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Core Design Accordion Plugin

This plugin builds a dynamic interactive menu-driven interface from defined articles. Items open with a smooth slide and close when you choose other content. The content can be just about anything you like: text, graphics, and HTML.

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Reviews: 10
Good Job ! I use it now in some new project Joomla.
Reviews: 2
make sure that you don't care about your SEO before this plugins installation. I didn't check it from begin and it was not so good surprise for me. Just check demo section of the developer with validator, and you'll see this errors.
Another problem it's jquery conflict. I was waste alot of time before i could fix it before it's start working. As result just removed this plugin and find more stable accordion.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback.

Incorrect validation is caused by poor HTML code inside the accordion panel on our demo site. Accordion itself is 99% valid. 99 because sometimes the validation fails - accordion ID is generated on the fly and if the ID starts with digit number, validation just fails (bad random generator. I'm aware of it).

In regards to jQuery conflict, that's a common issue but in most of cases easily resolved (of course both of related competing jQuery scripts must be compatible each other).


Reviews: 9
After trying all different accordions on this extension site I finally took this one.
It just works like I dreamed of. You can even have popups and other stuff in your accordion tabs.
More, you have a lot of customization right out of the box.
Just great!!!
Reviews: 12
This extension does exactly what it says and beats out the others. Additionally, the templates that are included are a nice bonus.

I have used it on three sites already and works great. Also I checked it out and has no issues with search engine crawling.

Great job CD!
Reviews: 4
I used this plugin now for two projects with Joomla 1.5 and 1.7. It worked perfect in both cases and it comes with a handful of nice stylings which can be changed easily.
A really nice plugin with no hassle. Thank you!
Reviews: 3
I was looking for an accordion and a tab tool that could run together without conflicts with other modules I have on my website.
After lots of tries, CD Accordion and CD magic tabs did it perfectly.
And when I asked for support to customize some features, they was quick and extremely effective, and it was 3 days before Christmas!!
Guys, you're fantastic.
Reviews: 4
What a great little plugin! Lightweight and simple to use. Thanks for this I wish all plugins worked as well
Reviews: 3
I have to say that this is an outstanding Plugin . Once you read through the documentation it makes perfect sense . And it makes your articles so much easier to work with . I am only using it to shrink the page size of my articles and it works without a hitch . Just put {accordion}Title for accordion::Content for accordion{/accordion} in any article and it will collapse whatever is inside the accordion tags . Make sure you install the scriptgator plugin from the developers site and enable it with - Load jquery set to SITE ....and enable this plugin and everything else just works!!! Hats off to the developer for a fine product .
Reviews: 3
I have been using this for a couple of months now and it makes my site look very smart and modern. It does take a little time to work out the back end options - for a novice Joomla user like me - but totally worth it, once you get it right. Slide animation looks great.

There is paid support if you need it, which I did as I had a problem with another plug in, however the support is excellent and very helpful and very speedy.
Reviews: 2
Excellent... works very well on ie6 and ff.... please check it out.
Reviews: 1
I liked the way accordian works. But I have one query.

I am already using Magic tabs and hence both magictabs & scriptegrator and installed and enabled. I tried using accordian. But could not do so. Could it create a problem.

Please note Magis tabs is in one article and accordian would be in another. Any specific order in which they need to be published ?

I am running joomla 1.5.9

Thanks for another good plugin.
Reviews: 2
I like the effect, good release!