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eXtroTips - CSS3 Tooltips Plugin

With the eXtroTips Plugin you can create pure CSS3 Tooltips.

Conventional tooltips systems are based on a combination of JavaScript and HTML. This has the disadvantage that a visitor without JavaScript enabled will not see the tooltip or an error is thrown. With pure CSS3 tooltips, these problems of the past, all modern browsers support CSS3, and thus eXtroTips.

This is a free extension.

Supported Browsers on Desktop clients:

Firefox (from 4.0)
Internet Explorer (From Version 7)

***** NEW: V1.0.3
This maintenance release improves compatibility with PHP 5.4

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Reviews: 8
Nice and stylish tooltips.
If you are a css developer you can reprogram whole tooltip through css, no javascipt or php knowledge required.
Installation and utilization is easy and fast.
If you use html inside your "tip=" make sure you do not have blank space between tags, and everything works.
I hope that the dev will continue to develop this plugin.
Reviews: 5
I installed this plugin on Joomla 2.5.8 and it works exactly as promised, 'right out of the box'. Instructions are included right after the installation screen and also inside the plugin back-end. Couldn't ask for anything more. Oh.. it's FREE!
Thank you!