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ArtCats Module

I had trouble listing the 2.5 version through the JED so I'm just combining the listing for the 1.5 version with the 2.5 version.

Both extensions are free to download on the website...enjoy!

ArtCats is a module that can automatically list Articles from within a designated Category or can list Categories from within a designated Section. Compatible only with Joomla 1.5 and later. Not for use with Joomla 1.0.xx. Based on Categories 1.5 module created by Rich Dorfman which was created with inspiration from Module - Content Categories version 1.0.1 by Boris Komraz.

2.5.0 version announcement:

New version 2.0.4 with "Exclude Current Article" ability now available!

Read the release announcement here:
Please post questions there in the comments section or email me!

Additional Information (Please feel free to visit the Demo/Documentation Pages as well):
When set to auto mode this module functions contextually, meaning that it will only return the expected links when on the appropriate type of page.

For example, let's say you had a Section named Section 1, with Categories named Category 1, Category 2, Category 3. Let's say you also have another Section named Section 2, with Categories named Category 4, Category 5, and Category 6. In auto mode the module would automatically show links to Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3 when you visit the Section 1 page and show links to Categories 4, 5, and 6 when visiting the Section 2 page.

For Categories the functionality is similar. Let's say you had a Category named Category 1 with Articles named Article 1, Article 2, and Article 3. Let's also say you had another Category named Category 2, with Articles named Article 4, Article 5, and Article 6. If you visited the Category 1 page the module would automatically show links to Article 1, Article 2, and Article 3. If you went to visit the Category 2 page the module would automatically show links to Articles 4, 5, and 6.

Pretty nifty huh? I figured this would be a nice way to have a semi-automatic menu system.

Your ideas are welcome!

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Reviews: 3
This is the module I was looking for. Its a great addon to joomla. has many configurable options and works great in my joomla 3 site.
Reviews: 13
I'm using this on my joomla 3 site. It is easy to configure and displays nicely. You have complete control over which category you want to display, exclude articles, order them how you want. Works a treat.
Reviews: 10
It does what it says plus a super fast support !!! Thanks a lot
Reviews: 4
Thank you! This is just what I have needed for some time.

I really appreciate the effort you have gone to to make this, and to release it freely.

It does exactly what it says it does, and so far I have had no problems with it.

Reviews: 2
I needed an extension that would link a news article from a home page menu to the linked article in the News section. Every extension I tried repopulated the home page content with the article instead of jumping to the News section. The developer worked diligently to identify the issue and rework the module so that the linking worked correctly. If you need something with this functionality DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL 2.5.0.beta4 NOW!!!!
Reviews: 2
This extension has many options and works perfectly, straight out of the box.

I had a problem with my menus that Dan the author sorted out for me within a day.
Reviews: 1
absolutely fantastic plugin, I have been wanting to do this for a while and I am so glad i have found your plugin! Some times when you make a website for a client they only want basic front-end access, so if they add a new page you want the page to be add to a certain menu automatically. This is exactly what this does!
Will there be a artcats plugin made for Joomla 1.7? I really hope so as a few of my new sites are made with the new Joomla!
Reviews: 6
Pretty good module, but it doesn't show up on my homepage. Did I miss anything? I suppose this is because it doesn't belong to a specific category? Is there no default where the categories for a default section are shown?

Also it seems to me that there should be a way to limit the number of articles displayed. For example if you have a category with 3 articles and one with 15, you will have a very short module in some cases and an extremely long one in others (in auto mode). So it would be nice to be able to set a limit of, say, 5 articles per category.

Also there doesn't seem to be any option to display articles by date???
Reviews: 2
I have been using ArtCats for two weeks; Installation went great, no problems at all installing or using this great module.
Reviews: 9
Easy to understand guidelines; appropriate options. I was not overwhelmed either with the grammar or the volume of options, and it suited my needs perfectly.

Thank you.
Reviews: 6
If I could, I would marry this module in a blink. Mostly because it's free...
Reviews: 1
Just started using ArtCats today and agree with the other comments about ease of use. Nice one!
Reviews: 1
This module is fantastic. It is very surprising that it is not a core extension. However, I am having issues with using the core Joomla SEF turned on. When I go to an article, and I am using the expandable menu, the little + and - images break. It has something to do with the category being written into the name of the URL. I have hunted around to figure out how to address this, and cannot seem to figure it out.

Otherwise, this module is truly excellent.
Reviews: 6
The possibilities are limitless with this module. If you're creative you can use it to accomplish a lot of things that you can't do natively in Joomla. Every site imagineable could make great use of it! It works great and no bugs. Thanks so much!
Reviews: 1
Really nice module! simple but very powerful. Compliments
Reviews: 3
This module worked perfectly for the books I have listed on my site. I have 16 articles, each representing one chapter of a book, and they are listed under a single category for the book. I needed a simple way to create an index of the chapters, and this module does it perfectly. Using 2.0.4 - no issues with the install, SEF works complaints. Great job!
Reviews: 16
This is a good module - does what it says but there is no uninstall or it does not register itself to be uninstalled if you find out you do not want to use it. Has a lot of features and a suggestion is to allow it to place more than just the title of the article but maybe a full article post with comments. Good luck to the developer.
Owner's reply

Hi there! I'm not sure what you mean about there being no uninstall available for the module and faulting my module for that reason?

The only way I know of to delete a module is to go within the Install/Uninstall area within the Extensions tab, then going to the Modules area and selecting a module to uninstall (if you want to completely remove it). If you just want to delete an instance of the module you can do so within the Module Manager by checking the checkbox next to the module instance and then clicking on the Delete button. If a module isn't "registered" properly upon installation then you won't be able to use it so if you are able to use the module then you should definitely be able to uninstall it without any issue.

I'll look into your other suggestions though :-).

Thank you!


Reviews: 4
This is a great module, very simple to set up and us, with a wide range of features and possibilities. Thank you - it was exactly what I can searching for and works exactly how I wanted it!

Reviews: 30
I needed a tree type of menu for my blog. I tried lots of things from the JED and was starting to get very frustrated. For one thing, I was looking in the tree menus, when this ARTCATS module was over in Articles Listing... shouldn't this be combined or cross-referenced with the menus somehow? Because ARTCATS is basically a very GOOD, configurable tree menu.

There are plenty of parameters so I could get just what I wanted for my menu. It seems to me that the code in this module must be very good because it was super-easy to install, with great results immediately. I was actually surprised it was so easy.

I wonder if ARTCATS is ready for Joomla 1.6 because it appears to allow nested categories too.

Very nice! All thumbs up!!
Reviews: 8
I had several articles under a menu and I wanted to list them on the side in a module. This is exactly what I was looking for. Of course it needs advancements but for my purpose it's exceeds MY expections. Does what it promises to do.
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