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2J Tabs - it's a fresh breath for your website layout. Very easy and comfortable way to organize your front end content most effective way.
2J Tabs can emulate multi-pages structure based on the joomla content articles as result your visitors will get easy access to the big content articles (no need to scroll through a large page). Also 2JTabs have ability to load up joomla external modules to the tabs from joomla template locations (for example: left, right, banner, user1 and etc...).

2J Tabs have 4 ways of usage:

* using regular module you can insert tabs with content articles from joomla content category or section;
* using plugin tag which you will be able setup in component , and after that insert to the content article as tabbed content section. So you can insert tabs with articles from joomla content category or section;
* using plugin tags to split one content article to the tabbed section;
* direct link to the component;

2J Tabs have few navigation modes:
* using regular tab navigation buttons (on top or bottom of the tabs block);
* using auto rotation mode for tabs changing process (with effects);

2J Tabs have options to make custom template for article which tabs will show, using special tags you can post in custom position ID of the article, text of the article, item title, read more link, creation date, last modification date, author name, author id, ability to insert read more link somewhere in content.
2J Tabs showing images and text (formatted by HTML and CSS). In 2JTabs you can easily change styles using special component section for CSS edit also you will be able to use pre-installed skins.
2J Tabs it's most effective way to make specifications page, products showcase or section with hot news. It's have very wide range of settings and ways of customization.

Key Features of the 2JTabs:
***** Version 1.8.1 Changelog ( 20-03-2012 ) *****
Possible to use modules as content source for tabs;
Changed the workflow of the custom labels;
Updated caching for the js and css files;
Increased working speed and decreased amount of the db queries;
Added random content sorting;
In multi tag mode tabs ignore custom labels option;
***** Version 1.8.0 Changelog ( 22-02-2012 ) *****
Added new Themes with modern light view;
All Themes are CSS3 based, optimized for FireFox, IE, Opera, Chrome, Safari;
Added more advanced content management options: sorting, grouping, select article by ID;
All themes highly customizable by backend options or CSS styles;

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Reviews: 2
We searched for a reliable and adjustable tab solution for Joomla 2.5. In the end we bought 2J Tabs as it seemed to be the best solution. After a quick installation without struggle we configured our first instance and used in one of our articles. The several options and great documentation make this tool really great. We needed some support from developer team to modify the CSS and they helped us very fast and found a solution for our question. If you look for reliable Tab solution you should get this extension.
Reviews: 2
Really excellent component and easy to set up! Gives you a lot of flexbility since it's based on using articles and they are VERY quick to respond to support issues (at least if you are in the same time zone).
Reviews: 5
I must have tried four or five paid tab extensions and this one really comes on top. It is very easy to create tabbed content from all possible combinations - and very good control of what is displayed inside the tab such as linked article titles - modification dates etc. And, good and quick support too.
Reviews: 4
An excellent Tool
I needed support and the J2 Team answered immediately and solved my problem very quickly. EVEN ON SUNDAY!

Thank you very much for your great work.
Reviews: 13
The extension worked better than advertised.

Had a problem with appearance in IE 9 but support fixed it on my site in a day.

