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Easy Responsive Tabs Plugin

Easy Responsive Tabs is a joomla system plugin that can be used inside any components or module by simply mentioning the syntax. You have option to choose a style from the list of 24 predefined styles to match your website layout.

★ 24 predefined styles
★ Add the plugin code anywhere within the website
★ Have any number of tabs you want to have
★ Tabs automatically turns accordion on Mobile and Tabs
★ Fully responsive

If you have any problems with the extension or have any questions regarding our plugin, you can directly post at our Support Ticket System :

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Reviews: 5
I had a problem once I went over three tabs. This happened only when I was a database grid plugin which is intended to give information from the MySql database (used jDBExport extension) on a yearly basis. The service from the developer was enough to buy this extension because they simply kept at it until they found a work around and an understandable configuration.
I would recommend that on all occasions whenever you have a problem with this extension,no matter how small, you contact the developer.
The combination of both extensions makes an excellent outcomes for anyone trying to extract information from a MySql database.

A great extension and a great service!
Reviews: 8
Does everything it says it does, plus superb service!
I have a unique/strange template and the the extension did not display as I wanted but, a quick email to support and over the next hour they held my hand and gently led me through with loads of patience until I achieved what I wanted. Brilliant service!
Reviews: 21
Tabs look wretched on mobile devices and are not responsive.

This extension does a beautiful job of turning tabs into well styled and well behaved navigation options for your website with little effort.

I have used two other tab displays in the past and they did the job... until mobile came along. Then, yuck.

I installed this, made a few easy modifications to the existing tab syntax on three sites and presto, gorgeously styled tabs (24 or 25 styles are built in and it's easy to style them if you want) that look fantastic on a desktop or a smartphone.

You'll appreciate the way it shows your tabs on mobile, really makes it work fantastically well.

Downsides? none. Upside? Use tabs with mobile reliably.

Only thing I could think of that would make this even better is a way to incorporate ajax to call the tab's content when the tab is opened.

Well worth the modest investment.