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JU Tooltip Plugin

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With JU Tooltip you can create tooltip for any element, wherever you want, powerful and effective. JU Tooltip use HTML tag(class/title) to control the tooltip so it's very easy to use.

★★★ USAGE ★★★
Add class="jutooltip" title="your tooltip content" for the html tag you want to display tooltip.


1. Load tooltip from title attribute. HTML: < a class="jutooltip" title="This is my tooltip">Hover me< /a>

2. Load manual html tooltip, by don't set title attribute then use content of next tag as tooltip. By this way, you can use any html for tooltip. HTML: < a class="jutooltip">Hover me< /a> < div style="display: none;">Manual < b>html tag< /b> next the < strong>tooltip< /strong> will be display as tooltip< /div>

3. Use single tooltip for multi trigger elements, by this way, you can re-format html for tooltip use defined id/class CSS. For example, if you set Single tooltip: .myredtip. HTML: < a class="jutooltip" title="This is my tooltip">Hover me< /a>< div class="myredtip">Title attribute will be loaded here, you can use class myredtip to re-format this tag< /div>

★★★ FEATURES ★★★
★ Theme support(You can use CSS to stlye tooltip as you want), easy to create new theme from default theme, auto detect new theme.
★ Support unlimited tooltip on a page
★ Show tooltip when: MouseOver/Click
★ 03 tooltip effects
★ Can set offset
★ Can set duration
★ Can set tooltip animation effect
★ Pre-delay, delay, opacity
★ Default tooltip position
★ Auto close/Manual close tooltip
★ Dynamic tooltip(Auto choose position to display tooltip depends on trigger position)
★ System plugin, it means you can use tooltip anywhere on your site(articles, module, component,...), no-limited on articles as other plugins.
★ Model backend UI

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Reviews: 4
I was looking for a tooltip extension which I could use in modules. I created menu's with links in it and when you hover the link the descroption is provided by the tooltip. Works like a charm!

Easy to install and easy to use.
Reviews: 5
Easy to configure and nice effects ... 100% recommended
Reviews: 8
Great tooltip, this is the best tooltip i have found it, it is very easy to use and customized.

Thanks again for sharing!