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Qlue ToolTip Plugin

Qlue Tooltip can display any html content such as text, images and even other Joomla modules (e.g. Login form, latest news modules, custom module). Easy to use syntax will get your Tooltip working in minutes.

This plugin is a system plugin so it can be used anywhere on your site, inside any module and any component. This module is quick and easy to install and compatible with any website using Joomla! 1.5 & Joomla! 1.6.

Syntax Examples:

** Qlue Tooltip with Text **
{qluetip title=[Test this Awesome Plugin!]}This is the text that appears inside your Awesome Qlue Tooltip Plugin!{/qluetip}

** Qlue Tooltip with a Module **
{qluetip title=[Test this Awesome Plugin!!] sticky=[1] mod=[login]}{/qluetip}

Visit for more Syntax Examples to get your Plugin working just the way you want it too!

Feature Summary:

- Specfiy the width of the Tooltip!
- Specify how long the Tooltip transition will last!
- Style the Tooltip to look the way you want!
- Set whether the Tooltip stays on the screen or disappears.
- Language file support for users who need to translate this plugin into their native language
- Module Class Suffix support for custom styling

and much much more!!

Visit for more information about this great Joomla! plugin.

Check out the images below to see some great examples of Qlue Tooltip...

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Reviews: 3
I love this plugin.

There's one thing that I think would make its use more efficient: if it could load a specific module by ID, instead of a position, a lot of work would be cut out.

As it is, any module can be loaded the roundabout way (creating a unique position, etc.). So loading modules directly wouldn't cause more breaks; it would just make loading a large number of custom HTML modules much easier.

Thanks for a great extension!
Reviews: 6
The plugin works good with articles, but not with modules. It would be nice if we could have a system plugin to fix this. But it works and it does what it says. Thanks. 5 stars when system plus is out ;)
Owner's reply

Hi Astral God,

My latest version of my tooltip is now a system plugin. This means it will work anywhere on your site, even inside a module.

Best Regards,

Reviews: 1
I installed this extension, I had a very minor problem, after an email to support team, I got it fixed. Support team responds real quick.
Thank you
Reviews: 2
I used it to create a button, by clicking on which opens the authorization form. I really liked the extension. When I have a question, I asked him to support and very quickly get professional help. Thank you for the excellent work!
Reviews: 1
It's abolutely beautiful but I suspect there's more that is is capable of.
For example ... Can I have the Tool Tip text link to a URL?
Thank you!
Also, do you have a complete list of syntax variables for the code?
Reviews: 1
I downloaded this plugin and had a minor issue with the way it was displaying on my site. Using the contact form on their web site I sought help. In the meanwhile I tried a couple of alternatives.

Within 20 minutes I had a reply to my enquiry and within half an hour after modifying the plugin everything was working and doing the job very well.

The alternatives have gone and I will certainly recommend this to my client's. Well done!
Reviews: 3
It's exellent plugin and its for free!!
But can You tell, how to put image into the tooltip?
Thank You
Owner's reply

Hi Hektorrr,

To place an image inside the tooltip just use the normal img tag, You will need to make sure you are in the html part of your text editor otherwise the img tag will be treated as text.

Reviews: 5
This is a great extension and works like a charm. The support is also amazing and they even answered my question on a weekend (but don't hold them to that).

My only real critique is the same as the previous reviewer in that I'd also like to see it work in modules. If it could do this it would get 5-stars.

More control over placement would also be nice.

Thanks for such a great job and the help.
Reviews: 2
This extension does what is says, is easy to use and is flexible. The only drawback is that the title cannot be styled, so there is no visual indicator that the tooltip exists unless the user is lucky enough to hover the text. I like an innocuous dashed bottom border. There are workarounds, but I haven't found any that work with IE7 and earlier.
Owner's reply

Hi Steveorg,

The title is wrapped in a div with a class called 'QToggle', So you can style the tooltip text accordingly with the stylesheet provided. If you want a dashed border the css would be this:

div.QToggle {
border-bottom: 1px dashed #CCCCCC;

Reviews: 2
I very much liked this component! Easy in installation, clear in work, the big spectrum of possibilities! But, unfortunately, there is one small problem: in IE7 it gives out an error of a script and does not work. Very much it would be desirable that the author would pay attention to it and whenever possible would eliminate a problem since the plug-in deserves the most flatter response! (I ask to forgive for my English))))
Yours faithfully,
Owner's reply

Hi msweb,

Thanks for the tip, I have now fixed this problem and it works perfectly in IE7. You can get the updated version from our website.

Reviews: 1
Thanks very much for your great extension. It goes very good and easy to use. In the documentation page, all your examples are about link text. Please, can you write some example to link images???

Owner's reply

Hi agenciausm,

There is now an example of linking the tooltip to an image which you can view at our site.

To link an image to the tooltip the syntax would be something like this:

{qluetip title=[]} This is a tooltip linked to an image. {/qluetip}

Reviews: 23
Really nice tooltip, one problem you can add it to modules. Can you make this a feature to work with modules?

Owner's reply

This is a content plugin so will only work within articles, categories and section's. For a tooltip to work inside of modules it would need to be a system plugin.

Reviews: 3
Very good work! Pros: flexible, good looking, easy to use, free :) cons: I can't load a module inside tooltip...
Owner's reply

Hi panadam,

This plugin does support loading modules inside of the tooltip. You may however see problems if the module you are loading uses other technologies such as mootools etc..

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