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Adatmagus Footnote Module

This module shows the footnotes and endnotes of a document in a "bubble-help", You can define format in stylesheets.
Many users have the bad habit of importing texts from MSWord or OpenOffice directly into the Joomla text editor by using the hot-keys CTRL-C following CTRL-V. Since different word-processors create different HTML code for footnotes and endnotes this causes problems in the appearance of the final document.
This module will create the standard format:

<a href="#edn_xxx">... where "xxx" an number.

Note: You can adjust the "href" attribute in Joomla text editor, this module automatic generate the "name" attribute.

Push this module in your site, enable, setting and use it!

Version info:
1.0.1 210.08.10 Update the description text
2.0.0 2012.08.19 Update for Joomla 1.6+

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Reviews: 1

this extension is potentially really useful (that is why I put good rating) but would need further instructions in order to allow beginners like me to use it.
A step by step tutorial or a clear example on how to write the code inside the article content would be really appreciated.

Thank you!
Owner's reply



The sorce code of endnote reference:

A Görögország pénzügyi szanálásáról szóló európai vita során Mark Fekter osztrák pénzügyminiszter azt találta mondani: „nem engedhetik meg a bankoknak, hogy profithoz jussanak, miközben az adófizetők veszítenek”.
Döbbenetes naivitás: 48 órás habozás után Európa hagyta, hogy a részvényesek érdekei egyszer s mindenkorra diadalmaskodjanak.

(see it in the "HTML mode" in article word precessor)

and the endnote definition:

International Herald Tribune
, Neuilly-sur-Seine, 2011. június 15.

(see it in the "HTML mode" in article word precessor)

Typical use:

1. write the artice in ms office (msword), or oppen officem libra office, use end-note by wordprocessor help.
2. select all in wordprocessor
3. copy into clipboard
4. open the joomla article wordprocessor
5. paste from clipboard.

Reviews: 1

I think the module is very useful and the footnotes look very tidy.

But further instructions are required...

For example, where it says: " You can define the appearance of the bubble-help by setting background colour, font colour, font size and the attributes of the reference number (font colour, position and font size)"

Where are you supposed to do that? It took me a few minutes to realise that you are supposed to modify your stylesheets.

An example of the code to obtain the "bubble help" like the one on your demo would be very useful!
Owner's reply

Thanks the report.
I updated the description text.
Tibor Fogler