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Filtered News Module

Filtered News can filter your latest, popular or random news by the current section, category, author, and by keywords matches. Besides the plain list, you can choose between different dynamic and static content layouts.

Version updates:

For Joomla 2.5 and 3.+ only:
• 2.5.2: Creating thumbs from the images.

For Joomla 1.5.x only:
• 2.1.6: New option not to limit the text and not to strip tags.
• 2.1.5: Specifying how many days ago to list articles from.

• 2.1: Possibility to show the author.
• 2.0: More flexible content output through an html supported textarea.

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Reviews: 5
After trying many articles listing modules, I tried this one which offers all the features (and much more) that I want!
Also, easy to install and set up and in a few minutes, it's working like a charm!

Many special thanks to Jesús Vargas Garita for the outstanding support!
Reviews: 7
I have used a couple of extension of this developer and they're great. Filtered News is easy to configure and offers very valuable extra customizations
Reviews: 1
Verry good module! And great support from Jesús Vargas! Thank you ! Good Job!
Reviews: 13
This is a fantastic module.

I've been looking for a super-simple showcase type module, without any fancy and heavy javascript, etc, and the 'static' option does exactly that.

It is ridiculously easy to customise, with only CSS and the module parameters (I made it show only images, overlaid with the article title, which looks superb, and added a tiny hack in the very clean code to allow me to push articles to the module with a string in the Meta Description).

Works a treat, highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
Your module is perfect and thanks for the support! Great developer!
Reviews: 1
This is good extension, very good in fact...but it seems to have got worse with the 2.5 incarnation.

I successfully implemented the version for joomla 1.5 in a joomla 1.5 site where I needed to list articles from a particular section on the home page. I thought it would be a breeze to updated the site to joomla 2.5, but alas, the function to show articles from within a particular category has gone. I suppose it's been replaced with the 'Exclude Categories' options, but this again doesn't seem to work. Or I simply don't understand how to use it.

Saying that, recently build a joomla 2.5 site where I used one instance of the module in on pages within categories through the whole site. This brought up an idea for a function for this extension. This being to concatenate the module title with the category it appears in. ie. module title is 'More...' and the module is used in a category called say, 'reviews' and another, say, 'interviews', the 'More...' is concatenated with 'reviews' when the module appears in the 'reviews' category and when it appears in the 'interviews' category it is concatenated with 'interviews'.

Like many have expressed, the support for this extension is particularly irritating. I appreciate the developer not having time to contribute to the forum but it's always helpful to find and contribute solutions from/to posts. But when the forum is's just plan annoying.

Would it be possible to set up a forum for this extension within the a joomla forum?
Reviews: 1
This module and it's other version is one of my first installs in every site i make. it helps making a better content layouts and actually replaces the blog view. it's easily manageable and always works as expected.
Reviews: 1
Every thing is great, I test all same module, but this is best...
It has Just one wrong thing...This moudle don't crop images...(just resized it), \

totaly is a good module.
Reviews: 5
Thank you so much for this great module. Easy to install and so easy to use.
Reviews: 3
thank you for your modul
i like it and good job
Reviews: 2
Looks good but doesn't support plugins in content and the support is dead (forum for the extension is locked).
Reviews: 2
a very, very good modul! Thank you.
Reviews: 1
This is exactly what I have been looking for. Great module, very easy to use and tons of customizations. The only issues I had were trying to get "content browser" and "content scroller" to work. Both would display the text floating elsewhere on the page. But the "Content Slider" was exactly what I was looking for and it worked perfect! Thank you for this!
Reviews: 23
I am loving this module ever so much!!!

wish i would have know about it before, I am using over 100 instances of this module and it works like a charm!

The ease of use, flexibility of configuration and the added values for content administration and correct display of intros across browsers is just spectacular.

One of the major bonuses of using this module, is the content admin doesn't have to worry about resizing the thumbnails and placing them into an intro text to display a news article correctly in the homepage or lobby page or in a blog view, the first image will appear as predefined for each instance (for example for one lobby you can 90*90 thumbs and for another 200*200pixels thmbs - the original pictures being random sizes.
The module will cut the text at the exact number of character as required and the formatting of the html happens in the module, so you can define very complex and fully customizable display structures for each instance!

Another major advantage is your ability to switch an instance between list view, scrolling ticker view, items view(picture + text), so you can play with the same instance on the fly and just apply it differently every time,

EXAMPLE: below every article i use an instance to show 2 random articles with picture and text,

to the left of the article i have a list of the top articles in the same category, and these two are copies of the instance i used to display articles in the lobby page...

This product makes Joomla webmastering more accessible than ever!

i think it's a great innovation and most certainly one of the best modules i have ever used, big respect and thanks to the authors!

the only thing missing to make it perfect is some way to handle pagination, when they get this done - i could create half a portal using only this module.
Reviews: 13
I really like this and as everyone else says "it's very slick and tidy". Simple to install and configure. Thanks for this. I'm posting a feature request in the forums about implementing FN_author_alias.

Reviews: 1
Love it! I wanted an eye-catching way to display archived content within each category of my website (which consists mainly of photo galleries). This extension created nice thumbnails from the larger main image associated with each gallery. I listed the 6 most recent galleries in the right-hand sidebar (clickable title and thumbnail). It's simple to set the size of thumbnail and so forth. Then, I used the same module again, set in "list only" mode (no thumbnail) to list ALL of the photo galleries in each category, and I placed this under the first set of 6 thumbnails. Really happy with how it looks and works. Many thanks to the developer!
Reviews: 1
works fine and a good replacement for standard joomal latest news module on homepage, but does not support externally linked images in articles !
must pay attention to article content images are local, too bad...
Reviews: 1
I've installed this module with no problems on my 1.5.9 Joomla site and it worked perfectly for a while. Then, I started to have "getimagesize" errors so, I went to their forum for help and this is the part that makes me give it a poor ratting.

There seams to be absolutely no support at all from the developers. I also noticed a great amount of unanswered topics with similar problems as mine.

So far, looks like a deserted forum. To bad because it's a good module (when it works).

I strongly recommend Devs from other groups that offer great support for their products, to create a similar component so I will (and probably a lot of people to) use theirs instead.

This has been an unsatisfied customer's review.
Reviews: 3
This is a fantastic module. A great way to diplay yoour articles how you like and even with comments from Jom Comment next to the title! I've just got to work out how to tell it to not display the first article - and then I'll be 100% happy.
Reviews: 3
Regularly updated and so much nicer to look at than the default ways of displaying latest content items in Joomla. It and its cousin Global News are two of my favourite content items components for Joomla :)
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