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SectionCategoryArticleList Component

SectionCategoryArticleList shows a list of all articles in Joomla! which are assigned to a category / section.
The articles are grouped by categories and sections.
In the administrator backend you have the possibility to change the component - title, the shown categories, pre- and aftertext and edit the CSS - Style definitions.
Links which are created by the component are SEF - friendly.
Also the component is designed with the MVC - Pattern.

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Reviews: 4
An excellent free Joomla extension that does exactly what it says: It simply displays all articles of all selected categories. That's a feature I was severaly missing in the default Joomla category view.

I've created a patch to order by default article ordering (ascending / descending), let's see if the author includes that patch.

I see two areas for further improvement:

1) Currently, all category headers are printed as , while I would prefer them to be . That would make it much easier to have consisten styling across the whole site.

2) I would prefer the list to look like the default Joomla article list (articles in a category), just with multiple categories rather than for one.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the feedback.
The patch is in the version 1.10.
I appreciate your help!

What do you mean with your first improvement? Where are kommas(,) and where dots(.)?

Maybe if you have time you can contact me and explain it to me a little more detailed.

Reviews: 2
I needed a simple method for displaying Joomla articles by Category for a series of FAQs and this did the job very well.

I would love to see an option to sort the Articles by Article Ordering rather than just date created or title.
Reviews: 1
I wonder why Joomla does not have this kind of feature. Anyways, thanks for this brilliant component.
Reviews: 2
Like others I had been looking for a replacement for the now out of date SectionEx and stumbled across SECTIONCATEGORYARTICLELIST.

After installation it was a simple job of relinking my menu item to the SECTIONCATEGORYARTICLELIST component and setting the categories to include on the page. Was up and running in 5 minutes, maybe less.

Well done for providing a great component for free.

Reviews: 8
I installed it in a Joomla 2.5.8 site, using version 1.8.

I wanted to list all the articles across multiple categories on a single page, and have the list items linked to their full article.

Home News Display Articles Display Articles Listing

SectionCategoryArticleList does that exactly.

After installation, I initially tried to use it through the Components menu but all I saw there was css. A quick search in the developer's forum informed me that it's set up and configured through the Menu Manager.

(The forum is German language, luckily my problem had already been submitted already in English.)
Reviews: 2
Appreciate the work you have put into this Free component. Thanks a million!

I was looking for a Joomla 2.5 replacement for Section Ex too. This is real close.

A couple things that are missing here (that Section Ex had)...

Would be good to turn off Category Title links and just have them as headers. Just have the Articles linked.

Also SEO the article links to

Thanks again for your contribution.
Owner's reply

Hello buwebs,

thanks for your review and your input.
The option to NOT link the categories is now available (version 1.7)

The links which are generated are already SEO-friendly as you can see on the demo:

If you have a problem with this, I would be glad if you create a post with the issue on my forum:


Reviews: 1
Nice work! It works well as it said to.

However I found that in the backend page - where I assigned it to a menu item, under "Basic Options", the text fields for "pretext" and "posttext" are not well located (overlapping with some radio buttons).

I emailed you a screen shot.

PS, I am using Firefox 16.0.2 and Joomla 2.5.7.
Owner's reply

Hello douba,

as I said in the recent PRIVATE Mail, this is an template issue. NOT a component issue. I can't do anything about it. And I also said, no matter if it's not my fault, that I'm looking for a workaround (which I included in Version 1.6).

You couldn't wait for that?!
Sorry, but I can't understand your rating. I'm willing to code components for free and also trying to solve problems in private emails and you're still unthankful and impatient.

Thats very frustrating...

Reviews: 11
I love the concept of this extension, but couldn't get it to work in firefox or Chrome. Some of the text is in german, and the radio buttons were unselectable. I did try and seek help via the forum but unfortunately do not speak German. I will keep an eye on this extension and as soon as these things are sorted would love to use it.
Owner's reply

Hello Jadzia,

I was searching for your mentioned issius for hours, but couldn't figure out where this problems occure.

Does this problem exist in the demopage too?

I'm sorry for the german-parts. This was just a little experiment of mine and is in the new Version (1.5) obsolete.

Furthermore is the Section for the SectionCategoryArticleList in my Forum for english requests too. Until now, all of the requests were written in english. So you're welcome to write there and help me figure out what problem you have. Maybe a testsite where i can see the problems would be good.

By now, none of the others which are using my component had this problem.

So I'm looking forward for your answer.


Reviews: 11
Up until recently, I'd been using SectionEx, but that component is not compatible with 2.5. I'm now on the hunt for a new, improved Category and Article listing component to use on my documentation site.

So far, this Component is a good start. It's nice and simple, and does the job, but it lacks features that would make it a knock-out winner. The ability to expand or collapse categories in the listing would be great, and would get that extra star from me. Otherwise, it does exactly what it says is does, and simple CSS can control the display of the listing.
Owner's reply

Hallo GJSchaller,

the functionality to expand / collapse categories is now available (Version 1.4)

Hope it works well for you ;)

Thanks for the review and the idea.

Reviews: 4
This extension was just what I was looking for to list articles within a category. It's a great replacement for the ArtCat 1.5 extension.

I haven't run into the issues the other reviewers have.
Reviews: 54
Pretty good. Almost what i needed, it does exactly what I need actually but unfortunately I'm unable to exclude certain categories :(

Thank you anyways
Owner's reply

Hallo kokujin,

thanks for your review.
The Problem with the Categories should be solved in the new Version (1.3).

Reviews: 8
It does show all the articles, yes. Even the ones which have been deleted and should not be shown at all. Furthermore the backend-administration is poorly programmed which makes it impossible to use properly.
Owner's reply

Hello Gwynplaine,
thank you very much for your reply. I don't know which version you are using, but on my testsystem deleted articles are not shown. In fact the query just fetches the published articles so I don't know why you're having this problem. Maybe you can give me a scenario when this happens?
Well I'm a beginner in 'Joomla-Programming' so what do you mean with the backend is poorly programmed? I almost just use the standard Joomla Core functionality. If you can give me any tips I would be happy to improve the functionality of the component.
So I'm looking forward for your answer :)