service!

The resulting style settings and code for the article you will find in NoNumbers Forum.
Reviews: 2
I wanted to clean up my website by sorting content into expandable categories, and Sliders was the perfect plugin for that purpose.

I am an unexperienced Joomla user and this is my experience with this plugin:

- It was really easy to install
- Making a slider is easy, because you just have to click the insert slider button
- I needed to make several expandable categories within a slider, and with a quick look at the user manual that was also possible. (Nested sliders)
- I made an error in the slider "code" while trying to make nested sliders - and asked the developer for help. Within a few minutes he had answered my post. It turned out I hadn't read the manual good enough =)
- The sliders are perfectly responsive and adapt nicely to phones with smaller screens than pc's.
- I like the design.

All in all this is a very practical plugin that I highly recomend.
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