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Zentools Module

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The Zentools module is a flexible / responsive image and content gallery module for Joomla. It uses a drag and drop interface to control which elements appear in the module - making building content galleries and grids for Joomla a breeze.

It features the ability to create responsive slideshows, carousels, accordions, grids, lists, galleries, filtered masonry grid and more ...

v.1.13+ Updated with Two new layouts, effects and speed improvements.

Now includes two new layouts:
- Parallax Stacked
- Backstretch slideshow

Animations: The ability to animate your items using css3 and javascript transitions.

Speed Improvements: Zentools image caching and processing is now super fast which will improve your site's performance.

Adds supports Easyblog as a content source.
Adds support for Joomla and K2 tags.
Adds support for Joomla Categories as a content source

Features include:
- Display Joomla, K2 content, Easyblog or images from a folder
- Drag and drop interface to build your layout
- Built in image resizing and caching
- Responsive lightbox
- Preset button to quickly create common layouts
- Use images optimised for different screen sizes
- Intelligent admin which shows only relevant options for that layout
- Display items in random, recent or popular orders
- Animated overlays for grid and slideshow layouts
- Image styles and effects
- 3 slideshow styles
- Paginated content
- Animated transitions using css3 and javascript

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Reviews: 1
This incredibly powerful extension can create amazing slideshows and grid-views. It is part of all my websites. Joomlabamboo have done an amazing job. I recommend zentools to everybody. My own clients are impressed with the things joomla is able to do with this extension. Excellent presets, manual and support. Thanks a lot guys!
Reviews: 2
The Zentools module is an elegant and versatile display module! It's very intuitive and though I didn't think it was possible, the JB team continues to impress me with the flexibility of this module. The zenslider and tabs makes it even easier to make on-the-fly accordion and tabs. I use a lot of extensions and I have never encountered any conflict when using Zentools.
If I ever run into any issues, Anthony and his team are right there with a ready and trustworthy response and solution.

thanks JB team!
Reviews: 2
Very versatile display module. On top of that, the support is first rate. Even answer daft questions promptly and without judgement. I also use their templates, well worth the annual fee. Wholeheartedly recommend.
Reviews: 1
I have used this extension for, slideshows, slideshows with overlay text, galleries, FAQ's, displaying a category as a menu, profiles, displaying products and more! This is the most versatile extension ever with quick support if you need it! I love it!! Used on both J2.5 and J3.X with same results
Reviews: 2
These guys know what they are doing. When I was starting out, they held my hand in figuring out the T3 world. Quite a learning curve. Now, after a dozen sites, I will never consider using anybody or anything else. Zentools is what you dreamed about and hoped that somebody with more coding knowledge that you could do for you. Search no more. I will never give up my subscription to Joomlabamboo. The product and service are amazing.
Reviews: 8
I love ZenTools. I use it on multiple sites. It is integral to any site I develop now. I have gotten so used to it that I hardly imagine building a site without it. Especially now that they have built in EasyBlog support. You won't go wrong using ZenTools and if you have problems their support is excellent! Go for it.
Sean Carney
Reviews: 12
Zentools is simply a dream to work with.
And the support team at JoomlaBamboo is patient, understanding and incredibly prompt. What more could you ask for?
Reviews: 2
Superb extension, very flexible, very modern & professional. Also, I think that for any joomla extension, besides the functionality & features, there are 3 things that are very important: support, support and support -- and zentools / joomlabamboo team has provided an impeccable support. Thanks guys.
Reviews: 12
I don't think I have seen a more versatile and friendly module in my six years of working with Joomla! The Zentools module is an awesome addition to the Joomla! web designers toolbox. I am not sure I could manage without it, or not sure if I want to manage without it! It can be used to created several cool module options to easily include in your website. The designer of this versatile tool, from Joomla Bamboo, is one of the most creative in the business. Zentools is easy to use and contains many super options for versatility including: slideshows, grids, carousels and accordions that make it a pleasure to use. Is this the only image rendering module tool you need? I think it might be. I give this a triple A+!
Reviews: 4
You can do allmost everything like a swiss nife. this image gallery tool is the most complete i've ever seen. I use it with all my projects, that means, I use it almost every day. Thanks joomlabamboo for that professional work.
Reviews: 1
I use zentool by a couple of years, as well as joomlabamboo templates and extensions. Zentool combine all the feature I need - and many more - coupled with great styling, elegance and excellence in coding and usability.
Its by far the most useful single all-in-one extension I have used.
And, as with all in joomlabamboo, the support is absolutely fabulous.

Highly recommended. A must!
Reviews: 1
joomlabamboo has created a versatile, easy to use extension for presenting your photos and articles in an elegant way called Zentools. A lot of thought went into the options included, options that are easily understood and combined into a myriad number of presentations you can envision. Well worth having in your extension and component library.

Add the fact that joomlabamboo has a set of elegant templates (they really are, made to accent your content not the template) and the best support going - people who know joomla and the supporting technologies and who apply their knowledge to help their clients succeed in building their visions.
Reviews: 35
This has to be the most useful extension available for content presentation. It seems like there are no limitations to the kind of layout you can create with this superb extension. I am even able to create selectable content via category triggers - bypassing the (ridiculous) need to create endless menu items. It's a paid app, but well worth it. (If you use K2, there is a matching Zenkit template-within-a-template system.)
Reviews: 2
I've been using JB Zentools and Joomlabamboo templates for several years now. I have also used others. I have learned the hard way that I can use any code I want, but it's value is measured by the support I get when things don't go just right. I have never had better support than I have had with Joomlabamboo. And when my customer depends on me getting it fixed, that's where the rubber meets the road. I cannot afford NOT to use JB.
Reviews: 5
This code is spectacular. The developer really has an eye for composition and good UI. Support is also exemplary. Their templates are also quite beautiful!
Reviews: 3
This tool has so many configuration options, and many different layouts. This one module can be used in so many different ways. The administration interface is easy to use, and the options are intuitive. It's good to use the demo site to help guide the layouts, but it's a tool that will keep surprising you by how clever it is.

We are currently upgrading a site to 2.5 and I am using this module at least 3 times on the home page and once on an inner page.

It is a slider, gallery, news reel +++++ all in one, and it looks fantastic.

And by a great Aussie team.

Ok, love fest over :D
Reviews: 8
I join Joomlabamboo just for this module! The flexible it gives you is unbelievable. And when it came to creating my responsive gallery to adjust to my users device (Tablet, iPhone or desktop) it just works! But Zentools allows you to do so much that it hard to believe its just a module and not a component! Since finding this module I have placed this module in everything. Rarely do you find a module or component that just works without keeping you up at night when it comes to the developers that post their extension here, but trust me this baby works! And if you run into any problem Anthony or "A" Man is there to shoot you an answer for any problem you may have. But once you get the hang of how this module works you are going to put it in every new project you start! Just logon to to see this baby in action!

Plus they have the most Responsive Templates for Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 on the market: Platform, Lifestyle, Colourshift, Responsive, Epicure and Vintage that have my clients thinking I am a Joomla Website Building God!

Every now and then when you log-on to you come across something special and this just happen to that something special!
Reviews: 71
I've been using Zen Tools for a while now and am glad to see it finally appear in the JED. It's a great tool - easy to use and versatile. I find it particularly handy for portfolios.