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ArtCats Module

I had trouble listing the 2.5 version through the JED so I'm just combining the listing for the 1.5 version with the 2.5 version.

Both extensions are free to download on the website...enjoy!

ArtCats is a module that can automatically list Articles from within a designated Category or can list Categories from within a designated Section. Compatible only with Joomla 1.5 and later. Not for use with Joomla 1.0.xx. Based on Categories 1.5 module created by Rich Dorfman which was created with inspiration from Module - Content Categories version 1.0.1 by Boris Komraz.

2.5.0 version announcement:

New version 2.0.4 with "Exclude Current Article" ability now available!

Read the release announcement here:
Please post questions there in the comments section or email me!

Additional Information (Please feel free to visit the Demo/Documentation Pages as well):
When set to auto mode this module functions contextually, meaning that it will only return the expected links when on the appropriate type of page.

For example, let's say you had a Section named Section 1, with Categories named Category 1, Category 2, Category 3. Let's say you also have another Section named Section 2, with Categories named Category 4, Category 5, and Category 6. In auto mode the module would automatically show links to Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3 when you visit the Section 1 page and show links to Categories 4, 5, and 6 when visiting the Section 2 page.

For Categories the functionality is similar. Let's say you had a Category named Category 1 with Articles named Article 1, Article 2, and Article 3. Let's also say you had another Category named Category 2, with Articles named Article 4, Article 5, and Article 6. If you visited the Category 1 page the module would automatically show links to Article 1, Article 2, and Article 3. If you went to visit the Category 2 page the module would automatically show links to Articles 4, 5, and 6.

Pretty nifty huh? I figured this would be a nice way to have a semi-automatic menu system.

Your ideas are welcome!

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Reviews: 2
Even the module didn't get good reviews lately, I must say it is a good and useful module. For me it did what it suppose to do. The developer seams to put a lot of effort into this module and I'm sure he/she will solve the remaining issues with time.

Thanks for this module!
Reviews: 2
I used it to list article items on the left column to serve as a "menu" and it worked GREAT. However, when I add more modules of different categories to the right column to serve as links to the most recent 4 articles under each selected category, it was acting wired. It was displaying SAME articles under different categories. Otherwise, it would have been a perfect tool for what I needed.

Thank you for sharing!
Reviews: 1
I was very excited to find this plugin because it did just what I was looking for.

I installed the latest version (2.03). However, there are so many problems with it that I've had to uninstall it. Problems are:

1) It doesn't work with Joomla Core SEF.

2) The expandable facility doesn't work. When I go to a section, all the categories plus all their articles are listed in the menu. What should happen is that only the category with the article you are reading should be expanded, the others should be closed.

3) The subcats patches have something wierd in them. After installing them, errors start appearing within core joomla!! Luckily I backed up my site before installing the patches so no harm done.

4) Other people had mentioned some of the same problems I am having on the support page, but there is no reply given to them and some of those comments are 3 months old

I appreciate the developer is offering the plugin for free and this is not a go at him. It's just very frustrating because this plugin would be amazing if it worked.

If it worked, I would even pay for it because the functionality is just what I want! I am wondering what I have done wrong because evother reviewers have idently managed to get it working.
Reviews: 1
Great tool! My only request would be to control the amount of articles displayed. If you have a category with many articles, all of them will show down the column.
Reviews: 1
After playing with a variety of components and modules to achieve this effect, I was pleased to discover how simple this one was to implement.

Thanks and keep up the good work!
Reviews: 4
Awesome! All I was trying to do was list a side menu with all the articles in all categories within a section (and automagically add new articles when published). I would assume Joomla core modules could do this. Regardless, thanks a bunch :-)
Reviews: 3
This is a super component that will become a staple of any site I do in the future. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I’ve been looking for an extension like this for months. I thought I’d never get to display my different section’s categories, until now. Developers should consider modules like this, which perform different tasks from on single place. Thank you so much for such a masterpiece.
Reviews: 1
This is what i looking for. Thanks oware. this module is good.
event though i don't know why i can not use automatic mode (if i use this, all cat disappear), but no problem for me. I give you 5 stars :)
Reviews: 4
I have been using ArtCats 1.5.2 for a few months now and my only complaint was that it didn't appear on the article page as well. I tried mod_related_content but that didn't really give me what I wanted.

The new version, ArtCats 2.0.2, is as easy to use as the previous version but also displays on the articles pages. It is sooo easy and just what I wanted.

Some users are getting "Call-Time-Pass-By" error messages but a simple php mod resolves that.

Thanks Omar for an excellent module!
Reviews: 1
I really like this extension for it's simplicity yet enough parameters to work with. Automatic listing of articles from category or categories from sections or combo works great.

Thanks for excellent extension You guys.


This could be the greatest automatic listing extension for Joomla! if it could only track into the article's full view and show up with all the articles in that category. But even without it, it's a time saver unparalleled.

Owner's reply


Take a look at the latest version that's been released and let me know how it works for you!

Reviews: 2
I think this module has absolutely no use without being able to stay visible when clicking on an article.

But the idea is very good!

I hope you find the time to add support for the Article links to continue to show when you click on an Article link.

Owner's reply

Thank you for the review Ronni! This capability was added (though I haven't updated this area or the JoomlaCode file, which I apologize for) and you can view download the update in the Joomla forums:

I've been working on an update for a while on/off (a full rewrite and adding some new features) but I haven't been able to complete it yet.

Reviews: 2
I was looking and looking for this functionality, and its almost perfect. (hint to dev.)

We all have a main menu, which always shows. But on a busy site with lots of pages - when you are creating content, what you don't want to have to worry about is creating more menu links.

There is no need with ArtCats. It will generate a dynamic menu that offers the best menu options for you based on where you are. At top level it will show you a list of sections, when you select a section it will display the categories in that section. Select a category and you see the articles in the category (and it does it all automatically).

There are filters to work for certain sections and categories too, if you don't want it on every page.

My only reservation is that when I click on the article itself - the module renders nothing. Just a blank. I would prefer that it still showed the category listing for that category. I had a look and could work out how to hack it to get it to do it :(. I hope that this is available soon and then I'd recommend this mod for every 1.5 site.
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