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DM Article Titles List Pro Module

DM Article Titles List PRO allows you to list article titles in a Joomla module; you can choose to list titles belonging to a section, to a category or containing a particular keyword; in addition, the module can show a link at the bottom, the articles' creation date, and it can use different layouts according to your needs.

- List articles by section, category, keyword or id;
- Possibility to add an intro text and/or a bottom link;
- Possibility to highlight active item;
- Possibility to customize the module's layout with one click, choosing between a classical layout (made with paragraph tags), the list layout or the CSS layout;
- Possibility to link a CSS class to the list layout, allowing you to adapt the module's appearance to your Joomla template;
- Possibility to customize the appearance of articles' creation date, letting you choose the graphical style, its position, and its format;
- Possibility to show article contents with an elegant and customizable popup; (requires RokBox plugin)
- Priority support for problems experienced during module installation or configuration.

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Reviews: 12
Needed this mod as it completes the default Joomla! tags menu.
Had 2 bugs, submitted a ticket and the bugs were fixed the next day.
Even if I regret that a lot of developpers offer extensions without testing them thoroughly, I give this one five stars.
Reviews: 1
The reason why I bought this product is because its functionality was ideal for my project.

Its very easy to use, very functional and feature full. and the customization is brilliant for my design needs. I cannot recommend this product enough ;)

Melvyn Phillips (BROMEL graphic and web design.)
Reviews: 1
Easy to use, simple and accurate, fast response from the developers, does as advertised, just what I needed. Thanks!
Reviews: 4
Mod works absolutely as it should, such a great improvement to Joomla, mod is flexible and easy to use...PERFECT...go get it now!! ps Daniele was extremely helpful after I purchased this mod, offering to supply additional support and further customisation if needed...great guy...great mod
Reviews: 5
This extension is exactly what I need now that it is compatible with JF. Highly customizable and very useful. Didn't find any negative points till now. Thank you for the update !
Reviews: 1
Easy to use, out-of-the box, does as advertised, just what I needed. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Bought a dm pro version, but there was no option for pop up article in a raw format. Mailed for a support, and got a brand new edited beta version with requested functionality. Great and very fast support! Module is awesome, and worth the money. Thanks dmdigital
Reviews: 2
I really miss not having had something like this extension before! It works better than anything else I've tried, it features a very smart keyword support, it allows to customize it as you wish and it has excellent support from its developer!

Try it, it won't let you down.
Reviews: 2
I was so happy to see that this extension was created! All I wanted to do was list a couple of select articles of my choosing into a module on the home page. Latest News module didn't work and most of the other extensions I tried were limited.

This did it for me. All you do is choose the section OR category (yes, you can pick either one) and put a certain keyword in all the articles you want to use. So in one section I have three categories with a total of 30 articles. I picked three articles and put a keyword like "homenews" in the parameters keyword area. Then list the section and put that keyword in the module and tada! That was all it took.

Support is great. I had some minor issues and Daniele helped me right away.

Thanks for a great extension!