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Filtered News Module

Filtered News can filter your latest, popular or random news by the current section, category, author, and by keywords matches. Besides the plain list, you can choose between different dynamic and static content layouts.

Version updates:

For Joomla 2.5 and 3.+ only:
• 2.5.2: Creating thumbs from the images.

For Joomla 1.5.x only:
• 2.1.6: New option not to limit the text and not to strip tags.
• 2.1.5: Specifying how many days ago to list articles from.

• 2.1: Possibility to show the author.
• 2.0: More flexible content output through an html supported textarea.

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Reviews: 9
This is a very powerful module and I'd recommend it totally aside from it's one major flaw... The problem is you can't tell it not to show on category and section blog views - so whilst it's great having, for example a list of other articles by the same author on an article view page - you can't stop a list of articles from also appearing on the category / section blog summmary pages - which by design already display that info :-(
Reviews: 1
It does exactly what I needed, thank you very much :-)
Reviews: 3
There are some must-have extensions that perfectly expand Joomla's basic functionality - this is certainly one of them. I think lots of Joomla users will benefit from this: it's not only a versatile Latest News replacement, but also a perfect navigational aid for every category or section. Very important from a usability point of view: it's is possible to make the current article in the Filtered News list not-clickable or to hide it. Lots of other options: you can filter by category, by section, add pictures or article intro text. To put it in one word: wow!
Reviews: 1
I needed this module for a site but found a bug so I reported it in the forum... fixed almost instantly and thats not all.. Made 2 feature requests (exclude sections and category's) and they implemented then within 2 hours!!!

Nothing left to say but "wow" :)
Reviews: 4
I was using another module for a long time but my client wanted something that the reader could control the flow of the news. I knew I had to look for a module that will only display the news of just one module. I found it from the forum, installed it and played around with it to find the right category or section.

Took me about 5 minutes top to configure it and now it's running great.

One quibble: If a web visitor clicked on the number below, then the news ticker stops and doesn't restart until the page reload. It's a small thing but would be nice if there's a certain time out and then the newsticker will restart without having to reload the page.

Also, I tried with W3C validation and there's an error code so I hope this can be updated with W3C corrections.

But all in all, a great tool!
Owner's reply

thank you, deafbiz!

I have found the small W3C invalidation cause and updated the current version

Reviews: 3
Easy to use. Very cool. Would like to see it as a 'related items' module too! :-)
Reviews: 3
Very easy to install, configure and ENJOY, especially for a rookie such as myself.

Excellent support for any questions you may have and the features in the module are great.

Thank you JV!
Best wishes,
Reviews: 1
This module displays news (mostread/latest/popular/...) in a way that fits everyone's needs. On a frontpage, it groups them into sections (or categories) and allows them to be organized into specific number of columns and rows. "replace text with category image" is an excellent option that gives a much nicer look to the module itself. On section/category pages, it will filter news based on appropriate section, and displays news from that particular section in a similar way described above.

I'm very glad that developer responded immediately to every request I had about this module, and it's really nice to see such dedication to make this better. With scrolling and sliding functions added lately, I think this could be the one of the most usable module I've tried.

Excellent work, Mr. Vargas. You did a top notch job!
Reviews: 1
What a fantastic little module. Well several mods... Download and play around with them to get your head around them.

I added three variations to the bottom of my pages, recently added to section, most pop in section and most pop in category. Love it!


Reviews: 1
Does exactly what is says it does with good support. Well done.
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