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Crazy Tab Slider Embeding Plugin

Crazy Tab Slider Embeding is a Joomla content plugin to add tab slider in Joomla article and k2 using wordpress like shortcode tag.

It comes with two built-in styles such as Tab Slide and Accordian (expand and collapses on click). You can place any content within the tabs, be it text, image or multimedia even. Instead of complex coding, do it simply. Helps you organize much information in a very compact style within your site. Great for product description, feature etc for E-commerce sites. Ready to integrate for any kind of applications as you like.

What is shortcode here, if you look in to the syntax we used

{cbtabslider behavior=Tabs}
{cbtabslide title="Tab Title1"}Tab1 content{/cbtabslide}
{cbtabslide title="Tab Title2"}Tab2 content{/cbtabslide}

Supported Components
Joomla default content(com_content)
K2 CCK(com_k2)

Basic Joomla specific Features

Enable/disable in Popup
Enable/disable in Ajax request
Enable/disable in RSS request
Enable/Disable in home page and also include/exclude by item ids

Default Joomla Content Component & K2 Component specific Features

Enable/disable in category view
Enable/disable in section view(j1.5 version only)
Enable/disable in categories view
Enable/Disable for specific section(j1.5 only) and category
Note: Please note that category filter will not work in some condition like category, categories view etc in joomla 1.6 or higher.

Also from plugin setting

Default module id(s)
Default module position name(s)
Tabslider behavior as Tab or Slider
Tab Position
Others default setting that can be override from the shorttags

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Reviews: 1
Of all the Tab/Slider extensions I have tried for Joomla 2.5, this is by far the best and simplest to use and implement.

When I had a problem (caused by myself) they could help me out in no time at all and it didn't even have anything to do with the extension, more with my Joomla installation.