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2J Tabs - it's a fresh breath for your website layout. Very easy and comfortable way to organize your front end content most effective way.
2J Tabs can emulate multi-pages structure based on the joomla content articles as result your visitors will get easy access to the big content articles (no need to scroll through a large page). Also 2JTabs have ability to load up joomla external modules to the tabs from joomla template locations (for example: left, right, banner, user1 and etc...).

2J Tabs have 4 ways of usage:

* using regular module you can insert tabs with content articles from joomla content category or section;
* using plugin tag which you will be able setup in component , and after that insert to the content article as tabbed content section. So you can insert tabs with articles from joomla content category or section;
* using plugin tags to split one content article to the tabbed section;
* direct link to the component;

2J Tabs have few navigation modes:
* using regular tab navigation buttons (on top or bottom of the tabs block);
* using auto rotation mode for tabs changing process (with effects);

2J Tabs have options to make custom template for article which tabs will show, using special tags you can post in custom position ID of the article, text of the article, item title, read more link, creation date, last modification date, author name, author id, ability to insert read more link somewhere in content.
2J Tabs showing images and text (formatted by HTML and CSS). In 2JTabs you can easily change styles using special component section for CSS edit also you will be able to use pre-installed skins.
2J Tabs it's most effective way to make specifications page, products showcase or section with hot news. It's have very wide range of settings and ways of customization.

Key Features of the 2JTabs:
***** Version 1.8.1 Changelog ( 20-03-2012 ) *****
Possible to use modules as content source for tabs;
Changed the workflow of the custom labels;
Updated caching for the js and css files;
Increased working speed and decreased amount of the db queries;
Added random content sorting;
In multi tag mode tabs ignore custom labels option;
***** Version 1.8.0 Changelog ( 22-02-2012 ) *****
Added new Themes with modern light view;
All Themes are CSS3 based, optimized for FireFox, IE, Opera, Chrome, Safari;
Added more advanced content management options: sorting, grouping, select article by ID;
All themes highly customizable by backend options or CSS styles;

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Reviews: 3
This extension does modules like nothing I've seen.. you can even include your own custom html before and after the module. I have roktabs, yooaccordion and drawer, gavick tabsmanager... this beats then all. Do not hesitate if you need tabs. This is it.
Reviews: 2
this component / module is just the best tab system for joomla and the support is here when you need them. i had a problem in my template ti include 2jtabs but they checked and correct my template for me.
Reviews: 2
Does exactly what I was looking for. Install was easy, documentation had me running in no time.

Had to contact support about integration with other module question and they promptly responded to all of my messages.

Reviews: 2
The tabs proved to be a flawless solution for our site. It pretty much just worked out of the box. This is a million times better than trying to do your own javascript solution. Worth the money imo.
Reviews: 9
Great product. The tabbing in this product is very good. Looked for a tabbing system for my website and then I found this comprehensive product. I look forward to what updates are coming!
Reviews: 6
This is the best tab module I've tried. No problems with all the browsers, exelent and fast support and a perfect integration in all templates.
I decided to pay for this extension after trying all of the other, wich presented some minor issues.
If you're developing a professional site this is the choice you must take.
Reviews: 1
Just what I was looking for and simple to configure, even for someone with as little knowledge as me. The support offered by these guys is fantastic. If you are looking for a way to add tabbed content to your Joomla site look no further.
Reviews: 3
Straight forward documentation - VERY easy setup, customization, ad implementation! Feature rich and the best part - AMAZING SUPPORT.

I purchased this about 2 weeks ago and have begun to use it on a few of our sites - one in particular that caused a few problems. I looked through the docs and it was not covered - sent a ticket - got a response w/in the hour and had the issue resolved in the same day.

Very Happy Customer
Reviews: 1
Well what I can say about this product is "simply excellent". Been using Joomla for years but I believe this is one of the best commercial products I ever bought. Whatever is promised by the developer, you get more than that. You can get it up and running within 2 minutes and it works great, without any bugs and errors.

I'm very conscious about after sales support, but these guys gave me real idea what a real support is like and it was simply beyond the expectation. What else you can expect, when you just submit a support ticket, and you get a solution within minutes.

I think it should be an Editor's Pick. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
I've downloaded dozens of extensions from here over the years, without ever writing a review. After my experience with 2JTabs and the team, I decided to create an account and write something.

First, the extension is great. It works as advertised, is highly configurable, and is very flexible. I'm using both the plugin and component happily. Well worth the small price tag -- and one of the very few paid components I use.

Second, the support is fantastic. I had a couple initial configuration questions after installation, and I received prompt responses to my help tickets. More importantly, when I ran into a problem in the middle moving a site to a new domain, I received nearly live support in the middle of the night -- averting quickly what could have been a big problem!

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
I must say I had my doubts buying this extension, I thought there must be some of the free ones that could provide close to the same quality. But after trying several of the free ones, I must say that none of them are close to 2jtabs. I experienced many faults on the free ones and spent many hours trying to fix the problems. I have just bought this extension 15 min ago and within 5 min I had it running perfectly on my site. Even though there is no forum, there is a user guide that is 17 pages long and provides both screenshots and thorough help guides. All i can say is thumbs up ! ;) good work , keep it up :)
Reviews: 1
Tons of tab effects and perfect for those who can use advanced CSS.

