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JE Ajax Article Search Module

Editor's Note
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100% MVC structure follow. JE Ajax article search module lists all articles in a chosen section/category by using two drop-down menus OR a specific article eq. section/category/article by using three drop-down menus.

• Search Engine Friendly URLs added.
• Module Parameters rebuilt.
• Multi-Language compatibility added.
• Retrieving the Categories & Articles via AJAX


Follows Below steps:-
1) Install module from the joomla installer.
2) After go to the module manager.
3) Select our module and go to edit page. Select the section which ever you don’t want display in that module.
4) Published our module which ever position you want into the template.

Version 1.3.1

Add : choose multi select category from backend and that only display on

Report Extension



Reviews: 9
The module is good if you want to show all categories in a dropdown list. If you want to choose a specific category to show you have to ask the developer for a customization that will cost you extra. The developer should include this option and increase the price of the module. Overall the support is good and the customization I requested meets my requirements.
Reviews: 1
Small module perfect, he does what is asked in addition a small price and after-sales service exceptional response from 12am moin thank you
Reviews: 10
Having used Joomla and extensions for many years, I thought I was immune to buying the poor extension. Not the case.

If you want a drop down menu that selects All categories and articles including uncategorised then this will do the job for you. But unlike the description 'chosen section/category' you cannot choose the category or section and it won't split the categories and sub categories in 1.7. Even the basic module options don't display, so you can't add a module class suffix. Which restricts design and layout options.

So I decide to contact support, this extension when purchased includes one months support; having asked a support question I am still waiting a response almost 24 hours later and according to their support manager my ticket hasn't even been assigned yet. They are an Indian company so with time differences they may not have been able to deal with it yesterday, but when I started work today it was already 2pm in India and they don't have a national holiday now until the 5th Feb, so they have had time.

Now I have the ability to fix the issues and amended the code to make it do what I want, but I shouldn't have to do so and a novice will find it hard, and you would expect that from a free extension.

Conclusion: If you want to show all categories and have no design needs then this is fine and worth the $9. If you want it to do what is says in the description then don't part with your money or waste your time. As for the included monthly support I am still waiting for that to happen.