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Qlue ToolTip Plugin

Qlue Tooltip can display any html content such as text, images and even other Joomla modules (e.g. Login form, latest news modules, custom module). Easy to use syntax will get your Tooltip working in minutes.

This plugin is a system plugin so it can be used anywhere on your site, inside any module and any component. This module is quick and easy to install and compatible with any website using Joomla! 1.5 & Joomla! 1.6.

Syntax Examples:

** Qlue Tooltip with Text **
{qluetip title=[Test this Awesome Plugin!]}This is the text that appears inside your Awesome Qlue Tooltip Plugin!{/qluetip}

** Qlue Tooltip with a Module **
{qluetip title=[Test this Awesome Plugin!!] sticky=[1] mod=[login]}{/qluetip}

Visit for more Syntax Examples to get your Plugin working just the way you want it too!

Feature Summary:

- Specfiy the width of the Tooltip!
- Specify how long the Tooltip transition will last!
- Style the Tooltip to look the way you want!
- Set whether the Tooltip stays on the screen or disappears.
- Language file support for users who need to translate this plugin into their native language
- Module Class Suffix support for custom styling

and much much more!!

Visit for more information about this great Joomla! plugin.

Check out the images below to see some great examples of Qlue Tooltip...

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Reviews: 2
it was best add on i used in joomla. very user friendly, efficient . i liked it very much
Reviews: 14
This is by far the best tooltip extension I've tried. Maybe a bit challenging at first for non-coder newbies, but well worth the hurdle if you want flexibility and reliability.
Reviews: 2
This plugin looked very promising, since it is one of the few tool tips that allows us to place a module as well as HTML code. We installed the tool tip, but had problems from the start. The tool tip wouldn't position on the page properly, and anything under the tool tip was useless once you closed the tool tip box. We received some help from support, although it was vague. They told us to install a new file, and this broke the plugin even more. After that, support went quite for over 2 weeks, and we still haven't heard anything after several new support ticket posts!

Would love to see this work, but even the developer acknowledged there were bugs they didn't know about, which we brought to their attention! Wait for a more stable version or better support!
Reviews: 1
I was going to get the non-commercial version but opted to get the commercial one instead. And glad I did.

Though this works easily and is very simply explained in the docs, I couldn't get it to work fully.
Support helped me resolve the issue in no time at all. AND over the weekend.

So even those with limited knowledge can get this installed, and working in a very short time. And it works great for a variety of needs.
Reviews: 3
I've been working with this for about a year now and finally got around to purchasing the pro version to open up more possibilities .

WOW ! Didn't actually realise that the usage of this is like a portable mod you can use anywhere, anytime and any place .

I haven't even begun to utilise what this puppy can do
but for the small price I paid, even if it only did one of the many things,
its worth it .

The support has been fantastic as well .
Within hours I had simple, concise answers to my problems which had nothing to do with Qlue Tooltip in the end and they still filled me in on the fixes i needed .
You guys rock and so does your POWERTIP ...ahem Tooltip a bit carried away there .
But tooltip just doesn't describe this powerful little toy !!!
Reviews: 1
Qlue ToopTip Pro -

I am thrilled the this extension. The versatility it offers, from coding in an article to using it in modules, offers exactly the flexibility I need. It allows adding images and links to the popup balloons, as well as adjustment of display size.

The kicker is tech support is AMAZING too! They have offered to modify and customize the code at NO CHARGE to enhance an already great extension. Result: Qlue users everywhere will benefit!

All software developers and tech support staff can learn a lesson in creating customer satisfaction from this team.

Thank you for a great product!
Reviews: 6
I used the free Qlue ToolTip and recently upgraded to the Pro version. Simple to install and does exactly what it says it does. I also had reason to submit a question to the developer and it was answered promptly and clearly.
Reviews: 5
I have installed QlueTip on a fresh Joomla 1.5 installation. Everything went smooth as described here and so I expected the same on my production website.
But there I am also using the slider plugin from Both plugins are preventing each other from working well, inspite their function call within the content is clearly different.
I think, that this is not a rare case, that plugins from different developers do interact dysfunctionally and in worst case, they will stop working each other.
Reviews: 1
This is a good extension that serves its purpose well. I wanted to change the font in the tool tip and this involved a bit of rewriting in the CSS file, but it wasn't too complicated. I'd recommend this extension.
Reviews: 4
The possibilities are endless, as one can embed text, images, even modules into a tooltip popup. Nicely done.
Reviews: 2
this plugin has many options that gives you the flexibility to use on your porject
Reviews: 11
Tremendous little plugin. Very easy to use and easy to configure. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
The plugin provides a quick, decorative but subtle way to get tooltips up and running fast, css can be created to integrate a visual style, but a professional web designer is required to complete this.

Best of all is the rapid support if anything goes wrong (applies only to commerical, pro version). I had some minor trouble than was solved with a new release to the plugin within 24 hours). Well done.
Reviews: 9
I required a jquery tooltip that went beyond a small pop-up piece of text. I managed to find several that would work but when I tried to integrate it into Joomla! I found the task to be beyond my limited knowledge. Then I found Qlue ToolTip!

This is an excellent product, easy to implement, well supported and at the price a steal (please don't change that!). A lot of effort has been put into getting this to where it is (well I think so anyway) and I thank Qlue for their work.

I thoroughly recommend this product and cannot think why you would look anywhere else for this kind of functionality.
Reviews: 5
This is a very good plugin.
It does exactly as it say. very useful for every admin.
Highly Recomended
Thanks Guys
Keep the good work free
Reviews: 7
This tooltip is among the best and I chose this over Yootooltip because it was in confliction with some modules but soon afterwards I figured out that QlueTooltip doesn't allow codes that require " in them. I need to use tables inside tooltips and I had to switch back to Yootooltip. Too bad QlueTip doesn't allow such an option. Hope authors fix this.
Owner's reply

Hi Cyberay,

That was an issue in an older version of my tooltip. There is now a newer version which will solve the problem you are describing.

Best Regards,

Reviews: 2
I installed this extension with complete ease. Once installed, I noticed a problem with the extension working with my template. I emailed the developer, and he responded within 12 hours. He know exactly how to fix the issue with only modifying 2 tiny bits of code. The fix was easy and the support was EXCELLENT. If you need a tooltips extension, you should definitely try this one. It is beautiful.
Reviews: 1
Although I am not IT professional, I could easily install the plugin on my website. The Qlue Tooltip worked nice on my website until I used it in Category Blog Layout. I had to divide the content into two articles displayed in blog format. Unfortunately after that the tooltips didn't display in the second article. The problem was quickly solved thanks to the support of the developer who sent me a system plugin version of his tooltip. The support is really quick and efficient! I like this plugin very much.
Reviews: 3
Works as advertised. Take the time to read the earlier comments en tips to shape it to your liking. Support is quick and to the point. My problem concerning IE7 was resolved with one email. I very much like the look of this tooltip-plugin wich fits my site nicely.
Reviews: 2
This extension didn't work right out of the box, but Qlue support took the time to offer up several suggestions until we figured out the issues. Works like a charm now, exactly what I needed!
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