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DM Pinboard Pro Component

Pinboard Pro allows you to display your Joomla!, K2 or Zoo articles in a Pinterest-like style with a few clicks. You simply need to create a new menu item and configure the appearance in two clicks.

People will judge your company based on the quality of your website, whether that’s fair or not. Furthermore, first impressions count.

That's where Pinboard shines, it's unique purpose is to show your articles in the fantastic mosaic layout that Pinterest taught us.

It works out of the box and it comes out with 5 preset styles.
Then, to make it even more good looking, you just need to adjust its style to match your website template.

This is really simple because the 5 preset styles are so basic and clean that (once you've decided the more appropriate for your website) you just need to write a bunch of CSS lines to make as if it came bundled with your template.

- It can display articles from Joomla's Content Manager, K2 and ZOO;
- You can choose to display/hide the title, intro text and image;
- You can choose to use the first image from the article's text or use the intro image (or the K2 item image);
- You can choose to open a preview popup or to open directly the articles page;
- It loads automatically new content when the user reaches the end;
- It comes bundled with 5 preset Styles.

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Reviews: 6
This is one of the few extensions I've bought and I'm quite happy with the result.
I asked for some enhancements, such as the publishing date display, filter by tag and tag display and it was done within a few hours.
Keep on going, great support!
Reviews: 3
I`m very happy that I find this component, very useful and perfect support from the developer. I recommend it!
Reviews: 1
I had been using the free version for some months, and then went pro. What made me a client was the awesome support that was quick and effective. I totally suggest this product. It made my page look great!
Reviews: 1
Great component and great support! I ask for a few changes and they send me a update version, until I had exactly what I needed.

Many thanks to Andrea and the team
Reviews: 1
The extension displays the content in a very pleasing way and is easy to configure. It did not work straight away, but the support request was answered promptly and the fix worked at once. A good, well supported extension.
Reviews: 1
At first when I read about this plugin I knew this was what we needed. Its easy to use and adaptable to you're own layout. The guys of DM Digital even made an update on request to be able to filter not only by category but by tag. So now One single item can appear at different pages.
Reviews: 1
The extension is absolutely a must for innovating websites. Our blog is filled by a lot of ZOO articles and we use DMPinboard Pro everywhere on our website!

Also very quick and professional support available.
Reviews: 13
I've used it as weblinks layout and it looks great. Easy to use and configure. Support is quick, useful and friendly.
Reviews: 2
The extension does exactly what it says, easy to configure even for a total novice like myself.

Documentation came with the purchase.

I contact pre-sales with a specific requirement, response stated it did not do what I wanted as standard but they would make the change for me.

Purchased the extension, contacted support and within 5 minutes I had a customised extension ready to install.

Reviews: 1
Great app, I give it 5 stars except there is no documentation or option to have SEF urls. In the previous posts I see that the author inboxed the document, if you could please do the same or make it available online so everyone can see it that would be great. Good job
Reviews: 5
This was the first DM extension I bought, and I loved it: with Pinboard I could create the homepage my client wanted, and got a wow from him. I contacted DM support team for a couple of questions, and they were super fast and extremely helpful. Excellent extension!
Reviews: 7
I like the way it works, but there are some issues.
Everything works well, but when you go to one of the articles that are shown in the pinterest looking page, I have two titles.
It shows "Articles" on top en beneath "the actual title of the article".
And that looks weird.
I haven't found a solution yet and I didn't receive a response from their support.
Have doubts...
Reviews: 13
After I thought that I've finally found component to do exactly what I wanted, found few issues which lowered my rating.

- it shows articles in nice way
- easy to install and to configure
- few pre-designed outputs. It says 5 but 2 are very similar

- Non SEF urls. Component produces "index.php?article?id..." url's
- Component shows articles with Access "Registered" to non logged users as well
- No support forum
- Very limited support

I asked them how to fix mentioned issues and they replied: Yes it cannot do it. After I asked again about suggestions what to do, they stopped responding. This is not how support for paid component should work.
I purchased this component in their "Joomla package" with 10 other products. 4 other products from their package wasn't working.

My experience with many components or modules generally tells me this: Avoid developers without user support forums or be prepared to solve issues by yourself. This was true with this developer as well.
Owner's reply

Hi Krki,
thanks for your feedback.

We're working on an update that will fix various bugfixes like the articles access issue that will be available in a few hours.

And we've also already sent you how to solve the SEF link issue for Joomla! articles.

For any other question or issue feel free to contact us using our support form and we'll reply asap.

Kind Regards,
your DM Support Team.

Reviews: 5
I tested it with K2 and I have to admit that it's really good looking and surprisingly super easy to use.
Reviews: 13
This is one of the most original extensions I've ever tried. It was easy to set up and made my client extremely useful. I've contacted support for a couple of suggesions and they where instant in answering me. Excellent!
Reviews: 10
This extension rocks, just try it and you'll fall in love with it ... and with your website. It's fantastic how the feelings about a page can change just showing it with this "mosaic style"
Reviews: 1
I turned my news home in a Pinterest board in one minute, I just installed and changed the menu item into dmPinboard and it was already good-looking, then it took less than a minute to change style.
Reviews: 1
This component is awesome and looks great in any template!
Reviews: 2
I fell short of giving 5 stars ONLY because there is no documentation or bulletin board information for setting the program up, so I had to try every possible scenario before finally finding out why it wasn't working. Once I got it to work though, it's working great! Thank you!
Owner's reply

Hi Anjoy2, thanks for your feedback.
We're going to publish the documentation in a few days, meanwhile feel free to contact our support team for any question or issue.
Kind Regards,
your DM Support Team.