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Tooltips Plugin

Tooltips - add tooltips in Joomla!

With Tooltips you can use a simple syntax to give any piece of text or image a nice and simple tooltip.

You can create these tooltips virtually anywhere in your site. So not only in articles, but also in modules and components.

The syntax simply looks like:
{tip Tooltip Title::Tooltip text}...{/tip}

You can use the editor button to place an example tooltip tag.

The styling of the Joomla 2.5 version of Tooltips is based on the tooltips used in the Joomla administrator, with the addition of some CSS3 styles like border radius and a shadow.
The styling Joomla 3 version of Tooltips is based on the Bootstrap popover styling.

But you can of course overrule these styles via css if you want.

More information:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

For support use the forum:
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Reviews: 1
Very intuitive, simple, easy to use and to configure, thumbs up for the visual appearance on the front as well as for the back end interface and usage! Last but not the least is surprisingly fast and unlimited support!
Reviews: 9
I have a blog where I publish academic articles. As you might imagine, I need to create footnotes. Well, with this extension I solved the hassle of creating footnotes in HTML. Instead I use tooltips, and they not only work nicely, but it makes it much easier for the reader to read the footnote content. You can add links and basically any HTML code inside the tooltip too.

Great extension.
Reviews: 2
As the title says : excellent piece of software.
Easy to install; easy to use.
Reviews: 2
it's simple but very flexible, thansk for good job :x
Reviews: 19
Joomla! has the best developers; this is just another great example.

Installs so easily. Lots of features in the free version, and a few more options available in the commercial version.

Thanks so much, A+
Reviews: 8
Thanks for the amazing extensions.
This the best Tooltip i ever use, i never found any problem with this extension.
Reviews: 18
Thx for your great plugin, I've tested with zoo component and it works great.
Reviews: 3
I am in the process of building three sites with Joomla. I am not very experienced and am only learning Joomla since august last year.
With my discovery of the Nonumber extensions I think I am able to improve the quality and readability of my sites. The backend interface is really user friendly and clear and the service after a slight problem was in one word excellent with an immediate adaptation of the specific extension.
I think the Nonumber extensions and tooltips are a very valuable asset for Joomla!
Reviews: 18
What a great little plugin, added a new dimension to my website, can not be bettered.
Reviews: 5
Up and running in one minute flat. Tested in current versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, and IE with no issues. Figured out the syntax in about 10 seconds.

No doubt some other extension might have some extras (though for tooltips, how many extras do you need?) but this does the tooltip job perfectly.
Reviews: 2
If you are looking for an easy to setup and use tooltip plugin, this is the right solution.
Reviews: 2
Tried three other tooltip extensions before this one, all three did not work as described, the tooltip text just came out on the frontpage without any hover efects. This one was installed and working in a couple of minutes and the tooltip box looked like web 2.0 straight off without any messing about. The tooltip examples on their site got me off to a quick start.

This is the best tooltip extension. I plan to use it again. An excellent extension!
Reviews: 4
This plugin does what it says. I got it up and running in 10 minutes.

Thank you No_Number.
Reviews: 5
This extension does exactly what it says without issues. Installed on a 1.7 site and was up and running is about a minute. Includes extras like an editor button that makes it very easy. There are also a number of basic style parameters you can adjust right in the plugin before even needing to go into the CSS (but you can if you want to).

The examples on the demo site walk you through a variety of uses.

Overall, took about 15 min to install, figure out how to use and and get things looking exactly how I want on my site. No doubt about it this is my go to extension for tooltips.
Reviews: 2
realy! like this plugin :)
Reviews: 9
If you have a joomla site and your not using the no number extensions, your in for a treat. Look no further.
Reviews: 1
Tried the other tooltip plugin which should work for 1.7. But it converts the tooltip in frontendediting mode to code, which then dont work. This plugin works absolute perfect with 1.7, no coverting code in frontendediting. And it can show own html, i tried it with tables.
Good work, go on!
Reviews: 4
Like all of Peter's excellent products, this one "just works" straight out of the box, with the added bonus of being able to easily modify the appearance of the tips if you don't mind digging into the CSS a little bit. Wonderful!
Reviews: 2
This plugin is one of the easiest tooltip plugins that really works with no problem. installed and running in 1 min. i like it
Reviews: 2
Joomla 1.5.23, works great with 1.1.1dev version.
Excellent support, thank you very much Peter.
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