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Sliders - make content sliders.

With Sliders you can make content sliders anywhere in Joomla!
Sliders are also known as 'collapses' or 'accordions'.

The syntax simply looks like:
{slider Slide Title 1}
Your text...
{slider Slide Title 2}
Your text...

To make links to certain slides in your page, you can use Slider Links, like:
{sliderlink Slider Title 2}Link text{/sliderlink}

And many more cool features :)

Also take a look at Tabs to make content tabs:

More information:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

For support use the forum:
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Reviews: 8
Follows the same principles, syntax, semantics as "Tabber".

Takes 10min. or so to understand.

Via CSS you can easily tweak the look and feel of the slides (some color schemes are built in).

Another great NoNumber extension. If you use this, "Tabber" should be your weapon of choice for Tabs.

Also check out the NoNumber extensions manager. It absolutely makes sense to use this, as soon as you use more than one NoNumber extension.
Reviews: 1
Super! The plugin is very easy to use and it works great! Best thanks to nonumber-team!
Reviews: 5
Like I say: Simple and clever.
Works fine for me every time on every site :)
Reviews: 1
Thank you for your really brillant work. Easy to use and customizable via css-style. Best support I´ve ever get. Peter does an extra version with overrides for my requirement {slide=Title |hover}. Perhaps it is available in next rc.
Reviews: 8
I was looking for something that could let me embed long forms inside article, not making it excessively long and organizing them in logical units. Once I have found it I knew this was it. Many configuration options, very good documentation. I was able to embed it on my site quite quickly and customize it via css, although I am definitely not an expert in this area. The final result was outstanding. Very good job!
Reviews: 15
I am extremely happy with Tabber and Slider. Individually and together they help me organize my long articles into manageable units. Necessary for my website. Support is friendly and quick and accurate and helpful. Great! Great! Thanks.
Reviews: 2
Excellent extension: easy to install, easy to use, flexible, beautiful!
Support is as fast as possible and more than helpful! Great job!
Reviews: 2
First review i make here and you deserve it : installed in a few seconds, working perfect, easy to configure.
Well, this is a must-have !
Thank you for this product (the tabber one is great too ).
Reviews: 1
A brilliant and very simple to use slider plugin.

A big hats off to the author who also responded to my query on his forum within minutes and fixed the problem straight away.

Top job! :-)
Reviews: 10
Like all NoNumber! extensions, Slider is an absolute joy to use. It's so simple in its implementation, but capable of so much.

With Slider, you can create accordion-like features right inside Joomla articles or custom HTML modules. Because you DO NOT have to create categories to make this work, it's really easy to have various instances of Slider for individual articles or modules.

The code is right there to see. It's even easier if you use an editor because the developer has created a friendly button to insert the code as you work in an article.

It's easy to add your own text, images, links, or whatever you want into individual "slides." The CSS is very easy to customize if you want to change the look of Slider parts.

One note: Slider does NOT come packed with all sorts of special effects. You have to add these effects yourself. But this is good for those of us who want to start with a strong base and build from that.

Terrific job!!
Reviews: 9
It a great extension, which easily gives you the opportunity to give your website nice extra functionality.
Thnx, Peter!!
Reviews: 6
It works right out the box. The programmer has a couple of demos with the parameters on his website that helps a lot too.
With all the options (including your own ttf font) available with this module makes it one of the best.
Reviews: 15
This is a very handy extension, no words to describe. I was very much disturbed when I Thought of starting a Mobile review site, thoughts where, how to to design the site, how to place the layout, how to show the specification, but all my worries where gone when I downloaded and installed Slider.
If you have still have doubt please visit my site at
Reviews: 11
there was a small problem with IE 8 and 9,
Problem fixed! Great support!!!
Reviews: 106
I been looking for an extension like this for a while, unlike most of the sliders, this one works in modules as well! Simple, neat, and effective! Thanks for sharing!

Cheers Josh Lewis.
Reviews: 24
aha, early adopters already in da house. yes, the plugin works, as expected, and will be supported, as expected. the nonumber art to code gives a feeling, the Joomla is a right choise.

the setting of this plugin (and for the tab-plugin too) is transparent and easy understandable - you must only read the documentation, copy the example, try it works and adjust it for your needs.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much :)

Instead of copying the example, you can also use the editor button to insert the example code...

Reviews: 6
As usual from PvW, an excellent extension. Still in beta too as I review it, so it can only get better. 10/10
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