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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
  • This extension contains CSS and JavaScript files that are not under the GPL license.
JU Tabs is the high quality and most flexible Tabs/Accordion/Slider Solution for Joomla, which comes with 18 in-built tab themes to choose from. Support display content as Tabs/Accordion(Slider)/Simple slideshow. Support to load content from Joomla Article/K2/Module/SQL Query/Custom HTML/Any url and it works anywhere: articles, modules, 3rd components,...

★★★ Features of JoomUltra Tabs: ★★★

★ Display content as Tabs/Accordion(Slider)/Simple slideshow.
★ Support all browsers (IE, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, ...)
★ Works well with any template
★ Support multi tabs, nested tab.
★ Support tab theme, auto detect new theme, easily to create your own theme based on available tab themes.
★ 18 in-built tab themes
★ 04 tab positions: Top/Bottom/Left/Right, 02 accordion mode: Horizontal/Vertical.
★ Tab align: Left/Center/Right/Justify(For top/bottom position)
★ 08 tab/slideshow animation effects, 03 accordion animation effects, 32 easing effects.
★ Ajax load support.
★ Click/Mouseover/Double Click to change tab
★ Switch tab by link or by url (
★ Support responsive that make the tab fit any device.
★ Support swipetouch.
★ Auto parse other content plugin code within tabs.
★ Allow to set default item that you want to be displayed first.
★ Allow to set custom CSS class for each tab, so you can style each tab based on addition CSS class.
★ Load content from: Joomla Article/K2 item/Module/SQL Query/Custom text/Any url.
★ Load the whole Joomla Article categories/K2 categories/SQL Query into block and seperate articles/K2 items in the categories or SQL Results into each tab.
★ Well-formed HTML, W3C valid
★ Smart tab detection, only load JU Tabs css/js files if tab code is detected, decrease site loading time to minimum
★ Set password to protect JU Tabs code
★ Limit maximum number of tabs
★ Width and Height of block can be adjusted.
★ Easy-to-use and friendly HTML tags alike syntax.
★ Tab code generator helps you to create tab code in easy and intuitive way.
★ We design the JU Tabs as System Plugin for wide range of use, it means you can use JU Tabs anywhere, whether in content area, module HTML code or 3rd components... as long as you can type text into, you can load JU Tabs.
★ And much more powerful features that you will never find in other tabs extensions.

★★★ What kind of content can be displayed by tabs: ★★★

★ Article showcase
★ Product showcase
★ Product features
★ Frequently asked questions(FAQs): load all articles/k2 items from a category then display each item as a FAQ item by tab/accordion
★ Portfolio
★ Highlighted content
★ User Guide
★ Multi-step form/page
★ ...

★★★ Want to see how it works? We have demo here: ★★★
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Reviews: 3
We love JuTabs. It is easy to create a new tab theme. It works well with K2 in - in content, modules, modules within modules, and tabs within tabs.

We had an issue with the front-end editing, but the support was great and get it fixed.
Reviews: 1
After customising it this extension looks best within my domain and works perfect.
Reviews: 3
I needed a somewhat unique solution that I could not quite figure out. I contacted the author and got a quick reply, and several hours later the actual code needed to do what I wanted. This extension may not be the easiest, most intuitive to use; however, that is more than offset by the flexibility. This is well worth the money spent on it.
Reviews: 1
I must wrote my opinion, becouse support and extension are great! Support event BETTER :D Extension work's like a charm.
There is many configurable options, a lot of default themes.
There is easiest way to change default theme.

Extension work quickly and slicely.

I'm useing it to display a lot of articles in one place (Most popular singer in poland website).

What can i say? Every money spended for this extension is good.

BTW: The suppor is realy fast with responses. Sometime maybe slower - but the have a lot of work. The always givving a help.