Excellent extension and professional support too.
Reviews: 2
Extension is ok. But the problem is when you need an easy and quick fix from the support.
As someone told here "support is a total JOKE" and I completely agree with that. They reply to tickets after 2, 3 days or don't reply at all.
I have a problem with IE9 compatibility for which I submitted a ticket 2 days ago and still have no asnwer. There is no forum to ask someone else. MY client is waiting for complete website just because I've been waiting for 2 days for the support to answer my ticket regarding a little detail that stands on my way to finishing the website for the client. How annoying such situation is I don't need to explain.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a 'tab' based component for Joomla and came across the 2joomla product. It's by far the most superior component available for Joomla in this category. One massive benefit is allowing each tab to pull in an article. This allows easy management for our clients.
Had a small problem with the css which was dealth with in a professional manner with fast turn around.
Highly recommended.
Reviews: 23
Sometimes you could end up feeling stupid when paying for a "solution". This is one of them. Yes i did read good reviews but the sun isnt always shining. I bought the 2J Tabs as i thought i could do the things with it i wanted. But the start wasnt that great as there is now real documentation around. My first ticket was answered 2 hours later, the second 12 hours later, the third 2 days later, and my last ticket that needed an error to get solved waits a reply for 3 days now. Simple tabs creation isnt a problem, however if it gets complicated the thing showed an error suddenly. Whats realy annoying is that for 2 times no answeres were given when i requested some documentation, where is it, where can i read it.....nothing... So total experience wasnt that great. Waste of money? probably not, but support is a joke.
Reviews: 5
This component is great! The best so far! I only got one problem. When I published the module the links for the articles show a preview when mouse over. How can i fix this?
Reviews: 1
After buying and playing around with the component, I quickly understood how everything worked.
I have set up some nice pages in little time.
Only to use the plugin feature I goodn't get it working. I was used to insert a plugin code in the article, but this plugin works different. It has a button under each edit window of the article and you just have to click it to get the wizard working for you.

Since I didn't expect support on a Saturday, and I really wanted to go on, I tried and tried. Finally I sent an email to support. To my surprise they answered the question within 5 minutes!!
3 minutes later I was up and running.

Should have asked them in the first place!!

Thank you for this component,plugin,module
Reviews: 8
Great extention that really should be part of the core Joomla. I have spent ages looking for something that would allow me to include all the information I need to show on a single page. This extension provides an immediate solution and is easy to use. The support is second to none. Well done and thanks for the extension. I makes life a lot easier!
Reviews: 28
Awesome extension - worked right out of the box - good job guys! Had a little difficulty configuring the program - due to my inexperience - but figured it out - works great - highly recommended if you want a fancy site.
Reviews: 15
I usually don't pay 21 euro's for a plugin only, it seemed to do just a little more then a free tab module.

This however is well worth the money!
I got awesome tabs with images above tabs and modules and plugins in my tabs....just what i wanted.
I contacted support and got usefull answers in no time. I really enjoyed buying it and putting it on my website.

I can't say anything else then that i'm stunned by the quality of this plugin and support delivered here.

5 stars, well deserved, keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
Product works great and was easy to install. However, I cant get it to work in Firefox. IE and Chrome it appears fine. Is it global config setting? Any suggestions? Thanks!
Reviews: 1
After modifiying Joomfish's jfrouter.php, the tabs are working perfect now.
thank you for such great extension. Worth every cent ;)
Reviews: 1
I investigated every tabs component I could find, tested quite a few, and even bought few of them before settling on 2JTabs. It's fully featured and easy to install and configure. I can't think of a single feature it's lacking!
Reviews: 3
Oh how I wish all Joomla extensions were as well-developed and nicely documented as this product is.

As I am using a custom theme with plenty of slide-show and tabbed widgets, I purchased this extension in order to be able to be able to set up tabbed content within an article. It is perfect for that use.

The extension comes with 21 pre-configured styles and the ability to create your own custom style if by some chance one of the presets doesn't meet your needs. The extension is well-documented and if you are at all familiar with Joomla, you will be up and running within minutes.

I highly recommend this extension. It is well worth the purchase price and then some. This is a fantastic product.
Reviews: 5
I got 2J tabs some day ago, i found it extremely easy to install and to use.
I had just a little problem with the plugin, but i was lucky because i had the best and fastest support from the staff! They solved my problem in seconds!
I'm fully satisfied for this product, and i recommend it to all who need to use tabs!

Thanks guys for your great work!
Reviews: 2
2J Tabs is well worth the price! After slogging through with JW Tabs & Slides, then finally figuring out that it only works for very simple articles and modules, I checked out several other Joomla tabs solutions.

This one beats them all, especially if you are looking to put tabs within your articles!

Use it just like JW Tabs & Slides, except it works! Even for very complex articles loaded with other features and plugin code (like Sourcerer). And it gives you a lot more styling and layout options!
Reviews: 1
Good, but contains a fault, it can not render the mambots tags contained within the articles or modules. Fixing it would buy for sure.
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