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Core Design Magic Tabs Plugin

This plugin allow you easily to insert the nice tabs into your content.

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Reviews: 3
I cannot ask for more. Even though having trouble with some other scripts, the support helped me to solve all issues involved with this.

It is absolutely free and fantastic !
Reviews: 5
Very simple plug in
As mentioned you will need the Core Design Scriptgenerator plug-in

It conflicted with another jQuery extension but this would be good for another site.

Reviews: 1
Last also running good with j2.5.
It will save time if you zip to a package include "Core Design Scriptegrator plugin" and a few help infomation, because some user not always good in English.
Thank Daniel Rataj!
Reviews: 11
As jackbat said - the j1.7 version of this extension requires another plugin which requires paid membership so not free at all.

There is a j1.6 version that is free to download but may cause compatibility issues.

Probably just an oversite on the publishers part.
Reviews: 3
Great plugin by Core Design, easily customizable, just set up and it was up and running.
By the way, the CD support team is unbelievable quick and effective.
5 stars ever!
Reviews: 4
This developer Offers their free Plugin which they go as far as allowing you to demo, download and install. Once installed it tells you to go back to their site because you need another plugin to make it work.
This new plugin however is not free and need to pay for it before you can make the free plugin work.
Hardly a free plugin.
This is a very deceptive practice and I sincerely hope this does not become a common practice as it simply clutters up the back-end unnecessarily installed objects.
Owner's reply

Core Design Magic Tabs plugin is absolute free extension the same way as the second one - Core Design Scriptegrator plugin. You don't need to pay anything.
Thank you.

Reviews: 1
After wading through many extensions, and ruling out ones that didn't work on 1.7, I found Magic Tabs. Easy install, easy configuration, works perfectly!
Reviews: 3
Great work developer! I am only new to Joomla, CSS/PHP but this plugin was easy to work with, and did exactly as stated.

I use this plugin with 'articlesanywhere' which allows me to place articles inside the tabs making it a very efficient way of placing whole articles inside the tabs of this plugin.

Great stuff developer - keep up the good work!
Reviews: 4
i liked the styles of this plug in but i dont know why it is not showing correctly on my site
i am using joomla 1.7
i enabled the plug in and add the code in article as shown in documentation but no shape is showing only text and heading.. i dont know what wrong i did
i wish if it works for me coz i liked the designs so much
Reviews: 2
Many thanks for this great and very usefull plugin. It was easy to install and works great. There are many different way to customize it.
When I had a problem (second instance of jQuery library), the support was excellent.
Reviews: 1
I find this plugin to be easy to install and works well.

It was also easy to configure on my 1.7 version.

I am fairly new to Joomla and a beginner in programming ; this was very helpful to build exactly what I wanted in easy steps.

Reviews: 3
Your plugin is great, but it is incompatible with ja comment.

If active comments, your plugin does not work!
Owner's reply

That's probably because of conflict with a second instance of jQuery library.
Please use our forum to get the further informations. Thank you.

Reviews: 10
Oh using this plugin is sooo confusing!

I tried all tab various after installation. All are so BEAUTIFUL I am not yet decided which one to use for my main content page. Other tabs I have used until now appear stone age versions after I used this one.

There are other membership modules/plugins on their site but luckily this one is freeee.. My site is not commercial otherwise I will not hesitate to pay for download.

Admins, for future versions also pleaseeee keep this one free.
Reviews: 3
I just see how to use on site, setup and use it. Very simple. Congratulations to GreatJoomla team!
Reviews: 5
I have just added this plugin on my website and it works very well. It has several options and design to choose the most suitable in the website template.
Thank you
Reviews: 2
It does tabs in articles for products that I want to sell. Just what I needed. Very easy to use and to install. I did have to look around to find out how to use all of the functions of the plugin. You have to install a second plugin from Core Design to make it work but that is an easy install also. I'm very happy with how it works.
Reviews: 13
once more an extension developer who shares the open source spirit!! thanks for this smooth plugin works great and i hope my ad clicks helped to support your site.......
Reviews: 1
Installs 2 javascripts into the template which makes it useless for NO SCRIPT websites

Seems to work as it is described, however the uninstaller isn't working, the added script stays in the template
Owner's reply

Maybe you have to uninstall the Scriptegrator plugin too.

Reviews: 5
Very nice tabs and ability to set a large variety of parameters such as colors and transitions. Pretty easy to use. Love it.
Reviews: 6
this is exactly what i needed to display a few items in a fancy way.
it is very easy to use and very customizable. i will use this now for all areas i want to have tabs. the mabot aspect makes it very handy. I am so pleased with this tool. thier site has alot of other usefull tools as well.

well done!
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