Many thanks for this extension!
Reviews: 1
When i publish plugin my site was crashed. Unfortunately i decide do not use this plugin because it include alot css and js files as result i had problems with front end
Owner's reply

Hi santas8,
We have not received any report/support request about this issue recently, and we can not find your user name in our database.
JU Tabs only read tab code, it does not touch to other part of your site, so it can not break your site. If you are one of our customer, let's contact us via support page, we are willingly help you to resolve the issue.

Reviews: 5
Well i'm looking for tabs who can include articles content and i find it with this cool extension!
Becareful with Jquery conflict you can have to add jqueryeasy plugin.
Great and quick support from the editor of the extension.
Reviews: 11
Works as advertised.
This extension was used for a magazine site in conjunction with a customized mod_article_news module.

The documentation is fairly clear, but for me could use some better translation to my native language of English. Not a problem if you read carefully though.

I had a javascript conflict on my site, Vinh found it immediately and the problem was remedied.

It works everywhere - in content, modules, modules within modules, and tabs within tabs.

JU Tabs a great templating system for different stylings.

As a developer I will certainly look to Vinh's extensions whenever applicable.
Reviews: 6
Great Plugin and Module. Support is fast and very good. We ask for a feature to hide empty tabs and in a few hours/days we have it up and running!!!
Reviews: 2
Great extension and most of all great and quick support!
Reviews: 12
This is truly one of the better extensions for Joomla! and with out a doubt, should be a core addition.

Vinh has written an amazingly good extension that provides every feature you will ever need in a tab system. Multiple layouts, left, right, top bottom tabs, unlimited nested tabs, pull anything - articles-categories-modules- you name it and JU Tabs does it.

This system is so functional, easy to use, and fun that I find myself coming up with ideas and ways to use it.

When I needed custom code to do something, Vinh answered my email in 5 minutes (literally) with two options and perfect code to use. I copied it and it worked flawlessly the first time.

Amazing support, amazing product. What more can I say other than buy it! You will be delighted..
Reviews: 7
This extension is fantastic. It works great and has many setting parameters. You easy can create the Tabs you need.

Support is very fast and very friendly. This extension for sure is worth its money - I would buy it again.
Reviews: 2
A good, lightweight product and very fast and effective support! Bugs fixed and questions answered speedily.
Reviews: 3
simply the best tabs system, we can do everything with jutabs and, best of all, any action is really simple and intuitive, very good work!
Reviews: 1
I’ve never written a review before. I’ve decided to write this one as I was really impressed with JU Tabs, but more so the developer’s service.
I had an issue linking to a page with a specific tab open, after my support request had been made within about 30 minutes I had an e-mail back saying they had updated the module, I re-installed and it all worked perfectly! What more can you ask for!
The extension itself is excellent, very versatile, and the support documentation is within the module admin as tool tips, a great little feature.
If you need a Tabs extension, buy this one, great extension, brilliant support and I’ll be looking to JoomUltra for my future extensions.
Reviews: 5
The plugin is excellent and very versatile. The customer service first class, very quick and helpful. I recommend this extension to anyone!
Reviews: 1
It was well worth the money with this kind of service. At first I didn't know how to use the extension at all but after I emailed the developer regarding the problem he took a few hours of his time helping me fix my issue. I very good product and service. I definitely recommend the product.
Reviews: 1
great extension-great support-pennies to purchase and worth it. works great with k2
been looking for a tab option that works for new joomla. this does with bells on.
justin toomey
Reviews: 2
This is my first ever review here although I am working with Joomla many, many years.

I write this lines not only because JU Tabs is indeed a really great product (works just out of the box) but because of the fantastic and fast support of the JU Team.

They helped me to solve a conflict with a script from another Extension Provider within minutes where I was sitting a few hours.

Thanks a lot JU guys for perfect support and good luck for your business. You are highly recommended!

Reviews: 1
The first time I activated the plugin of this program, it completly crashed my site ! Both front and back end. BUT, I e-mailed the developer and he answered in just 5 hours.

The problem was my hosting company : still on PHP 5.2. The developer quickly send me a new version of the plugin and now it works like a charm !

Thanks a lot, it's exactly what I was searching for !

Keep up the good work.