Access to updates only 6 months, though.
Reviews: 30
I needed a little help getting started, and the developer was very prompt in replying to emails. He sent me a file to show how he did the setup. I'm sure it would be easy for more experienced Joomla users but I'm still confused by the connection between articles, sections, categories and modules.

Once that was sorted out, this is VERY easy to setup. I created five articles in one category (one article for each tab.) Then select that category in the 2JTabs module. Refine the settings, put the 2JTabs module in a Position and enable it. It was such a surprise to see it worked immediately without any fussing with the settings. Wow!!

This Tabs module doesn't conflict with anything on my site. I've had lots of problems with javascript conflicts, but apparently this one doesn't use javascript even when it's running in slideshow mode. If it does use javascript they've refined it so there aren't as many problems.

This program is compiled so it's not as easy to do custom CSS but there are 21 style sheets for the tabs so it doesn't matter. Besides, most of the "styling" is done in my articles where there is plenty of freedom for designing.

This module is well worth the modest price. It's just so good!! It adds lots of glamour to the front page of my site, without causing any trouble for anything else on the site.

There are lots of potential uses for this program. I'm so happy with my first set of tabs, I'm trying to figure out how else I can use it, because this was FUN.
Reviews: 11
This is a power pure extension. i highly recommend this excellent piece of work.

this is far more than a tabsmanager. in my case i use this extension to arrange articles at random order on categorie pages. i can define exactly how many articles to display on each page/tab, the rest is done automaticly. its kind of ajax pagination module in my case.

the flexibility makes this extension so worthy. you can display sections/categories, modules or even modulpositions in tabs. The most amazing thing for me is the high range of ordering you can chose from (11 options!!). although 2Jtabs is highly flexible, the extension is really easy to use. i am not a developer and i set up tabs in 2 minutes.

the support is awesome. i had 2 questions and a template fix which were done in a few minutes by responding immediately. i have to say that i would love to see a support forum too but you know what ... only the result counts: fast, friendly and fixed

knowing the other tabs extensions at JED, 2Jtabs topped my expectations and now i dont want to miss this extension anylonger.

i am a happy man because this extension can do things for me that can not be done by other extensions.

thank you. thank you. thank you
Reviews: 13
I have used the Jomlma 1.0 and 1.5 versions of this component and plugin. I like the ease of use and clearly it has many customisation options - certainly more than I need. I have very simple requirments. It was very easy to upgrade to the 1.5 version when required.

My only gripe is that every time I have a question I have to log in to the ticket system support area. There appears to be no forum. This is more than just a shame - it's actually quite annoying. I make simple usage of most of the extensions I buy and I only buy extensions that have been well reviewed. I am fairly certain that any problem I encounter will have been encountered by more before me. It's not that the support questions go unanwsered - but it's a pain to have to wait for someone to answer your questions - which have no doubt been encountered and answered by a hunderd different users already. Why not make that knowledge publicly available ???

If there is already a forum I apologise, but I can't find it.

The product is excellent but I set aside time to make changes to my websites. Not being able to do things when I want to do them downgrades the value of the product for me.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comments, we’re really appreciate it. According to your questions we’re using our own model of support: we have knowledge base with frequently asked questions and we have documentation with details of the installation and setup process for every product at client member place section.
In the case if customer do not able to find reply for they questions in FAQ , they able to post ticket to support section and we’re do our best to reply ASAP for all questions! (btw. Right now we’re working on new version of our CRM system with more advanced support section integrated with another products management tools. Main goal of this updates make life of our customers more easy and comfortable!)
Forum in the most cases it’s tool for slow support, where customer have to looking for reply during days and in the some cases with forum customers even stay single with they questions/problems most of the times, as result they trying to find solution communicating to each other.
We’re providing professional support for commercial extensions, so with our support ticket system we’re much close to our customers, then some other developers with forum.

Reviews: 1
I've bought this very nice package (component, module, plugin) a few days ago and run into some problems with another ajax-powered plugin on my admin-backup. The guys from "" gave me a superb support and fixed this issue in a snap 8-))

I've searched for a possibility to create tabs inside my articles without the need of creating additional modules. 2J Tabs allows me exactly to do this using special tags inside an article. You also have a powerfull component to create a bundle of tabs and include them using a unique created tag...
Reviews: 16
As I had a little porblem with 2Jtabs on a page of my website, i wrote a ticket on their support assistance and had an useful help in less than one hourr ! Is that not amazing ? :-)
Reviews: 6
How many times have you downloaded a module, visited the provider's forum to figur eout how to format your module like the demo, only read dozens of posts that are titled: How to format like the demo?
This module does what it's developers say it does and looks like the demos on their site.

Best of all I had a minor glitch related to my template. These guys responded quickly. They already knew what the problem was. The asked for my FTP and Bankend info and modified the module to match the template issue. What more could you ask?
Reviews: 1
Firstly of all, i would say tha this extension makes life easier, because, do what it says, and it does pretty well. You have loads of posibilities with this extension and ther are no strange hacks to our joomla wich affects to other parts of the site.
The only thing what i´m encountering problems is for making this extension to work with RSFORM PRO, because you can´t put a form in a tab (it does not reconize the code of the plugin of the form). Despite this thing, the extension is absolutely recomensable a worths what it cost (altough i hada to use other tab extension for my forms)
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension - it is just what the client asked for and works like a charm. As a beginner to Joomla, I had a bit of trouble fitting it into my design, but the developer was extremely helpful and got it working for me. Excellent service and excellent product. I highly recommend it!
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